Festival Season with Boohoo

Festival season is just beginning and I truly live for summer concerts. Where I’m from, there is no shortage of venues to check out your favorite band. I even worked at a concert venue for a few summers just to be able to see the shows for free. I look forward to this all year round, and if you do too then you definitely need to check out Boohoo’s collection of festival ready clothes!




I am actually obsessed with this outfit. It was beaaaautiful out the day I wore it and it got way cooler as the evening went on but I refused to change, ha. Pants definitely would have been more appropriate, or comfortable, but once I have tapped into my spring wardrobe I have a really, REALLY hard time putting anything else back on.


I love the high slit in this skirt, it’s like it was made to be paired with gladiator sandals. Which, speaking of, I am really really hoping are just as poplar this season as they were last year. I need more of them in my life. Anywho. This outfit is so comfortable and soft and easy to wear, and more importantly, but pieces are versatile enough to be worn with a bunch of different things and last you all spring and summer (and festival season), long!

sig 2


So… obviously I’m not at Coachella, but I’m not sad about it. In all honesty, I’m kind of a super music snob, and I hate when things that are supposed to about one thing become about something else, ya know? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about fashion… obviously! But music is my ish, so I’d like to actually go and focus on that… not trying to get on a street style blog looking like I’m tripping on shrooms in the middle of the desert… haha. HOWEVER! That does not mean we cannot channel our inner festival goddess for some boho vibes here on the east coast.

south moon under headband Coachella vibes boho dress boho dress boho I’m obsessed with this dress! It’s light and comfortable and perfect for the summer vibes I am already feeling with this spring weather. Unfortunately, it’s one of those “Marilyn Monroe” moment dresses, and like hardcore. Don’t wear it on a breezy day… lesson learned. (Definitely flashed the receptionist at an office I was walking into the other day…. aaaawkwaaard) I tried to find it on the Forever21 website to link to for you guys, but I sifted through about 800 dresses with no luck so I linked to something similar. Stop in your local shop, because it’s a recent buy, I’m sure they’ll have this exact one on hand.

IMG_8971 IMG_8974

I shot these around one of my favorite local staples, Ocean View Bakery. This place has seriously been around for-ev-er. Mama Leone loves to send everyone home with a little something extra every time you visit. Whenever I go in there she tries to send me a to-go container of meatballs for my husband because she knows it’s one of his favorite foods, LOL. They’re seriously the sweetest.  IMG_8976 IMG_8979

Anyway! If you’re one of the lucky ones heading out to Coachella again next weekend definitely have allllll the fun with your wardrobe! It’s the perfect time to play with trends that are maybe a little outside of your comfort zone and trying out something new. Like myself and this headband… not one of my usual go-to’s but I’m kinda feelin it! Might have to play with this a little more. Your thoughts? I’m big into the boho style, it’s very prominent where I’m from because we’re located on the beach. There’s definitely a more relaxed sense of style down here and I love it!