Skater Skirts fo’ sho.

The weather in New Jersey has been so back and forth recently. One day it’s nearly 70 degrees and I’m in a dress and sandals, the next it’s 40 and cloudy and I don’t want to leave the house. On those nicer days, I can’t wait to pack up my little one and enjoy the warm weather outdoors somewhere while it’s here!


JACKET: H&M (similar here) || SHADES: TOMS || TANK TOP: H&M || SKIRT: ASOS MATERNITY || SHOES: TARGET (similar here)

IMG_2607 IMG_2608 IMG_2508 IMG_2509

The ‘Michael Jackson’ jacket is really growing on me, ha. It is proving to be an excellent jacket for spring! It’s heavy enough to keep me warm when I’m not wearing a ton of other layers, but it’s light enough to not overwhelm me when the sun is burning bright! I’m also thoroughly enjoying this skirt from ASOS! I love that it’s not tight, but full and feminine. Just be careful wearing a skirt like this on a windy day… I had quite a few unwelcome Marilyn Monroe moments!

IMG_2510 IMG_2605IMG_2512IMG_2506

Isn’t my boog such a little cutie? We were really embracing the wind on this day, hah! One of those days when you just give up on trying to keep your hair looking well kept at all, it’s just not even worth it! ALSO! My Pink Blush Maternity giveaway ended yesterday, and although she’s already been contacted I wanted to publicly congratulate my winner, Jennie! I hope you enjoy your gift card and your fabulous new purchase! Thanks so much to everyone who entered!!


One Look 3 Ways: The Full Skirt

Doesn’t it seem like everyone tells you what you should be wearing these days? And don’t you kind of feel like a bum if you don’t run right out and buy it? Even if you know it’s 100% absolutely not the trend for you? I saw a tweet from Cosmo this morning that read “what to put in your closet and what to throw out of your closet for this summer!” What about next summer? What if next summer crop tops are the sign of the devil? Won’t you feel silly when that’s all you own? Anyway, my point is, don’t buy into trends. If something doesn’t make you feel like a god damn beauty queen, nix it! OR, style it your own way! If you don’t think you have the stomach for a crop top, throw it over a printed maxi dress. Layers baby! We love ’em. That’s kind of the point of this post, taking one item and styling it 3 different ways, because not everyone can pull off the trendiest looks! So here is how I would style a full skirt, from super casual, to kinda casual kinda dressy, to a night out.

Look One: Cashe. 

DSC_3901 DSC_3902Strappy sandals and minimal accessories paired with a classic v-neck make this look so every day. Bonus points if you happen to have a headband laying around that perfectly matches your printed skirt like I did, ha!

Skirt: Forever21T-Shirt:  Victoria’s Secret | Sandals: Target [last season] | Headband: Forever21 [last season] | Earrings & Necklace: Roman & Sunstone 

Look two: The One That Could Go Either Way… 

DSC_3898 DSC_3897 DSC_3894 DSC_3892This look is fun because it’s kind of casual, but kind of dressy at the same time. This all depends on the accessories. Pair it with some flip flops and lose the necklace and it’s super casual, but the booties & statement neck kick it up a notch. It also incorporates everyone’s favorite thing: chambray! So fancy!

Skirt: Forever21Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Booties: Christian Louboutin | Necklace: Roman & Sunstone

Look Three: Date Night Ready

DSC_3891 DSC_3887 DSC_3884 DSC_3881Make this look more date night by going big on the makeup.. maybe a little smoky eye? Or a bright red pout. Heat Wave from NARS is the perfect eye-catching red! You could also throw your hair up into a chic top knot. The accessories definitely help this look too, anything with a little bling works here! These kinds of strappy heels are in right now and it makes me super happy because I love them!

Skirt: Forever21Shirt: H&M [old] | Heels: Cosmopolitan for JC PennyNecklace: Roman & Sunstone.

So there you have it babes, One look 3 ways! One of these is BOUND to work for you! Play with it and send me pictures! I’d love to see! Until next time, kisses!