Fell in love with Fall

Oh hey, hi, hello there! It’s been a hot minute. So sorry for the absurd amount of slacking again. We are finally in the new house and there is SO much to keep me busy! Oh and… then there’s this…

1455189_10200801220496429_71733933_nBaby Ross numero dos is on their way! eeeeeeee! This is my little nugget, Charlotte’s little brother or sister. :] :] Due to arrive in this world May, 2014! Matt & I couldn’t be more excited. Charlotte already gives my tummy kisses when we ask her where the baby is. All we’re missing is a puppy! (Cough, cough, MATT, cough).

So that leads me into this… this is my second pregnancy and my second bout with these awful, terrible, I never want to get dressed in the morning because I have nothing to wear and nothing fits right, feelings. It’s an extremely sad feeling, especially for a self-proclaimed fashionista like myself. I’m not quite myself, but I’m not showing yet, so I’m just flabby in all the wrong places with a little extra skin. YUCK. Too small for my maternity clothes but too big for my skinny jeans. DAMN YOU LAWS OF FASHION. That’s another reason why I’ve been MIA lately, what to wear?! How many ways can I make my leggings look cute? However, I woke up this morning and decided I was going to own this pregnancy. Kiss my ass, leggings!

DSC_5201 DSC_5207 DSC_5208There are few things I love more than an unusually warm fall day. Especially since it’s been so damn frigid lately! I woke up this morning and squealed with excitement when I walked outside and didn’t see my breath. And you would think a little rain would make me angry, but NOPE! Just an amazing opportunity to wear one of my favorite fall floppy hats!

DSC_5212 DSC_5213 DSC_5220 DSC_5221 DSC_5222


DSC_5223 DSC_5225JEANS: TOMMY HILFIGER || BOOTS: FERGIE (I had NO idea these were Fergie when I bought them, so angry with myself for loving them).


DSC_5235This was my look for a casual morning carpet shopping with my mom and Char. Like I said… new house, the projects never end! These jeans have always been a little loose on me.. which is actually kind of okay with me. I’ll be able to wear them well into my pregnancy. My legs are always the first thing to fill out, unfortunately, hah!

OH! And some more wonderful news! I am a new fashion and beauty writer for the online woman’s publication, Mod City Magazine. Read my first two articles here and here. :] Have a great day! Until next time, kisses!



Now You See Me…

Now you don’t! That’s the general rule of thumb when you see someone wearing camo, right? You have to make some kind of joke about how you can’t see them, or a hunting joke. It’s almost a little bit of a shocker if someone doesn’t make some cheesy comment like that. When I wore camo pants this weekend I was armed and ready for some jokes to be thrown my way!

IMG_7753 DSC_4200

My husband and I typically stop for coffee each and every weekend morning. We’ll load Charlotte up in the car, stop and get coffee and a mobile breakfast, then drive around for a little while. This weekend we decided to stop at Starbucks and walk the Grove since it was kind of nice out in the morning. That is where I found these pants and sunglasses that I’m newly obsessed with. The pants speak for themselves, you can literally see in pictures how comfortable they are. Definitely a great investment. Come fall I’ll be excited to pair them with a cream sweater and some low boots, yum. These sunglasses are fantastic because I feel like they’re a morph of two trends, round & cat’s eye. They’re not 100% round, but they’re not 100% cat’s eyes either. They’re so fun.

DSC_4201 DSC_4204


This weekend we had a birthday celebration for my husband & his best friend, who were born a week apart and who have been celebrating their birthday’s together since they were 11! How freaking cute is that? We went out on a big “pirate ship” for the day, to which I wore flat sandals to be comfortable, then switched into these shoes and headed into town for pizza, drinks, and eventually more drinks and dancing, ha! We had a blast. You can see a better view of the sunglasses in the picture below.


See what I mean about the shape? Super versatile. Anyway… How was your weekend loves? Until next time, kisses!



Hey Jude

My favorite song in the entire world is Hey Jude, by the Beatles. Close second is Isis by Bob Dylan, but that’s neither here nor there. I found this shirt at Marshals a few weeks ago while scouring for some new wedges (which I had no luck with, btw). But the fact that I found the perfect tank top that was basically made for me made the trip that much more successful.



The shirt is actually UBER long. Like, could be worn as a dress… not on me, cause I have more than just a little junk in the trunk, but on someone a little shorter and skinnier, hah! I usually wear it with shorts because it’s been absurdly hot recently, and I tuck it in.



But with these jeans, I decided to tie it up in the back and make it into a little crop top kinda thing.. kinda? I love these jeans! They are so comfy and flattering.





I swear I own more than just this fedora… I have 2 other hats that I wear religiously, my vintage Yankee hat and a billabong trucker hat I took home with me from my honeymoon in Hawaii. You’ll see that one soon enough! It’s usually a go-to for the summer. Anywho!  So this is my shirt. Dig it. Until next time, kisses!




Let’s Have a Romp!

I love rompers. I always have. I don’t think I ever grew out of that phase, you know? I love putting Charlotte in them, too. I think they’re just so damn adorable. I recently grabbed a romper from Forever 21 that I love for one very important reason; it is the perfect day-to-night look. Yes, I said perfect, and I stand by that!

DSC_4077 DSC_4081

This is my daytime look… hence the relaxi-hat! [haha]. This romper is super comfortable and it’s solid black which can easily be dressed up or down. For my day-time look I paired it with my fedora and some cute sandals. I like these because they’re a step up from regular ol’ flip flops, but not too dressy, ya know? And they have animal print with studded detail! It’s like they were made for me. The romper falls a little low in the chest area, so for the day time look I wear a lacy bralette underneath. Don’t wanna show too much! A few pictures of some close up outfit details are below.

DSC_4094 DSC_4091 DSC_4088 DSC_4083


The night time look is only a little different. I swap out flip flops for heels. They’re not pictured below, but my favorites to wear with this look are my black ankle strap heels from Cosmopolitan for JC Penny [no longer available]. They looks SUPER amazeballs with this outfit.


Like I said, it tends to be a little low-cut so for the night time look I wear one of my regular black bras with a little more support. I slap on a few extra accessories like my favorite neon hardware necklace from H&M and matching pink bangles and bracelets. I love layering with this look. I also put on a fresh layer of hot pink lipstick, which is my favorite thing in the world. Seriously, it is. Red lips have become so basic that I feel like they work for day time just as easily as night. I wear this pink lip a lot too, but to me it stands out more at night. Adding a thin belt around the waist would look super cute too.


And there you have it! The purrrrrrrrrfect day-to-night romper with the change of only a few key accessories.

Until next time, kisses!

Miss Fancy Pants

One of my favorite fashion trends this summer is Tropical Prints. Liz, of the blog Late Afternoon, does them SO well, she’s super inspiring! I haven’t quite found the perfect tropical print for myself yet, but I keep searching. I recently found a pair of printed pants I was OBSESSED with from a local boutique, the fit was amazing, the length was ideal, and the print was sessssy!

DSC_4043 DSC_4045

My husband calls these pajama pants….. rude. We were going out the other night and I had these pants on with a pink billowy crop top and he told me it looked like I was getting ready to go to bed. Needless to say I felt the need to change. I took another stab at the outfit the next day but switched out the crop top for a fitted tank. He liked this look better, hah!

DSC_4054 DSC_4057

Tank: Marciano || Pants: Molly & zoey || Hat: Target || shoes: Steve Madden || SHADES: CHANEL || NECKLACES: VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, GALLERIA GOLD COMPANY. || BRACELETS: ALEX & ANI

A friend of ours has this fedora and when he wears it he says he’s relaxing, I call it his relaxi-hat. I decided I needed one of those. So basically, when I have my fedora on, leave me the EFF alone. :] So I’m diggin printed pants lately. I think they’re a great alternative to a dress or skirt if you’re going out. These, especially, are super light so you don’t overheat after being outside for 30 seconds. So whatcha think? Are you going to play with prints this summer or keep your wardrobe simple and classic? I’m kind of a big fan of both!

Until next time, kisses!

One Look 3 Ways: The Full Skirt

Doesn’t it seem like everyone tells you what you should be wearing these days? And don’t you kind of feel like a bum if you don’t run right out and buy it? Even if you know it’s 100% absolutely not the trend for you? I saw a tweet from Cosmo this morning that read “what to put in your closet and what to throw out of your closet for this summer!” What about next summer? What if next summer crop tops are the sign of the devil? Won’t you feel silly when that’s all you own? Anyway, my point is, don’t buy into trends. If something doesn’t make you feel like a god damn beauty queen, nix it! OR, style it your own way! If you don’t think you have the stomach for a crop top, throw it over a printed maxi dress. Layers baby! We love ’em. That’s kind of the point of this post, taking one item and styling it 3 different ways, because not everyone can pull off the trendiest looks! So here is how I would style a full skirt, from super casual, to kinda casual kinda dressy, to a night out.

Look One: Cashe. 

DSC_3901 DSC_3902Strappy sandals and minimal accessories paired with a classic v-neck make this look so every day. Bonus points if you happen to have a headband laying around that perfectly matches your printed skirt like I did, ha!

Skirt: Forever21T-Shirt:  Victoria’s Secret | Sandals: Target [last season] | Headband: Forever21 [last season] | Earrings & Necklace: Roman & Sunstone 

Look two: The One That Could Go Either Way… 

DSC_3898 DSC_3897 DSC_3894 DSC_3892This look is fun because it’s kind of casual, but kind of dressy at the same time. This all depends on the accessories. Pair it with some flip flops and lose the necklace and it’s super casual, but the booties & statement neck kick it up a notch. It also incorporates everyone’s favorite thing: chambray! So fancy!

Skirt: Forever21Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Booties: Christian Louboutin | Necklace: Roman & Sunstone

Look Three: Date Night Ready

DSC_3891 DSC_3887 DSC_3884 DSC_3881Make this look more date night by going big on the makeup.. maybe a little smoky eye? Or a bright red pout. Heat Wave from NARS is the perfect eye-catching red! You could also throw your hair up into a chic top knot. The accessories definitely help this look too, anything with a little bling works here! These kinds of strappy heels are in right now and it makes me super happy because I love them!

Skirt: Forever21Shirt: H&M [old] | Heels: Cosmopolitan for JC PennyNecklace: Roman & Sunstone.

So there you have it babes, One look 3 ways! One of these is BOUND to work for you! Play with it and send me pictures! I’d love to see! Until next time, kisses!

Friday Fav!

I have to say, and I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, Kate Beckinsale is my ultimate girl crush! She can do no wrong. She is walking perfection. And if you don’t agree, there’s the door! No but seriously, how could you not? Let’s take a look!



Um, yum! Let’s just talk about how beautiful this dress is! There is nothing wrong with going with your LBD when all else fails. Sometimes I think celebs get all caught up in the Hollywood fashion frenzy and end up straying too far from their own style, and you can always tell! And, this is random, but doesn’t her cleavage always look perfect? Don’t act like you don’t notice! So anyway, the Jimmy Choo strappy neon sandals make me swoon! I may need to grab me a pair of these. They look pretty comfortable, all things considered… ha. I love, love, love her smoldering sexy eye makeup! The hair thrown up, with some face-framing pieces, and gorgeous drop earrings. Everything about this, I dig.

What do you think? Have an amazing weekend kiddies! Kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

I think this particular Wednesday Worst is going to be pretty split with my audience. Some of you may agree, some of you may not. Let’s get started.


hayden-panettiere-290Glamour Magazine was tweeting about her hair this morning, but I only saw the hair, not the rest of the look. So we’ll start there. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about it. As sleek as the braid is, the top looks kind of messy to me. She has tight, tight pin curls all around her hairline and crown, which I’m sure was supposed to look trendy, but reads kind of “I just got my hair cornrowed on the beach.” I’m a fan of bandage dresses and the jewel-tone color of this dress is quite pleasing to my eyes. But at first glance it looks somewhat like a tacky prom dress, no? Pair it with her clunky black shoes and it’s ALL wrong. If I were her, I would have gone with some metallic strappy sandals to play up the embellishments in the dress. Jimmy Choo has some extremely fabulous ones! She did one thing right by playing it safe with the accessories, so kudos for that!

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Until next time, kisses!

Friday Fav!

Remkerirussell11ember this girl? The oh-so awkward and sad Felicity? I was obsessed with that show, but not so much with her. Being that I am a victim of curly/frizzy hair myself, I watched in total agony every time this girl was on screen… like… why couldn’t someone get you a blowdryer? I know it was a late 90’s show and the frizzy hair wasn’t a HUGE issue in fashion yet, but whatever. I suppose that is beside the point. Keri Russell kind of came and went, didn’t she? I’m glad she made a comeback. First in August Rush, then in some Lifetime movies about Pie or something… now in The Americans [awesome show on FX, if you didn’t know] and she is hotter than ever! Check this out.

keri-russell-290um… MEOW. I love it. Everything about this. [except the fact that it looks like she has a broken ankle down there.. what the hell is that? Super uncomfortable looking!] Anywho. It is seriously so difficult to wear a leather mini dress, am I wrong? I’ve been 100% honest about my feelings on leather; you have to practically be a supermodel to pull it off… even though I own leather leggings… I’m very shy about wearing them! ha. This dress fits her like a little leather winter glove. If you guys saw Olivia Palermo in her leather dress not long ago, it looked like a big frumpy Hefty bag. Which is so weird to me because she hardly ever wears anything poorly, but apparently it’s possible. So when buying anything leather, make sure it’s flattering! Her smokey-eye-like makeup kind of gives her an uber sexy look without looking like she’s about to spank you with a big paddle. Simple black pumps, and an easy side-part blowout ties this look all together. I’m a big fan, and it kind of makes me want to go out and buy a leather dress. I won’t. But I want to.

So what do you think? Love or hate? Tell me your thoughts! Until next time. Kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

This post is proof that you can go from the best dressed celeb to the worst in almost the blink of an eye! A few weeks ago I posted this picture of Victoria Justice. 


I loved the way she looked here! So sleek and sexy! This bold print mini dress is seriously gorgeous… I want it. And her hair looks perfect. But you can read that whole post here. I don’t want to dive into it all again. Anyway…. She is a beautiful girl, hands down. However, being beautiful doesn’t always translate well to your wardrobe. In this picture, she looks like a grown up.. not a Disney star. Not so much in today’s picture… take a look.




Here she screams DISNEY STAR!! So much layering going on with this outfit. She has a striped tank top on under a white tee shirt under a very busy printed button up. All of this with some cuffed denim shorts… Not terrible although it is quite a lot for your eyes to take in… but if your eyes go lower you land on mid-calf high black leather boots. Say what?? They are so out of place with this whole outfit. It’s really just strange to me! From the torso up it’s super busy and from the legs down it’s so miss-matched! This outfit, however funkadelic it may be, would have been salvageable with some cute sandals since she’s clearly going for a laid-back look here… or at least I think she is? With the boots I’m seriously not sure. On the flip side, her hair and makeup looks flawless, as always, so she has that going for her, but the rest of this… major fail for me. Black leather boots are never a go-to when you’re wearing denim shorts… come on now!

What do you guys think? Are you digging the S&M boots with the day-at-the-beach outfit? (I don’t think you are.. but you never know!) Until next time kiddies. Kisses!