One summer trend I cannot get on board with

I know that Cosmo is known for introducing some pretty outrageous things to the world, after all, I think they are the ones that broke the news of “vagazzaling,” but they have introduced a “fashion trend” in their May issue that I just cannot seem to wrap my head around. Behold………. the leather pants.

Now, I am all for leather goods. I had a pair of liquid leggings that made my ass look so good my husband actually threw them out without my knowing. (I’m still not over it, I haven’t found a pair I liked as much since). But full on, lace up, leather pants…. in the summer? I just don’t know about this one Cosmo. First of all, this is the first thing that comes to mind when I envision this trend:

Secondly, things get heated in the summer. Just hot and sticky and the last thing I want to do is wrestle with a pair of pants to get them on and off. I see things turning out very poorly.. much like this:

Lot’s of baby powder and shame involved here. It’s obviously hard to tell from a picture in a magazine, but these leather pants don’t even look like they’d be flattering, they have a very Boogie Nights vibe to them. I get that they’re on board with the neon trend that’s so hot right now (which I’ll be posting about soon, too!) but there are tons of other options to play around with that I think could work out much, much better.

For instance, look at this outfit I styled on Polyvore recently:

Bright pink jeans, lipstick, and nail polish to match! I mean, let’s be realistic… it’s hard enough to look sexy trying to slide out of a pair of skinny jeans when the occasion calls for it. Do we really want to embarrass ourselves by attempting to slide out of leather pants? I don’t know folks, this is just my opinion. What are your thoughts? Should leather pants be left for the Fall months or do you think this is a killer look for Summer? Let me know!

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  1. I think it’s a crazy idea, do Cosmo people realize that summers are, well, hot? Not that I like them much at any other time of the year but this is just utterly ridiculous.

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