Wednesday Worst!

Remember Zenon? From those Disney movies? (I was obviously obsessed with them. After watching the Jetsons religiously when I was younger the future was the bees knees for me). If you don’t remember, this is what that little future dweller looked like.



Bringing you right back isn’t it? Ok, so now that we have that covered, really soak this in. I feel as though my pick for Wednesday worst took a little style inspiration from Zenon here.


brandy-norwood-290Zedis lapedis, Brandy! (see what I did there? ha ha ha) Anyway. Really though… what in the world? This is very Moesha of you, and not very 2013 Brandy of you. Knit mesh tops should ONLY, and I repeat ONLY, be worn while frolicking into the sunset on a beach. The silver hardware from her neck, to her skirt, to her shoes screams matchy-matchy. And the embellished leather jacket thrown over this look, where the hell did that come from? Nothing works with each other here, for me, at least. It’s just a big ball of hott mess. And, ok, your weave Brandy…. I’ve heard of texture but this is just cray. Come on girl you are better than this! Seriously though, that skirt looks like one of those things you put on the windshield of your car on a super sunny day to keep the seats from getting too hot. woof. All right, this is coming off pretty harsh but I had to go there. A sleek, fitted, solid black top would have maybe salvaged this look (and a comb), because the pieces aren’t 100% horrible by themselves. I will say that. There.

Alright kids, what do you think? Zenon, or Icon? You decide! Until next time, kisses!


Wednesday Worst!

Ok. Let’s have a quick discussion here. How do we all feel about mixing prints? I’m on the fence about it. I think I like it in moderation. But I absolutely DETEST it when people do it to be uber trendy. Like ‘oh look at me… I’m super trendy and I don’t conform and I wear whatever the fugg I want and it makes me look cool.’ Like no… you look like Britney Spears circa all of 2007. You don’t look trendy, you look nutty. Like you still haven’t gotten your power back after Sandy and you’re just like, fuck it, it’s like a grab bag of outfits! WHEW. I feel better now. That’s how I feel when these people go overboard. Show us an example, you say? Sure! See below.

Sarah Jessica Parker

sarah-jessica-parker-290Here’s the thing.. I would excuse this look (maybe) if she were in the midst of filming Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw was known for her kind of over-the-top outfits. Some were hits, some were misses, but we loved her despite those flaws, right? This is a miss for me and it makes me hate her. I’m just kidding! I only mildly loathe her. Ok ok I’m just kidding, seriously. BUT back to her look. What in the world is going on here? Mixing prints is totally fine but this is just atrocious. I could even forgive the wild coat over the insane dress IF the shoes were a solid color… or even matched! Throw us a bone here SJP! I feel like she is having a hard time letting go of Carrie Bradshaw, as are the rest of the lonely middle-aged house wives who miss swooning over Mr. Big. So, all in all, I don’t like this! She is one of those trying too-hard trendy people I think, right? Or am I totally off here and this is like a fashion favorite and Joan Rivers is going to praise her on Fashion Police? I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels this way.

Ok I feel the need to mention that I wrote this post last night before I was supposed to go to bed. Unfortunately, Charlotte decided 11:30 was a good time to wake up and hang out until almost 2am. WHICH MEANS I stayed on the couch most of the night watching the Sex and the City movie on E… oddly enough. And after watching Carrie Bradshaw get her heart stomped on at 2 in the morning I felt kind of badly for writing this whole thing about her… but alas, I have to push the publish button regardless. Sorry Carrie! 

I have had some experience in mixing prints myself lately. This is an outfit I actually wore last week. IMG_2137

I think this works here because I’m staying in the same color family. Nothing too harsh on the eyes. I mixed an aztec print sweater, stripes, and polka dots, and I don’t feel like I look like a hot mess. But maybe I do… hah! Your thoughts? Until next time, kisses!

headband: Forever21
Sweater: Target
Tank: Victoria’s Secret
Lace Bralet: Victoria’s Secret 

Wednesday Worst!

Good afternoon lover bunnies. Pull up a chair and take a look at my Wednesday Worst, won’t you? So, the Sundance Film Festival has been going on, as we all should be aware of, and that’s where I plucked my Wednesday Worst from. Check it out.


Shailene Woodley 


Oh Shailene…. OH Shailene. I know you’re at the Sundance Film Festival and it’s absolutely blistering cold out there… but what gives? You are not on the slopes, you do not need a hat like this. And what kind of pants are you wearing? Dickies? Did you borrow them from a mechanic on your way to the red carpet? …..Or, black carpet. Is that actually a snow suit? Maybe she was on the slopes before she hit the carpet? Anyway. Here’s the thing, I really do like her coat. I don’t know if it’s Burberry or not, but it reminds me of one of their pieces that I am obsessed with. There is something about leather sleeves that I’ve been drooling over lately, so Shailene, well done there. I like the scarf too. Not how she’s wearing it here, it looks sloppy as all hell, but I like it. Overall, she looks very sloppy to me. I don’t love it.

So this is my Wednesday Worst. What do you guys think? Have you seen better….or worse?

Until next time, kisses!


Wednesday Worst!

Ok… I know Rihanna is like super edgy and trendy and a sex symbol and fashionable and whatever blah blah blah… but I miss girly Rihanna. Remember ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ Rihanna? I want her back. She was so adorable. This whole I-sing-with-a-deep-voice-cause-I’m-edgy-Rihanna… I’m not a huge, HUGE fan of that one. Anyway… that brings me to my Wednesday Worst look for this week.

As much as I miss old Ri-Ri, new Ri-Ri can sometimes look kinda cool. But this whole ensemble she has going on over to my right here… what is that? Someone fill me in cause I think I’m missing something. If we scroll all the way to the bottom here, I am in love with her shoes. They blend with the carpet but you can get the gist of them, they’re hott. And her red lips are super chic as well. HOWEVER, this leather fubu-esque outfit she’s wearing, complete with a leather head wrap chef hat kinda looking thing… not chic. She looks like she went shopping in Biggie’s closet, may he rest in peace.

What do you guys think? is she trying too hard with this one? Or maybe not trying hard enough? You tell me!

AND! A reminder here, everyone have a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving! I’m dressing Charlotte up super adorable… she’ll probably be my Friday Favorite. Just kidding… maybe not! hah

Have a great Thanksgiving, I’ll see ya’ll on Friday. Kisses.

Wednesday Worst!

Afternoon babes! You’re in luck today. Thanks to this rain we’re getting pounded with here in NJ, I have time to update the blog today. Usually in the afternoons I try to take the baby for walks on the beach, she LOVES it outside. But alas, we’re stuck indoors today. So as she naps, I blog. Lovely. Let’s kick off this week’s entry with a little Wednesday Worst.

Starring: Rashida Jones. 

So… let me just start by saying, I don’t hate everything about this look. Well, I mean, maybe I do. I don’t hate the dress, and I don’t hate the blazer. But the fact that she paired these together? That I’m hating. The dress, as far as I can tell, looks absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely something I would wear. Maxi’s are in, keyholes are in, black is always in. The dress is a DO. However, this ill-fitting blazer she has thrown over it? Makes the whole outfit look a tad…. frumpy? I think that’s the right word to describe this getup. Maybe if she chose a blazer of a different color? Something to add a little pop to the ensemble? Especially since she chose a dress that sweeps the floor and doesn’t show a hint of shoe, which could have added a little bit of versatility with the colors here. So overall, I like the pieces, but separately. When these two items are thrown together it looks sloppy and rushed to me. If the blazer was a little more tailored it could have worked but it’s not, so sadly this outfit is a major fail for me.

What do you guys think? Agree or agree to disagree?

Are you watching the Olympics this week? So exciting isn’t it!? This is really the first year I’ve been super into it… I have even been going as far to record certain events I can’t miss. Sad! Being a swimmer I’m obsessed with the swimming and diving events. I get major anxiety watching the swimmers race and the divers approach the edge of the platform. So scary but I majorly envy these athletes. I can’t imagine the determination and dedication it takes to make it where they are. Major props, and of course, go USA! :]

Someone remind me to make time to post on Friday because I have two people who I want to post as my Friday Favs and it would be such a waste if I forget! K thanks, love you bye!

Wednesday Worst! Repeat Offender

Hello and good morning my friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I think I took myself a nice little vacation from the blog this memorial day weekend. My husband was home from Wednesday night to Monday and it threw my timing all off! So I kind of forgot to post for a while, but the vacation is over and we are back. Let’s kick off the week with a little Wednesday Worst. Unfortunately, this person is a repeat offender who has been featured in this section before.

This fashion disaster happened last week, but it’s too awful to not feature on here even though almost a full seven days has passed since its unveiling. Please, check it out.

I understand that this is an outfit she was only wearing to perform in (thank GOD) so it’s not like she was wearing this on a red carpet or anything, but still, I have to ask myself, does that make it ok to wear sparkly harem pants? I mean… Does she have Xtina’s sparkly diaper on under this get up? Here’s the thing… J.Lo has a HOT body. There is no denying that. And if I look like her at her age, I’m going to want to show my bod off too, but still somehow managing to act my age… in my decade. She’s dressed like a 19 year old from the mid 90’s… channeling her Fly Girl days I assume. It’s all wrong for me. But I still have faith in J.LO because one minute she comes out dressed like this, and the next she’s all done up in some gorgeous gown with her hair all beautiful and her skin glowing. Whoever styles her performances needs a new job, they fail her constantly. If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that sparkly harem pants are never, ever a do. Sorry J.Lo!

Wednesday Worst!

It pains me to post this one… but I see just no other option this week. Out of all the looks I’ve seen, this is by far the worst. womp womp.

Amy Poehler

I want to not hate this so much… but I can’t. It’s entirely wrong in just every way. I want to say that maybe if it were a pant suit it wouldn’t be so bad, but I think even that wouldn’t save this look. Actually, it’s entirely possible it would make it worse. First of all, the look on her face, she looks like the Joker secretly plotting against Bat Man, but her hair looks fabulous, so that’s good. The high neckline and buttoned up blazer paired with shorts featuring some pasty legs? I just don’t like it Amy! Why not layer a coat of self tanner on those gams before sporting this look? Wouldn’t kill ya! I’m sorry Amy… I love ya, but this is a miss for me. :[

photo credit: 

Wednesday Worst!

I was all set for my Wednesday Worst this week… it was even going to be a Kentucky Derby special! Let’s just say… thanks to a certain NBC star, some celebs are safe this week. So let’s hope they choose to wear something a little more normal this week and don’t end up here next Wednesday anyway.

Let’s get to it… I’m just going to put this out there… if you wear a bedazzled diaper, you are automatically the worst dressed out of anyone in the room. Observe:

photo credit: NBC

Christina Aguilera 

What in the hell Christina, what in the hell? I understand she has this whole “I don’t give a crap what people think about me, I love my body” attitude. And honestly, I commend her for that. But I know plenty of women who love their bodies and still wear some sort of pants or bottoms. I mean, honestly, for a while there she was looking pretty conservative, so much so that it even made the news! I mean… look at her here only a few weeks ago:

Her boobs are all tucked away, for the most part, her hair is sleek and tamed, she’s got a smoldering eye look going on but keeping it balanced with a neutral lip. She looks so good! And this was supposed to be the “look” she was going for from now on, said her stylist. So what in the world happened from there? Who in the world looked at her in that gaudy, sparkly diaper and said, you know what girl? You look good! You wear that diaper and you wear it proud! I mean seriously, even if you were still the Christina from the days of Pop that I loved so much, I still wouldn’t want to see you in that, much like I didn’t care to see you in assless chaps in your Dirrrrrrty Days. I mean she looks like a lion tamer that was late for the circus and forgot her pants. Why, Christina, why?

And while we’re on the subject! It certainly doesn’t help her case that she was super nasty to my favorite contestant (after Erin Willett!) Tony Luca! What is her deal? I am putting in his performance of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems because I thought he honestly did an amazing job. The way they changed that song around for him was so awesome I feel like they could put it on some sort of movie soundtrack. I see that being the main song for like, this summer’s blockbuster hit that’s a Western, ya know? It’s so good and of course she had to go and make it personal. Kudos to Team Adam for handling that so well. I hate to overdo the personal opinion on here, but it’s my blog and that was annoying me, so whatever. Deal with it! Just kidding. :] But in all seriousness, anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over that song needs to relax. I liked it when Jay-Z came out with it, and I liked it even more when I heard Tony Luca sing it the other night. I am a girl, I can be a bitch. I can admit that. If you can’t…. that’s your prob, bob!

So there ya have it folks. My Wednesday Worst this week goes to the one and only, “Xtina,” Queen of all things Gaudy. What do you guys think? Did you like her studded underwear or was it a miss for you too? Let me know! And in the mean time, enjoy a nice little performance from Tony Luca on The Voice!

Wednesday Worst!

It is an insanely crappy day here on the east coast. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table wrapped up in my bright pink snuggie eating a bowl of cereal. I have no real ambition to do anything today with weather like this! I hate that. But anyway, as promised, after posting my Friday faves last week, check out my Wednesday worsts.

First up….

Miss Jennifer Lopez

I truly look forward to watching American Idol for no other reason than to see what J.Lo is wearing that night. Let’s be serious ya’ll…. she has had some insane outfits that go from one end of the spectrum to the other. And honestly, they’re not always bad (like Ms. Christina Aguilera on The Voice…. woof). On the other hand, some of J. Lo’s outfits are just like… what are you doing? Now, this outfit over here to our left, I don’t hate everything about it. In fact, I really love the color blocking, the bright green pants and the cream top separated by that gorgeous blue belt. But her camel toe is about a mile long and her shoes look like she borrowed them from Herman Monster. They just don’t go. I wish the pants just fit her differently… they even look like when she sits down they’re going to be so tight around her legs, you know that feeling I’m talking about? I hate that! From the waist up, I love this outfit. But from the camel toe down, it’s a fail for me J.Lo. I’m sorry. :[ But yo, yo, J. Lo, dawg, I’m sure this week, you’ll be in it to win it yo.

Alright, next up!

Miss Kim I’m always in the tabloids Kardashian 

Kim…. sweetheart…. what is this? What in Heaven’s name were you thinking when you put this dress on? It is unflattering on just about every level it could be. What is that fabric? Metallic turtle skin? Yikes. It’s bunchy in all the wrong places, the hem is waaaaay too long, it looks like it’s about to slide right off of her, it’s just rubbing me the wrong way entirely. I will give her credit for the hot pink shoes because I am all about those lately, but everything else? Ouch…. fail. This one upsets me too because she’s usually such a great dresser, totally conscious of her body type and playing up her shape in great ways. This outfit? Not so much. Why Kim, why? I’ll just blame it on she’s spending too much time with Kanye. He is bad for everyone’s judgement.




So there ya have it kiddies, my Wednesday Worsts for the week! I like doing Friday Favorites much more because I like giving someone compliments rather than ripping on someone, but if I’m going to have Friday Faves it is only appropriate to have Wednesday Worsts. I’ll try to keep it as sweet as possible! haha.

ALSO! I YouTubed my April Favorites and added a few things I didn’t mention on here yesterday, so feel free to check that out below. :] Hope your day is bright and sunny wherever you are! & if it is… pass some sunshine my way! K thanks, love you bye!