Wednesday Worst

I typically hate online shopping. It’s not my jam. I like to test things out before I buy them… and also, I very rarely, if ever, return anything I purchased online. I have a pair of Under Armour sneakers I received like a month ago that I wore twice that are too small for me that are just sitting on my dresser. I’m quite lazy when it comes to that. So anyway, my point is, I don’t usually buy things online… much less from a Facebook ad (insert palm over face emoji here). I’m not sure if I blacked out when I bought this or what, but it was definitely a horrible purchase.

wednesday worst products

Activated Concealer Lifting Serum

Let me tell you WHY this was the worst purchase ever. 1. I’m stupid for buying something through a Facebook ad, as we have already established. 2. This wasn’t the product I purchased. I watched like 17 videos on Facebook about a foundation and concealer was basically like paint, and that was exactly what I was in the market for. I have skin that absorbs makeup even with the help of primer and setting spray or powder. After a few hours it looks like I have nothing on at all. I saw these videos and testimonials and I was like yes this looks like something I can really use… BUY! It took over a week to arrive in which time I had already forgotten all about it, but when it showed up at my door I was super excited! The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was that the bottle looked different. First red flag. I pumped a little bit out onto the top of my hand to blend it in to see what we were working with. It was basically tinted water. Purified water is the first ingredient. Second red flag. I gave it a go anyway and it literally just blends right into your skin………. like you’re not even wearing it. With zero coverage AT ALL. This is no paint-like foundation concealer. I don’t even know if it has a single benefit. I also tried it as just a concealer instead of foundation for a little spot treatment and it still does nothing. The product is useless. So lesson learned… stop shopping like an old lady buying the first product you see on a commercial or facebook ad and start doing a little research on the things you want. I have been using Kat Von D’s full coverage foundation and I do love it. I use No. 7 products as well for days when I’m just running errands or even if I am going to the gym and want a little coverage but don’t want to appear as though I’m wearing a full face of makeup. If you have a foundation you use that offers full coverage and is long lasting please let me know! I need recommendations!