Thank god for heat!

I would honestly have to say the worst part of being pregnant is the wardrobe… or lack there of. It seems unfair to have to pay for a whole new wardrobe when you’re only going to be wearing it for a few months. Maternity clothes are freaking expensive! And when you’re 24 and most mom clothes are geared towards, like, 30 year old women, it’s just not fun. There’s not a whole lot out there to choose from that I can actually afford. I live in leggings and either solid, simple maternity tops, or oversized, billowy tops. I only have a few pieces that are actually maternity clothes. Although I do feel inclined to shout out to my favorite place, H&M, for putting their maternity line in some of their stores. I’ve snagged a few of their tops, but they have a limited selection as well. Now please, just make more! K thanks. :]

This week we are experiencing some amazingly warm weather in NJ and I could not be happier. Summer time is rapidly approaching which means only one thing: maxi dresses! That is the one item of clothing I can actually wear now that I wore before I was pregnant. Whoever invented those things deserves a big wet kiss, I lerv you!

The hubs got home early last night and we decided to bbq a little bit since it was still so nice out. Here’s my “it’s 70 degrees in NJ in March and I’m 6 months pregnant” outfit.

Jacket: Express, Dress: Mossimo for Target
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans, Earrings: Molly and Zoe, Bracelets: (left hand) Molly & Zoe, (right hand) wrap bracelet from Aruba.

What do you guys think? Like my look? I think I’ll post some some other preggers outfits for those young mamma’s-to-be out there soon. It’s tough being young, pregnant, and stylish! It’s a hard life we live, yo!

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