Wednesday Worst!

Ok… I know Rihanna is like super edgy and trendy and a sex symbol and fashionable and whatever blah blah blah… but I miss girly Rihanna. Remember ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ Rihanna? I want her back. She was so adorable. This whole I-sing-with-a-deep-voice-cause-I’m-edgy-Rihanna… I’m not a huge, HUGE fan of that one. Anyway… that brings me to my Wednesday Worst look for this week.

As much as I miss old Ri-Ri, new Ri-Ri can sometimes look kinda cool. But this whole ensemble she has going on over to my right here… what is that? Someone fill me in cause I think I’m missing something. If we scroll all the way to the bottom here, I am in love with her shoes. They blend with the carpet but you can get the gist of them, they’re hott. And her red lips are super chic as well. HOWEVER, this leather fubu-esque outfit she’s wearing, complete with a leather head wrap chef hat kinda looking thing… not chic. She looks like she went shopping in Biggie’s closet, may he rest in peace.

What do you guys think? is she trying too hard with this one? Or maybe not trying hard enough? You tell me!

AND! A reminder here, everyone have a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving! I’m dressing Charlotte up super adorable… she’ll probably be my Friday Favorite. Just kidding… maybe not! hah

Have a great Thanksgiving, I’ll see ya’ll on Friday. Kisses.

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