What’s in mah beach bag?

Morning lovelies! Since it is such a beautiful day here and I plan on laying out by the pool for the next 48 hours straight, I figured this was a good time to let you guys peek into my beach bag! Dig it…

The bag I actually use to go to the beach or hang out by the pool changes almost constantly, with every trip. This week I am using a Coach tote bag that my lovely mommy actually gave me for a gift at my Bridal Shower to take on our honeymoon. I love it because it’s big, but not so big that it’s a pain in the ass to carry around, and has lots of little compartments for lots of key things. It’s perfection for the beach! SO now let’s look inside.


So much crap! BUT I don’t over-pack my beach bags because my whole life I’ve grown up about 5 minutes (or less) from the beach. My parent’s have a pool at their house (which is where I go if no one’s around to go to the beach) and it just doesn’t make sense to lug around all this crap you don’t need. I’m sure this will all change next summer when Baby R is going to be old enough to go to the beach… I’ll be THAT mom with like 20 bags, a mini tent, a mini pool, beach-ready stroller, a cooler bigger than my house. I’ll pretty much look like a BENNY next year. ::GASP:: No.. I would never let that happen.

ANYWAY! So this is what I got. From the left we have my bikini, which I insist on wearing even 8 months pregnant. I have had to get a larger size though. The small tops no longer fit me. After 24 years I have graduated to a bigger size. Who would have ever guessed it? Then we have my favorite beach cover up, featuring Marilyn Monroe, that I still surprisingly fit into. I got the bathing suit and the cover up from Victoria’s Secret. The bathing suit is from this year’s collection but the cover up is from almost 2 years ago (another honeymoon purchase) so I’m not sure if it’s still available.



In this little baggy I keep small things that I don’t want to get lost in my big bag and then have to spend like 15 minutes searching for.. dumping everything out just to remember you put it in a little zipper compartment earlier. No, I’d rather skip the moment of panic where I assume I lost these things. I usually keep things in this little wristlet because I do change up my beach bag so often and I don’t want to have to worry about making sure I grabbed everything from the little zipper compartments. In here I keep: my iPod, a headband to keep my sweaty hair out of my face, bobby pins or little clips, and a chapstick of some sort. Whichever chapstick I’m using at the time, it will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS have some sort of spf to it. You wouldn’t think it, but it is very important to keep your lips hydrated and protected while under the sun. Right now I’m using Baby Lips by Maybelline. It’s a little bit of a gloss too, but I just grabbed it from my collection because it has an spf of 20 and it will keep my lips safe.

Now, if you’re questioning the vast array of sun tan lotions and oils I have, I swear there is a reason I must carry around 3. I tan differently on different parts of my body, especially since getting pregnant. My stomach, since it is so robust and close to the sun, burns almost immediately. My chest and nose have always burned, and my arms, legs, shoulders, and back, never burn. SO. Since I’ve been pregnant I generously apply spf 50 all over my baby bump to make sure it doesn’t get burned because let me tell you, that is not a fun feeling. Usually when I’m winding down with the tanning I’ll even put my cover up over my belly. It’s super sensitive. I use spf 30 on my face and my chest because they’re not AS sensitive as my large stomach but still need a certain degree of protection. The rest of my anatomy I lather up with tanning oil and let it bake away. By the end of the day… I somehow have an even tan. It’s a phenomenon, but it works for me I suppose.


While laying out I ALWAYS have a magazine and a book with me. I usually finish the magazine before my day under the sun is complete, so I always carry a book with me for extra reading. As you can tell, I haven’t laid out since last month when we had that weird streak of 80 degree weather, so I have still yet to finish last month’s Comso! hah. The book I have on hand is “Have a Little Faith” by Mitch Albom, one of my favorite writers! He can get a little deep though, and always has a tendency to make me emotional, so I have to read his books in small doses, hah. I always have an extra pair of sunglasses on me in case I forget a pair and I always have a hat handy when my face has had too much of the sun.

So that’s it, kids! That is what I keep in my beach bag at all times. Also, my phone, that goes without saying, and a bottle (or 5) of water. Gotta stay hydrated! And with that, I will leave you now since the recliner by my parent’s pool is calling my name. Have a great day loves! Until next time. <3

Wednesday What: What’s in my bag

Is there anything more exciting than knowing just about everything there is to know about someone? I think not. So take a peek a little deeper into my life… go ahead. Here’s what’s goin’ on in my hot mess of a bag.

Let’s start from the back and work our way up.

I have random rings in my bag… because apparently I am too lazy to walk to my jewelry box and put them away.
THREE different chapsticks… which, believe it or not, is NOT a lot for me. There’s usually about 5 or so in there.
A checkbook… my keys… a pen… a small tiny clip which is too small to even use in my hair.
The most amazing hand lotion from our honeymoon in Hawaii that I may or may not have stolen from the maid’s cart… shhh. It smells divine.
Revlon Just bitten lip stain & yummy minty bubble gum flavored lip gloss from Bath & Body Works.
Gum, duh.
An extra pair of sun glasses. There is nothing more annoying to me than getting in my car and not having a pair of sun glasses. I have like 20 pairs, how hard can it be to just remember to keep a pair in my car?! Hard, apparently.
Tissues! I always, always, always have tissues on me.
My Linea Pelle wallet! (YUP, as we all remember from my previous post, I was torn between sticking with my Tory Burch wallet out of fear of hurting my husband’s feelings, or switching back to my old favorite. I went to the favorite… sorry Tory… sorry hubs).
My iPhone, duh. Who goes anywhere without their phone?


We can take a look at what’s in part of my wallet too, because it always makes me laugh.

I collect guitar picks. This little habit stems from my days of being a “groupie” haha. I have hundreds of them but I keep the special ones with me always. Some of them are my husband’s, some are my friends, and some are coveted picks that my husband actually collected for me… whatta guy! :] The little folded up piece of paper are notes that I took when meeting with a psychic like 5 or 6 years ago. I’m a big fan of psychics, I have never heard something I didn’t like, oddly enough. And they always seem so spot on. This visit in particular was pretty much life changing for me, so I keep the notes with me always. The stapled up piece of napkin? or… pillow case? whatever that may be. In middle school my best friend and I went through many many awkward phases, one of them was a phase where we dabbled in “witch craft.” Seriously. This is called a “talisman” and we were supposed to write something down or draw something and seal it up in this piece of cloth. Neither of us can remember what the hell we wrote down or what they were supposed to do or what they meant. We actually met up for breakfast not long ago after years of keeping and losing touch and discovered that we both actually still carry them with us. We thought about opening them to see what they were, but we’re scared to break a spell or something haha. Both of our lives seem to be working out well so I don’t want to mess with anything! We agreed that in a few years we’ll take that leap of faith. Crazy right? We know… hah. Finally, an elephant! It was on a keychain I got in Aruba, but broke… so I just keep in my wallet because elephants mean good fortune and I love them. :]

So that’s what’s goin on in my ish! I’ll have to post again in a few months “what’s in my baby bag” hahaha, no not really. I can already tell you what’s going to be in there, diapers… wipes… hand sanitizer, pacifiers. All that fun stuff. What I can do again in the future is what’s inside my beach bag… that during the summer I keep in my car at all times. Anywho – hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Adios babies <3