The Saga Continues

A couple months ago I blogged about my adventure with at home spray tanning. I was testing the waters because, as I am pregnant, I can no longer go tanning. Not that I should even if I weren’t pregnant. It’s incredibly unhealthy, but I think we all know that by now. So this little bun in the oven was a blessing in more than one way, making me step up my health routine. The first at home spay tan product I used was L’Oreal Sublime Bronze airbrush tanner. As we all learned in my first post about it, my first experience was a little frightening, I ended up looking like a zebra. But it was all about my application. As time went on and I used the air brush tanner more, my tan began to even out and eventually (after about 4 to 5 applications) I had a pretty even and natural looking tan.

Just when you start to get the hang of a product and love it, it runs out on you. Ain’t that always the case? :sigh: ….. anyway. So I go back to the store and I stand in front of the glorious shelf of spray tan products and as usual I am left with a decision to make: do I purchase the one I already used and know how it works? Or do I purchase a new one and hope it works better. So I went with the new one. Let’s review.

So I saw Banana Boat and I think to myself… they’re in the business of tans, they must know how to give a good tan, right? WRONG. This product was awful! Let’s start by listing what it says right on the bottle:

“Fresh Citrus Fragrance” and “Advanced Fragrance Technology”– why does every air brush tanner have to put this on their bottle? IT’S A LIE. For all of them. Just stop saying it. None of your products smell like a freshly peeled orange, we’re not buying it anymore. Give it up. In fact! This product smelled so strongly that I had to spray myself one limb at a time then run out of the bathroom to take deep breaths. It smelled so strongly of chemicals, in fact, that I cannot imagine it’s healthy to breathe in at all, let alone if you’re pregnant.

“Color lasts up to seven days.” Now this one is just flat out bull honkey. The worst part of this spray tan? It doesn’t even show up! I used the L’Oreal tanner every other day after a while and with this Banana Boat tanner, I used it every single day and I never felt like I got any color at all.

The worst part of this while experience? I think the bottle lasted about a week IF that! What a waste of money. So between L’Oreal and Banana Boat the winner is?…

L’Oreal, without a doubt. Banana Boat… you really let me down here! But it doesn’t end there… After the Banana Boat ran out I, of course, had to go back to the store to find myself another bottle of this bad boy. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any left! So I relived this whole nightmare again. Only this time it wasn’t as bad. I just started using the 3rd self tanner though, so I will not reveal the results until that bottle is empty and done. Maybe it’ll work out better than the Banana Boat fiasco.

Are you guys into fake & baking or have you moved on to alternative measures? What have your experiences been?

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