Wednesday Worst!

I’m going to say this bluntly… there were so many hideous outfits on the red carpet recently that I was challenged to pick just one. However, I’m going to go with the one that caught my eye originally. It may be because I’m currently anti-K. Stew for her recent tryst with a married man while she was dating my beloved Edward, but I found her outfit at a Breaking Dawn Part 2 premier in Tokyo heinous. Please take a gander.

She looks like a wall of a circus funhouse. Now, let me just throw this out there, I do love her hair and her makeup, it’s very true to her style. Simple hair, bold eyes, typical K. Stew. But the heels? Not typical K. Stew. And they look horribly uncomfortable. And if you can tell shoes look uncomfortable just by looking at them… yikes. Anyway, back to this frock she is not-so rocking. What in god’s name is that? If it were just a top… with solid black shorts, I might actually like it. But the color-blocking all over the place does not work for this piece. At least for me. How do you guys feel about it? Let me know!

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  1. Also anti K-stew (who cheats on R-patz?!) I was quick to click to this page. Outfit indeed looks very uncomfortable and awkward. The one thing that I did notice that is a pleasant shocker, is her facial expression!! She is smiling! whoa….

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