Grace Potter Dedicates “Falling or Flying” to victims of Hurricane Sandy

This past weekend I had the ultimate pleasure of finally seeing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals live. I have been a super fan of hers for a while now and always managed to miss her whenever she toured near me. She played at Beacon Theater in New York on Saturday and the hubs and I made sure we were there. We spent the weekend in the city and tried out some fabulous restaurants and also made sure we had time to do a little shopping. [you simply cannot go to the city without shopping – it’s not possible!]

Anywho – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are freaking amazing live. She has a presence on the stage that is like no other, her energy is incredible. Her band is so tight together and whoever did the sound for them this weekend deserves a raise because you could hear everything and perfectly! No one was drowned out by someone else. Flawless! We had great seats so I was lucky to get a few videos and amazing pictures. Below she dedicates ‘Falling or Flying’ to the victims of Hurricane [slutty] Sandy – as she called it! Enjoy. xo

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