Throwback Tunesday

Happy Tunesday! This is something I used to do on the blog all the tiiiiime. I rarely listen to the radio or keep up with new music. Throwbacks are kind of my jam… in this case… my Jock Jam. So I enjoy sharing what I’m currently listening to with you guys each week.

Dance parties are pretty much a constant part of our days at home. Making dinner? dance party. Getting ready for bed? Dance party. Bath time? Serious dance party. That said, I’m a music snob and I guess I’m raising my kids to be the same, so we don’t listen to cheesy kids music when we’re having said dance parties. What are we rocking out to now, you ask? Why Jellyhead, of course. The 90’s were hugely impactful on my musical life. The first CD I actually bought was Aqua… from Coconuts. Remember that place? Time warp! Jellyhead came out in the late 90’s and I fell in love with it when it was featured on one of the Jock Jams albums. It came on my iTunes about a year ago and the girls freaked out. They loved it! It’s become one of their top 5 favorite songs and I’m not mad at it. So this past weekend we had a dance party to Jelly Head while cleaning the house. That’s a lie. I cleaned. They danced. So sit back in your inflatable couch, get some bubble gum and bright blue eye shadow, throw on your best Limited Too strappy tank top and enjoy the sounds of my youth.

Side note: this is the Jock Jams version, so it’s just a picture video. The “official” video is for their album version, but the original song is a god awful song, haha.

sig 3

Tunesday Spotlight: Van Morrison

Something about this guy’s voice takes me to another place. I’m in love with it. Especially this song. If I got married all over again this may be the song I choose to close out the reception. Originally we played Hey Jude, which is probably my favorite song in the entire world, so it seemed appropriate at the time. But the more I listen to this song I really fall in love with it. Anyway… enjoy.


Van Morrison: Into the Mystic

Rayland Baxter | Bad Things

I know I missed Tunesday, actually I’ve missed quite a few, but whatever. I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for days and I think you should do the same. Get in your car, roll all the windows down, drive aimlessly in no direction like you’re heading off for a long road trip and blast this song. Think the end of The Devil’s Rejects… minus all the blood and death. Imagine they just keep going and then this song comes on after Free Bird. Thank me later.


Rayland Baxter – Bad Things

Happy Tunesday!

Ok, I will be the first person to admit I thought Phillip Phillips was a huge Dave Matthews knockoff when he won American Idol last year. He was down right irritating. However, as he pumps out hit after hit I cannot deny that is music is god damn catchy! My best friend played this song for me yesterday and I am so glad I couldn’t see the music video because ever since I got pregnant my hormones have never leveled out and  it’s quite emotional. Well, at least we thought it was.

So here he is with Gone Gone Gone. Enjoy!

Tunesday Spotlight: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Aloha, loves! It’s freaking cold today! It was so nice out yesterday, I was lucky enough to get to spend a large portion of the day outdoors. I was hoping it was going to be equally as nice out today because my friend and I have standing play dates with the kiddies every Tuesday and we like to take them for long walks when it’s nice out. Maybe next week, it is supposed to warm up again. Fingers crossed!

Anyway. Here’s my song of the week. It’s Grace Potter & The Nocturnals, literally sitting around a table singing some of their best songs. This is one of my absolute favorite songs of theirs! When the album version comes on in my car I turn it up as loud as humanly possible and sing along at the top of my lungs til I’m blue in the face. SUCH a good song. Enjoy!

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals – Things I Never Needed

Tunesday Spotlight: 18 Visions

Ok funny story about my tune this week. Well, actually, funny stories. I was feeling very uninspired musically this week so I decided I’d open my iTunes and just post the first song that came up on random. Well the first song that came up was by this band, 18 Visions, and it was called Broken Hearted. I really, really like that song and wanted to share it with you guys but it didn’t have a real music video so I went with another goodie by these guys. So that’s the first (completely unfunny) story. Here’s the second. The first time I saw these guys was, I think, my freshman year of college. I went to see my friend Lynam’s band play somewhere in Scranton, PA… so random. They were opening for these guys and Hinder, even more random! And I’m not bias or anything, but I think those guys should have opened for Lynam… just saying. Anyway, long story short, you can still smoke at clubs and bars in PA (or could at the time, I don’t know the laws now) and someone dropped a cigarette and the whole place caught on fire 10 minutes into Hinder’s encore. The fire was pretty close to the back of the club and I’m sure someone put it out almost immediately, but the sprinklers even came on and the entire venue went into sheer panic mode. I was in the front row (after fighting, physically fighting, with a 45 year old groupie all night to keep my spot) and had a really hard time getting out of the club. All of the sudden as I was elbowing my way towards the one and only exit in this stupid place, the red seas parted to let the lead singer of 18 Visions out of the place. Literally, people stepped aside to make sure this guy got out alive. What the hell? Well I took full advantage of this… grabbed on to the guys shirt, and let him pull me to safety, haha! So he basically saved my life. Kind of.. the club didn’t burn down or anything but it was pretty terrifying at the time. Imagine literally over a thousand people trying to funnel through one tiny little doorway all at once. How is that even legal? Anyway… I’m getting off track here. The point is, I really enjoyed this band and the song I chose to use is so soft and ballad-ish for them. They used to be a very hardcore band (they’ve since broken up, tear). But if you dig this, you should take a gander at some of their other business, it’s pretty sick.

18 Visions – Tonightless 

I found a couple pictures from that night buried deep in my Facebook page. They were literally taken in November of 2006 (I remember it all too well now). Look at my hair! And entire outfit in general. Aye aye aye!

This is me and James, the front man that saved my life. This was taken after the show… haha see how excited I am to be alive?
My brother Shay, Jacob, and me on Lynam’s tour bus before the show. Jacob is the front man for Lynam & also Steven Adler’s new band, Adler. Jacob & I totally look like an adorable little couple, don’t we? haha!

Tunesday Spotlight: Rayland Baxter

As promised, here is Rayland Baxter for my tune this week. He opened for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Friday’s show and I immediately became a fan. We got to the show a little late after he had already started and this was the first song we heard. As they were playing the into I turned to Matt and said “I like them…” and he goes… “how can you tell?” haha. I was right though! They are pretty awesome. Very, very chill music. Kind of reminds me of a more carefree David Gray. I was already planning on posting this song but yesterday I had to go into the city for a meeting and I was running late catching the train, lost my car keys and starting off the morning in a horrible, horrible mood. So as I’m sitting on the train seething with anger at this shitty morning, this song is the first song to come on my iPod and it immediately de-stressed me. I took it as a sign, haha. So here you go kiddies!

Rayland Baxter – The Mtn Song.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals @ Count Basie Theater

Last night was absolutely amazing… as I kind of expected it to be. The hubs got me these tickets back in December for my birthday and I have been looking forward to it for months. Matt buys me shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, you name it, ALL the time, but things like this are what really means something. Something we get to enjoy together and make memories out of are what I really like. Not that I’ll ask him to stop buying me things anytime soon… oh hell no! hahaha. :]

So anyway ! Last night Grace Potter & the Nocturnals played a benefit concert for Sandy victims right in our back yard, Red Bank! How awesome is that? To be able to get in your car 5 minutes before you have to be there and not stress about how you are going to get to and from a concert, and all the traffic, and a long ride home while you’re exhausted…makes all the difference. We had tickets for a little meet and greet which was awesome. Grace is, by far, one of the nicest people ever. She complimented my outfit, which was the best compliment I will ever receive in my lifetime. Apparently it’s super hard to get her autograph BUT my mom made Charlotte a Grace Potter onsie and I was not leaving that concert without at least ASKING her to sign it. I whipped it out and explained to her how my mother makes these all the time and I know you don’t usually do this but could you sign it for my daughter? Her response? “awwwwww, it’s too cute not to!” Seriously. So nice. So now we have another one to add to Char’s collection! photo-3

The concert itself was absolutely amazing. We saw her a few months back in New York but this show blew that one out of the water. Our seats were excellent, to the point where I could make out what she looked like without having to squint. (I’m legally blind without my contacts, so that’s a big deal!) She played two of my favorite songs – Keepsake & Big White Gate. If you don’t know them, look it up. Mindblowingly awesome.  She covered Atlantic City by Bruce. Which, how can you not do that if you’re playing to a crowd congregated in pretty much his hometown? Had to happen. Oh and I just happened to catch the whole thing on video. Dig it. :]

Here are some of my favorite pics from the night:

NMS_3334 NMS_3333 NMS_3331_2 NMS_3329 NMS_3328 NMS_3319 NMS_3311 NMS_3308 NMS_3297 NMS_3295 NMS_3324This is Grace taking a video of the crowd last night; which you can watch hereIt’s hysterical because you can see Matt few a few seconds here and there. I’m standing right next to him, of course, but I’m small so I get lost in the crowd haha.

16367_4300153305635_1502532555_nThis was taken after the show [the pictures from the pre-show meet and greet were taken by a pro photographer and have yet to be posted]. Grace told me she looked for Matt & me while she was on stage.. she thought she’d be able to find me by my neon lipstick. haha! Such an incredible night. This band Rayland Baxter opened for them and I really, really enjoyed them! I actually got to talk to him a few times throughout the night, super nice guy. I believe I’ll be using them for my next Tunesday song. They had two drummers… which sounds so intense but it really wasn’t. Pretty cool.

So that’s, that! Now we are all done with concerts for a while and I’m sad. I have one of those post-concert hangovers, ya know? Such a bummer when the night is over. Have a great weekend, kids. Until next time. Kisses!


Tunesday Spotlight: Zac Brown Band

This is absolutely, by far, hands down, one of my favorites songs ever. I’d go as far to say top 5. It’s one of those songs that when it comes on my iPod while I’m driving I have to turn it up to a borderline uncomfortable volume and sing along to it with all my heart and soul as if I’m auditioning for American Idol and cry a little during the chorus. No joke. I do that. It happens. God forbid this song comes on while I have a car full of people because I can’t bring myself to skip it, I feel as though I MUST sing along as I usually do. It’s embarrassing. ANYWAY. Since it’s all cold and nasty out this is the perfect song for the day. So turn it up and think of someone you miss, and love it like I do. Kisses.

Welcome to Sound City

My husband and I made somewhat unconventional Valentine’s Day plans… well… Valentine’s Day Eve plans, really. See, we had the traditional stuffy dinner reservations that would have been uber expensive and not very exciting AND THEN we watched Dave Grohl’s Sound City Movie documentary. If you are a true follower of my blog you know my borderline unhealthy obsession with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, LOL. Anyhow, we watched his documentary and were feeling totally inspired. I thought about it for about .5 seconds and realized I’d much rather see the Sound City lineup perform live than sit a few feet away from each other in a loud restaurant and try to look more in love than the couples around us. So that’s what we did. The night before Valentine’s Day we made our way into the city and had a fun dinner of burger and beers before heading over to Hammerstein Ballroom. BEST. DECISION. EVER. We had the best time! Oh and I made BFF’s with Rachael Ray, dead serious, hahaha. She is apparently a big Dave fan too… who knew? She’s SO much different in person than on TV. She has kind of a dirty mouth and I kind of really dig that about her. Wasn’t a huge fan of hers until I met her in real life. ANYWAY – the concert was amazeballs! I got to see Rick Springfield perform Jesse’s Girl live… with the Foo Fighters no less! Jesse’s Girl is the ultimate. John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Lee Ving, the drummer from Rage Against the Machine, just to name a few!

If you are a big Rick Springfield fan like I am, enjoy this live footage of Jesse’s Girl!

Sorry if it’s a little shaky.. my arms got kind of tired holding up the camera. :] Check out some of my favorite pics from the night.

me and my bestie, Rachael Ray
a very romantic Empire State Building!

IMG_2045 IMG_2033 IMG_2029 IMG_2027 IMG_2026 IMG_2024 IMG_2021DSC_3016 DSC_2991 DSC_2973 DSC_2934 DSC_2911 DSC_2903 DSC_2857 DSC_2830 DSC_2714