Wednesday Worst

I typically hate online shopping. It’s not my jam. I like to test things out before I buy them… and also, I very rarely, if ever, return anything I purchased online. I have a pair of Under Armour sneakers I received like a month ago that I wore twice that are too small for me that are just sitting on my dresser. I’m quite lazy when it comes to that. So anyway, my point is, I don’t usually buy things online… much less from a Facebook ad (insert palm over face emoji here). I’m not sure if I blacked out when I bought this or what, but it was definitely a horrible purchase.

wednesday worst products

Activated Concealer Lifting Serum

Let me tell you WHY this was the worst purchase ever. 1. I’m stupid for buying something through a Facebook ad, as we have already established. 2. This wasn’t the product I purchased. I watched like 17 videos on Facebook about a foundation and concealer was basically like paint, and that was exactly what I was in the market for. I have skin that absorbs makeup even with the help of primer and setting spray or powder. After a few hours it looks like I have nothing on at all. I saw these videos and testimonials and I was like yes this looks like something I can really use… BUY! It took over a week to arrive in which time I had already forgotten all about it, but when it showed up at my door I was super excited! The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the bottle looked different. First red flag. I pumped a little bit out onto the top of my hand to blend it in to see what we were working with. It was basically tinted water. Purified water is the first ingredient. Second red flag. I gave it a go anyway and it literally just blends right into your skin………. like you’re not even wearing it. With zero coverage AT ALL. This is no paint-like foundation concealer. I don’t even know if it has a single benefit. I also tried it as just a concealer instead of foundation for a little spot treatment and it still does nothing. The product is useless. So lesson learned… stop shopping like an old lady buying the first product you see on a commercial or facebook ad and start doing a little research on the things you want. I have been using Kat Von D’s full coverage foundation and I do love it. I use No. 7 products as well for days when I’m just running errands or even if I am going to the gym and want a little coverage but don’t want to appear as though I’m wearing a full face of makeup. If you have a foundation you use that offers full coverage and is long lasting please let me know! I need recommendations!


Wednesday Worst!

Good afternoon lover bunnies. Pull up a chair and take a look at my Wednesday Worst, won’t you? So, the Sundance Film Festival has been going on, as we all should be aware of, and that’s where I plucked my Wednesday Worst from. Check it out.


Shailene Woodley 


Oh Shailene…. OH Shailene. I know you’re at the Sundance Film Festival and it’s absolutely blistering cold out there… but what gives? You are not on the slopes, you do not need a hat like this. And what kind of pants are you wearing? Dickies? Did you borrow them from a mechanic on your way to the red carpet? …..Or, black carpet. Is that actually a snow suit? Maybe she was on the slopes before she hit the carpet? Anyway. Here’s the thing, I really do like her coat. I don’t know if it’s Burberry or not, but it reminds me of one of their pieces that I am obsessed with. There is something about leather sleeves that I’ve been drooling over lately, so Shailene, well done there. I like the scarf too. Not how she’s wearing it here, it looks sloppy as all hell, but I like it. Overall, she looks very sloppy to me. I don’t love it.

So this is my Wednesday Worst. What do you guys think? Have you seen better….or worse?

Until next time, kisses!


Wednesday Worst!

Ok… I know Rihanna is like super edgy and trendy and a sex symbol and fashionable and whatever blah blah blah… but I miss girly Rihanna. Remember ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ Rihanna? I want her back. She was so adorable. This whole I-sing-with-a-deep-voice-cause-I’m-edgy-Rihanna… I’m not a huge, HUGE fan of that one. Anyway… that brings me to my Wednesday Worst look for this week.

As much as I miss old Ri-Ri, new Ri-Ri can sometimes look kinda cool. But this whole ensemble she has going on over to my right here… what is that? Someone fill me in cause I think I’m missing something. If we scroll all the way to the bottom here, I am in love with her shoes. They blend with the carpet but you can get the gist of them, they’re hott. And her red lips are super chic as well. HOWEVER, this leather fubu-esque outfit she’s wearing, complete with a leather head wrap chef hat kinda looking thing… not chic. She looks like she went shopping in Biggie’s closet, may he rest in peace.

What do you guys think? is she trying too hard with this one? Or maybe not trying hard enough? You tell me!

AND! A reminder here, everyone have a wonderful and amazing Thanksgiving! I’m dressing Charlotte up super adorable… she’ll probably be my Friday Favorite. Just kidding… maybe not! hah

Have a great Thanksgiving, I’ll see ya’ll on Friday. Kisses.

Wednesday Worst!

I know, I know… it’s been just about forever since I’ve posted anything on here. My apologies! It’s hard to keep up with a newborn and a blog. But alas, I will try harder! So let’s begin this whole ‘me trying harder’ phase with a little Wednesday Worst, shall we?

I am obsessed with the Real Housewives… of pretty much anywhere, except Atlanta. I can’t listen to them for more than 10 minutes before I have a migraine! Anywho, so yesterday was the reunion for the housewives of the OC and I have to just talk about something that has irked me for the past like… 6 seasons. I think Tamra is a pretty woman. I think she is a little weathered with age, but she’s pretty none the less! Unfortunately, however, for some reason the more she tries to dress herself up and look all glamourous and young, the more she looks (to me) like a drag queen. What is that all about? Take a gander…

I feel like she always does this for reunions… the hair is too big, the makeup is too dark… she just looks to me like she’s trying WAY too hard to look 10 years younger than she is. She’s trying to look like her gal pal Gretchen.

So what do you guys think? Does she look fabulous to you, or is this look kind of a miss? I wish she would tone it down a little bit because she truly is a beauty when she dresses it down!

Wednesday Worst! MTV Awards Edition

Morning folks. Happy Wednesday! Or as so many people like to cooly call it, “Hump Day.” Happy whatever, it’s the middle of the week. Womp, womp. So this past Sunday was the MTV movie awards. And while we all know that this particular awards show isn’t exactly ranking high on the glamourous meter, there are still some fashion disasters that seem highly unnecessary. Let’s take a look shall we?


I’m going to be completely honest here, I don’t even know who this girl is. I have no idea what she starred in, or not in, but this look as a whole is a miss for me. If we take her from the neck down, it’s not so bad for me, but we need to chop off the excess neon tail she seems to have going on here. I like the idea of the dress, and the clutch that grabs the attention of her shoes, but it’s not enough. From the neck up, this is frightening. She clearly has small eyes so the over-doing of the eye makeup makes her look like she doesn’t even have eye sockets. And the Snooki bump? Yowza. So Jillian Rose Reed… I apologize, because I really don’t know you, but this is awful for me.

Aw, Susan Sarandon… what in the hell were you thinking with this outfit? Don’t even try to play the age card here little lady, because we’ve all seen Meryl Streep light up a room more times than we can count. She looks like she went shopping with Beetlejuice before the awards show. I wish the shoes offered some salvation, but no. Not at all. They’re just an extension of her horribly printed pant suit. I just can’t even look at this much longer, it gives me vertigo.








There we have it. I’m going to add two more down here as (not so honorable) mentions. They’re bad, but not terrible. Well, one is terrible, the other is bad.

This is a totally typical outfit for Brooke Hogan, isn’t it? Doesn’t change the fact that it’s horrendous. Even if it is only for the MTV Movie Awards. And Mila… poor Mila! I love the print of the dress but the fit is all wrong and for some reason her hair makes her look chubby? Or is she chubby here? I’m not sure what’s going on, but neither of these work for me either.

These are my worsts for the week. Whatcha think? I didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards because a friend of mine was in the Miss USA pageant this past Sunday (Michelle, Miss NJ, top 10! woot woot, so proud of her!) so I chose to watch that over this lamely dressed awards show. BUT on the other hand, it did offer me some good ones for Friday Favorites. One of which just happens to be a guy! So I’m excited for that, hah. Stay tuned friends! See you tomorrow. Kisses.

Wednesday Worst! Repeat Offender

Hello and good morning my friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I think I took myself a nice little vacation from the blog this memorial day weekend. My husband was home from Wednesday night to Monday and it threw my timing all off! So I kind of forgot to post for a while, but the vacation is over and we are back. Let’s kick off the week with a little Wednesday Worst. Unfortunately, this person is a repeat offender who has been featured in this section before.

This fashion disaster happened last week, but it’s too awful to not feature on here even though almost a full seven days has passed since its unveiling. Please, check it out.

I understand that this is an outfit she was only wearing to perform in (thank GOD) so it’s not like she was wearing this on a red carpet or anything, but still, I have to ask myself, does that make it ok to wear sparkly harem pants? I mean… Does she have Xtina’s sparkly diaper on under this get up? Here’s the thing… J.Lo has a HOT body. There is no denying that. And if I look like her at her age, I’m going to want to show my bod off too, but still somehow managing to act my age… in my decade. She’s dressed like a 19 year old from the mid 90’s… channeling her Fly Girl days I assume. It’s all wrong for me. But I still have faith in J.LO because one minute she comes out dressed like this, and the next she’s all done up in some gorgeous gown with her hair all beautiful and her skin glowing. Whoever styles her performances needs a new job, they fail her constantly. If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that sparkly harem pants are never, ever a do. Sorry J.Lo!

Wednesday Worst!

Well, first let me apologize for being MIA yesterday! I was actually bed-ridden for most of the afternoon until bed time with a torn muscle in my stomach. Not so much fun when your baby decides that’s exactly where she wants to sit all day and uses that muscle as a trampoline. Thankfully this morning I feel much better! I think it is due, in part, to the fact that Baby R has rolled over and is no longer resting solely on my torn muscle. Thank you, baby.

So anyway! Now that I can actually walk again, I didn’t want to miss a beat here. Let’s get right down to it. Here is my Wednesday Worst for this week:

I don’t care what anyone else has to say about this look, or Katy Perry herself because I know she has a billion die-hard ‘we will defend her honor til the death’ fans, but she looks like she walked right out of the movie The Craft  here. I know she is ALL about reinventing herself with different hair colors, like, once a month, I know that’s her MO… but the purple hair is not what bothers me. It’s the whole look together. If you say she looks good you are a liar. It’s too much, just way too much. The dark hair, the dark lips (yikes, first of all), the dark eye makeup, the floor length semi see-through dress, the rosary looking beads, and those weird pointy shoes? She looks like the wicked witch of LA. And I hate to say it because I like Katy Perry, I do! But let’s face it… every celebrity cannot look perfect all the time. And if they did, I wouldn’t have this glorious section of my blog entitled Wednesday Worst. It’s the circle of life my friends, we must accept it. And again, Katy Perry is known for doing some wacky, out of the box looks. She has provided plenty of looks over the years that could be a Wednesday Worst OR a Friday Fav.

To be honest, I’m kind of digging her purple hair. Out of all of the colors she has dyed it lately, this is one of my favorites. It’s bold, but doesn’t look cartoonish like her blue hair did. If she only toned everything else down for this look, maybe it wouldn’t be such a disaster in my book. For example, cut about 2 feet off the bottom of the dress to make it shorter and either tone down the lips or the eyes and this really wouldn’t be so terrible. But unfortunately Katy, this is a miss for me.

How do you guys feel? Are you just so used to her antics because it’s like, “oh it’s Katy Perry, she’s crazy! She’ll wear anything!” Or do you hold her to a higher fashion standard like apparently I do? hah. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Lemme know. :]

Have a great day guys! And don’t pull any muscles in your tummy! Believe me, it’s no day at the park. haha until tomorrow, kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

I was all set for my Wednesday Worst this week… it was even going to be a Kentucky Derby special! Let’s just say… thanks to a certain NBC star, some celebs are safe this week. So let’s hope they choose to wear something a little more normal this week and don’t end up here next Wednesday anyway.

Let’s get to it… I’m just going to put this out there… if you wear a bedazzled diaper, you are automatically the worst dressed out of anyone in the room. Observe:

photo credit: NBC

Christina Aguilera 

What in the hell Christina, what in the hell? I understand she has this whole “I don’t give a crap what people think about me, I love my body” attitude. And honestly, I commend her for that. But I know plenty of women who love their bodies and still wear some sort of pants or bottoms. I mean, honestly, for a while there she was looking pretty conservative, so much so that it even made the news! I mean… look at her here only a few weeks ago:

Her boobs are all tucked away, for the most part, her hair is sleek and tamed, she’s got a smoldering eye look going on but keeping it balanced with a neutral lip. She looks so good! And this was supposed to be the “look” she was going for from now on, said her stylist. So what in the world happened from there? Who in the world looked at her in that gaudy, sparkly diaper and said, you know what girl? You look good! You wear that diaper and you wear it proud! I mean seriously, even if you were still the Christina from the days of Pop that I loved so much, I still wouldn’t want to see you in that, much like I didn’t care to see you in assless chaps in your Dirrrrrrty Days. I mean she looks like a lion tamer that was late for the circus and forgot her pants. Why, Christina, why?

And while we’re on the subject! It certainly doesn’t help her case that she was super nasty to my favorite contestant (after Erin Willett!) Tony Luca! What is her deal? I am putting in his performance of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems because I thought he honestly did an amazing job. The way they changed that song around for him was so awesome I feel like they could put it on some sort of movie soundtrack. I see that being the main song for like, this summer’s blockbuster hit that’s a Western, ya know? It’s so good and of course she had to go and make it personal. Kudos to Team Adam for handling that so well. I hate to overdo the personal opinion on here, but it’s my blog and that was annoying me, so whatever. Deal with it! Just kidding. :] But in all seriousness, anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over that song needs to relax. I liked it when Jay-Z came out with it, and I liked it even more when I heard Tony Luca sing it the other night. I am a girl, I can be a bitch. I can admit that. If you can’t…. that’s your prob, bob!

So there ya have it folks. My Wednesday Worst this week goes to the one and only, “Xtina,” Queen of all things Gaudy. What do you guys think? Did you like her studded underwear or was it a miss for you too? Let me know! And in the mean time, enjoy a nice little performance from Tony Luca on The Voice!

Wednesday Worst!

It is an insanely crappy day here on the east coast. I am currently sitting at my kitchen table wrapped up in my bright pink snuggie eating a bowl of cereal. I have no real ambition to do anything today with weather like this! I hate that. But anyway, as promised, after posting my Friday faves last week, check out my Wednesday worsts.

First up….

Miss Jennifer Lopez

I truly look forward to watching American Idol for no other reason than to see what J.Lo is wearing that night. Let’s be serious ya’ll…. she has had some insane outfits that go from one end of the spectrum to the other. And honestly, they’re not always bad (like Ms. Christina Aguilera on The Voice…. woof). On the other hand, some of J. Lo’s outfits are just like… what are you doing? Now, this outfit over here to our left, I don’t hate everything about it. In fact, I really love the color blocking, the bright green pants and the cream top separated by that gorgeous blue belt. But her camel toe is about a mile long and her shoes look like she borrowed them from Herman Monster. They just don’t go. I wish the pants just fit her differently… they even look like when she sits down they’re going to be so tight around her legs, you know that feeling I’m talking about? I hate that! From the waist up, I love this outfit. But from the camel toe down, it’s a fail for me J.Lo. I’m sorry. :[ But yo, yo, J. Lo, dawg, I’m sure this week, you’ll be in it to win it yo.

Alright, next up!

Miss Kim I’m always in the tabloids Kardashian 

Kim…. sweetheart…. what is this? What in Heaven’s name were you thinking when you put this dress on? It is unflattering on just about every level it could be. What is that fabric? Metallic turtle skin? Yikes. It’s bunchy in all the wrong places, the hem is waaaaay too long, it looks like it’s about to slide right off of her, it’s just rubbing me the wrong way entirely. I will give her credit for the hot pink shoes because I am all about those lately, but everything else? Ouch…. fail. This one upsets me too because she’s usually such a great dresser, totally conscious of her body type and playing up her shape in great ways. This outfit? Not so much. Why Kim, why? I’ll just blame it on she’s spending too much time with Kanye. He is bad for everyone’s judgement.




So there ya have it kiddies, my Wednesday Worsts for the week! I like doing Friday Favorites much more because I like giving someone compliments rather than ripping on someone, but if I’m going to have Friday Faves it is only appropriate to have Wednesday Worsts. I’ll try to keep it as sweet as possible! haha.

ALSO! I YouTubed my April Favorites and added a few things I didn’t mention on here yesterday, so feel free to check that out below. :] Hope your day is bright and sunny wherever you are! & if it is… pass some sunshine my way! K thanks, love you bye!