Nifty Neons

Happy March! I’m glad February is over and we’re moving closer and closer to the warmer months. Yay. :] Anyway – I think that I need a serious nail polish intervention. I literally cannot walk into a drug store without buying a new color of nail polish, especially since drug stores are carrying a wider selection of Essie colors. While in Florida I grew tired of my ombre mani, which I totally called. So we stopped at a store one night and I spent like 15 minutes standing in front of the Essie display. I was in search of a really pretty pink color, but not, like, baby pink. I wanted something bright and fun, not overly girly. However, while on my search for the perfect pink I was instantly drawn to another color, a bright, hot orange. So I got both.

I tried out the pink first and I adore it! This morning I switched to the orange. It’s pretty bright and while I dig it, I think I might have to hold off on wearing this color for a month or two. First of all, my hands need a tan, and second, this color just looks better against a summery back drop, which is not the case today. But check it out! Here are some pictures of both these bright, neon, lovely colors.

What are these beautiful neons called? The pink is Fiesta and the orange is Orange, it’s Obvious!  – Both by Essie, of course! The orange polish is from their newest collection. Right now I’m way more into the pink than the orange, but give it a couple of months and I think the orange will be my favorite, hah. Are you feeling these neons by Essie? Are we ready for these punchy colors yet or are we still dragging out our fall collection?

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