Anchors Away!

Ok, long story short, I’ve been in the mood for a little accent nail lately, with a little nail art. I love anchors, so much so I have a tattoo of one. Actually, so does my husband, we got matching tattoos on our honeymoon. I chose the anchor because I felt it was very, very symbolic. I have an anchor on my wrist with the coordinates of where we got married underneath, I felt it symbolized ‘where I dropped my anchor.’ cheesy right? 😉 anyway! Who doesn’t love an anchor? If you do, here are some step by step tips to create one in your mani!


Pick your colors and start with a full mani. I paint the accent nail first and then paint the rest of my hand so it has time to dry completely. [I used Essie “No More Film” for the blue and Essie “Really Red” for the red, & a Sally Hansen nail art pen in White for the nail art.]

Step one: When whichever nail you’re using as the accent nail is completely dry, start by drawing a straight line across your nail horizontally, towards the top.

Step two: Draw a straight line from the center of the first line all the way down. It will basically look like a T. 

Step three: Close to the bottom of the T but not completely, make two rounded lines, one off of each side. They’re kind of like half parenthesis.

Step four: At the top & center of the T, make a small circle.

Step five: Wait for the art to dry and slap a top coat on there.

There you have it! The anchor is that easy! Test it our yourself and send me pics! Until next time, kisses!



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