Tunesday Spotlight: Foo Fighters

Let’s just pretend that it’s Tuesday and I didn’t forget to post a song of the week this week… :\ It’s no secret that I love the Foo Fighters. I’ve had a mini crush on this band ever since I heard Matt and his best friend Billy play an awkwardly high rendition of Everlong at our middle school’s variety show when I was in 5th grade. I’m embarrassed to say that was my first taste of the band, and surprisingly the boys didn’t scare me off with their Chipmunk impressions, and I’ve been a big fan of them ever since. When their new CD Wasting Light came out I was ecstatic! My favorite song off their new album is Arlandria, which you can also watch here. We got to see them perform their whole new CD at their record release party at the Ed Sullivan theater in NY. I apologize, the quality isn’t the greatest, but it was taken on my digital camera 9 rows back, so deal with it.

My featured song this week is their new release These Days. Like I said, Arlandria is my absolute favorite song off their new album but this is a very, very close second. Every time I play this song the baby starts moving around like crazy. I can only imagine her in there singing and dancing along to the music. She’s a big Foo fan already. 😉 We’ve been training her. haha. I love the message in this song and the video was so well done to portray it. When he has to leave his family in the beginning… kind of tugs on your heart strings a little bit! ::tear::

Enjoy! This is Foo Fighters – These Days

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