Friday Fav!

It’s going to be short and sweet today. Have LOT’S to do! Anywho. Here is my fav look of the week:



How cute is she? It’s Chloe Mortez in a very age appropriate little blue dress covered with a chic leather jacket. She’s not even 16 yet… isn’t that crazy? She looks mature beyond her years here. I LOVE the look of a very feminine dress covered with a little leather to give it some edge. Add a cross body bag and the right shoes and your look is perfection. This is a really hard look to screw up, although I’m sure it’s been done by some of Hollywood’s finest. Her hair looks juuuuust messy enough to look like she didn’t even do it that day (not that any celebrity would ever do that, regardless of their age) and her makeup is super laid back too. I’m really enjoying this whole outfit, kind of inspires me to wear something like it tonight! hah Actually I have worn something very similar myself once. Check it out:



Like I said.. it’s super easy to get this look right. If you’re on the east coast, it’s absolutely freezing out this weekend so opt for some no-fuss tights under your dress. Booties are always a good choice when wearing tights. Also, be conscious that you don’t go too overboard with prints and colors. Wearing a bold, printed dress? Keep the leather simple. Wearing colored leather? Keep the dress simple and try to stay in the same color family. Other than that, have fun with it. And have a fun weekend, kiddies! Until next time, kisses!

Remember that time I was a model… kinda.

Hi my loves! It’s been a while, huh? Things have been so busy this past month or so. Getting ready for the holidays is a big job around here. So anyway! Over the weekend I had an amazing opportunity to walk in a fashion show for a wonderful cause! 100% of the proceeds went to a great charity, (benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy which we all know is very close to my heart!) BOOM. Who doesn’t love that? I modeled for a friend of mine, Tina, who owns a fabulous boutique in Little Silver. (I’ve mentioned her store before). She has pretty amazing clothes and accessories and when she asked me to walk in her show I legit jumped at the chance. I was lucky enough to model with two of my best friends which made the night even more fun! Here is recap of the show in pictures. Enjoy!

(click on the images to view them individually!)

If you like the clothes you see you can visit her page for more information at Shop Uphoria :]

The fashion show was so much fun! All of the other models were super sweet and we all had a great time. I walked through the show itself at lightning speed because I was nervous… not the modeling debut I had always dreamed of, haha! HOWEVER, just having a baby less than 6 months ago and still being asked to walk in a fashion show Made me feel just lovely… can’t lie! I wore a sparkly gold peplum top and black leggings with my own black louboutins. I am obsessed with peplum this holiday season! And the added bling from the gold sequins? So amaze. 

Also… last week I had the wonderful luck of getting to see Train live at a very private performance in Sea Bright! I danced on stage with the band. Pat signed a onesie for Char! Pure amazingness! I’m going to post more on that later this week.

Until next time, kisses! 

Wednesday Worst!

I’m going to say this bluntly… there were so many hideous outfits on the red carpet recently that I was challenged to pick just one. However, I’m going to go with the one that caught my eye originally. It may be because I’m currently anti-K. Stew for her recent tryst with a married man while she was dating my beloved Edward, but I found her outfit at a Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier in Tokyo heinous. Please take a gander.

She looks like a wall of a circus funhouse. Now, let me just throw this out there, I do love her hair and her makeup, it’s very true to her style. Simple hair, bold eyes, typical K. Stew. But the heels? Not typical K. Stew. And they look horribly uncomfortable. And if you can tell shoes look uncomfortable just by looking at them… yikes. Anyway, back to this frock she is not-so rocking. What in god’s name is that? If it were just a top… with solid black shorts, I might actually like it. But the color-blocking all over the place does not work for this piece. At least for me. How do you guys feel about it? Let me know!

One summer trend I cannot get on board with

I know that Cosmo is known for introducing some pretty outrageous things to the world, after all, I think they are the ones that broke the news of “vagazzaling,” but they have introduced a “fashion trend” in their May issue that I just cannot seem to wrap my head around. Behold………. the leather pants.

Now, I am all for leather goods. I had a pair of liquid leggings that made my ass look so good my husband actually threw them out without my knowing. (I’m still not over it, I haven’t found a pair I liked as much since). But full on, lace up, leather pants…. in the summer? I just don’t know about this one Cosmo. First of all, this is the first thing that comes to mind when I envision this trend:

Secondly, things get heated in the summer. Just hot and sticky and the last thing I want to do is wrestle with a pair of pants to get them on and off. I see things turning out very poorly.. much like this:

Lot’s of baby powder and shame involved here. It’s obviously hard to tell from a picture in a magazine, but these leather pants don’t even look like they’d be flattering, they have a very Boogie Nights vibe to them. I get that they’re on board with the neon trend that’s so hot right now (which I’ll be posting about soon, too!) but there are tons of other options to play around with that I think could work out much, much better.

For instance, look at this outfit I styled on Polyvore recently:

Bright pink jeans, lipstick, and nail polish to match! I mean, let’s be realistic… it’s hard enough to look sexy trying to slide out of a pair of skinny jeans when the occasion calls for it. Do we really want to embarrass ourselves by attempting to slide out of leather pants? I don’t know folks, this is just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Should leather pants be left for the Fall months or do you think this is a killer look for Summer? Let me know!

Just a little reminder…

Hey folks! Just a little reminder, the deadline for my Linea Pelle giveaway is tomorrow! Well… I guess technically tonight. I will be announcing the winner tomorrow afternoon (New Jersey time) so be sure to get all of your friends who haven’t signed up yet to do so now, this is their last chance!

In case you forgot… this is what the gorgeous prize looks like!

All you have to do to enter is follow Linea Pelle on Facebook, leave a comment in the original post about how you would style this belt, and follow moi on Twitter and re-tweet and Linea Pelle related tweets I post.

To do all these things… simply click here. This will take you to my original post and you can see all the details and rules for yourself. Considering it’s pretty much maxi dress season across the US and this belt would look killer with a maxi dress and some boho stripy sandals, you’d be cray cray not to sign up! Good luck lovies!

Parle Vu Polyvore?

Have you guys been sucked into the black hole that is Polyvore yet? Because I have. Add creating outfits to the pinning madness that is Pinterest, and I am officially useless, it’s all I do! Polyvore is this amazingly fun website where you can literally design your own outfits. You can play stylist for a few hours (or, not just a few in my case). The website takes real items that you can actually buy so your dream outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be just a dream. Although, if you’re like me and don’t pay any attention to the brands or labels until after the outfits finished, it may just be a dream outfit, hah. I post all of my outfits to my Pinterest and my Tumblr but these are a few of my favorite looks I’ve created.

You literally go through categories titled “shoes” “accessories” “dresses” and whatnot and pick out your favorite items and this what comes out of it. If you haven’t played around on Polyvore yet, be careful! It can be addicting. Thank goodness I’m currently unemployed because I’d probably get fired for spending so much time on here, haha. Visit to become obsessed like I am!

Recognize the coral tote with the 3rd outfit? You should, it’s one of my favorites from Linea Pelle! Speaking of… If you’ve missed the announcement of my giveaway on Tuesday, you have until next Tuesday to enter! Check it out here. I’ve teamed up with  Linea Pelle to give away a gorgeous vintage belt to one lucky blog reader! You really don’t want to miss out, it’s a gorgeous belt valued at $180(ish) and you can grab it for free! Good luck! ;] xo.

Linea Pelle Vintage Belt GIVEAWAY!

Good morning loves! The time has finally come to announce my amazingly fantastic giveaway! I’ve written a few times about how much I love this designer (read my most recent post here) and I am now lucky enough to team up with them to give one lucky reader a chance to fall in love as well! LP designs everything from the most beautiful leather handbags, to iPad covers, to amazing vintage leather belts…. which is just what we want to give you! Take a look…

This beautiful leather belt is known as the Jesse vintage wide hip belt. It’s valued at $187.00, but you can get yours for free!

There are three things you can do to increase your chances in this giveaway and they’re all super easy.

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It’s that simple folks! We’ll announce the winner this time next week, so you have plenty of time to enter and plenty of chances to win. The more you participate the better your chances, so don’t miss out! Good luck!

*please note this giveaway is only open to US residents.

Happy Friday. :)

Happy Friday folks! I don’t have much to post about today, boo. I have my 29 week checkup a little later this afternoon. It’s so crazy to think about… when you first get pregnant the doctors won’t see you for weeks because you’re “not pregnant enough” and then you go once a month… and now I’m at every 2 weeks! That’s how you know you’re nearing the end. I can’t believe in a few weeks I’ll have to go once a week. I may as well just set up a sleeping bag in my doctor’s office! I got an e-mail this morning from my baby app that says only 74 more days to go! Insane. Our crib arrived yesterday!! I can’t wait to put that together. Right now Baby R’s room is Matt’s office when he works from home on Friday’s & weekends. He’ll have to find somewhere else to set up soon.

Anywho. I feel good today because I did a little shopping this morning. Doesn’t spending money on things you don’t really need always make you feel better? It works for me! I am in a particularly good mood though because I bought 2 maxi skirts today that are not maternity! AND they’re a size small. The fact that I can still wear normal people clothes in a size small puts a smile on my face. My father, who is somewhat of a photographer, wants to take those artsy “pregnancy photos” of Matt & I this weekend. I was on the prowl for a sheer black maxi skirt to wear in the pictures and I was lucky enough to find one at Forever 21. Now if only a hot pink blazer would appear out of thin air I would really feel satisfied. I also got some sweet new rings today too. Check it.

Isn’t instagram the coolest app ever created? If you’re on it follow me! TheRachelRoss of course.

& This is the look I’m going for during this little photo shoot…

I don’t really know quite what to do for these pictures. My dad is all about it though, so I’m hoping he’ll have some cool and creative ideas. At first I was like, I’m never taking pictures like that, they’re so lame. And then I saw some on a tv show or something and I was so drawn to them! They really looked amazing and the couple looked so happy… I was like oh damn, now I want to! I didn’t say anything though because… like… who the hell do you tell? I don’t want to hire some cheesy glamour shot photographer to take our awkward “family photos” so I just didn’t say anything. Luckily my dad brought it up on his own. I’m excited! Even if they come out cheesy and incredibly awkward it’ll still be something nice to have, and if nothing else, will give us a good laugh. We should be doing that sometime this weekend and if they come out nice I’ll post a few! Hell even if they come out a little ridiculous I’ll post some. Why not have a good laugh at my expense, right? :]

OH Also! I just want to give a little update on my last manicure. As I posted here the other day, I previously purchased & painted my nails with a polish I found at none other than Forever 21… my current favorite place apparently. Well, it was only $2.80 as you remember, so let’s not all act shocked and surprised when I tell you that it chips horribly. Well, no, that’s kind of a lie. It doesn’t chip horribly, but it does chip quickly. It started to chip the day I painted my nails… which is kind of a bummer, but for less than three dollars I guess I can’t really complain right? And honestly, I paint my nails so often that chipping doesn’t really bother me because I’m already planning my next manicure as my current one is drying. SO! Just wanted to fill you in. A cute color, and certainly a steal, but it’s no Essie, obviously. ;]

So that’s all for now, loves. Have a wonderful weekend! xo


Weekend Look

Well this past weekend was St. Patrick’s Day, and how did I celebrate? With a taco and fajita night! Just screams Irish pride right? Of course. So I only went to my cousin’s house for a taco and game night, but I haven’t been able to do anything in forever that didn’t involve wearing a football jersey so I figured I’d dress up a little bit. I’ve been doing yoga so my balance is on point lately and I decided I’m wearing heels while I still can. I’ll be wearing them to the hospital probably hah.. Peep my look.

From this angle you’d never even know I had a big ol’ baby bump…. buuuuttttt…

voila! There it is!
Blazer – Express
Shirt: A Pea in the Pod
Jeans: Indigo Rein
Booties: Marc Fisher

Earrings: Express
Bib Necklace: H&M
Bracelets: (Left hand)  Skull bracelets in white and gold and black and silver; Molly & ZoeTiffany’s Silver Ball – (right hand) wrap bracelet from Aruba
Watch: Michelle

You will recognize my hair from my how to curl your hair tutorial! I spiced it up by doing a deep center part instead of my usual. I also got new eyeshadow this weekend, which I am obsessed with! Take a closer look at how I did my eyes.

I used Midnight Cowboy all over my lid from lash line to eyebrows and then worked Scratch (both by Urban Decay) into the corners. I added a little solid black into the outer corners and there ya have it. Scratch was the new shade I got this weekend. After I took this picture I added a little bit of my Just Bitten lip stain in Flame from Revlon and that pretty much completed the look.

It’s pretty funny… I’ve always wanted a pair of those bright blue jeans and I wait til I’m pregnant to buy them, hah. So there ya have it, folks. A pregnant girl’s guide to looking somewhat presentable on the weekends. How do you think I did?

Thank god for heat!

I would honestly have to say the worst part of being pregnant is the wardrobe… or lack there of. It seems unfair to have to pay for a whole new wardrobe when you’re only going to be wearing it for a few months. Maternity clothes are freaking expensive! And when you’re 24 and most mom clothes are geared towards, like, 30 year old women, it’s just not fun. There’s not a whole lot out there to choose from that I can actually afford. I live in leggings and either solid, simple maternity tops, or oversized, billowy tops. I only have a few pieces that are actually maternity clothes. Although I do feel inclined to shout out to my favorite place, H&M, for putting their maternity line in some of their stores. I’ve snagged a few of their tops, but they have a limited selection as well. Now please, just make more! K thanks. :]

This week we are experiencing some amazingly warm weather in NJ and I could not be happier. Summer time is rapidly approaching which means only one thing: maxi dresses! That is the one item of clothing I can actually wear now that I wore before I was pregnant. Whoever invented those things deserves a big wet kiss, I lerv you!

The hubs got home early last night and we decided to bbq a little bit since it was still so nice out. Here’s my “it’s 70 degrees in NJ in March and I’m 6 months pregnant” outfit.

Jacket: Express, Dress: Mossimo for Target
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans, Earrings: Molly and Zoe, Bracelets: (left hand) Molly & Zoe, (right hand) wrap bracelet from Aruba.

What do you guys think? Like my look? I think I’ll post some some other preggers outfits for those young mamma’s-to-be out there soon. It’s tough being young, pregnant, and stylish! It’s a hard life we live, yo!