Spring is in the Air… Right??

My favorite meme so far this year said, “2017 sucked but at least it had a spring.” AND MY GOD. Have truer words ever been spoken? I was starting to get spoiled thinking New Jersey was no longer going to have long, horrendous winters, but we were so wrong. Winter started late and it just won’t seem to go away. Here and there we have been catching little glimpses of warmer weather and I am here for it. I’ve been changing my outfits 4 times a day just to get everything in before it gets cold again, hah.




We’ve been spending tons of time outside trying to soak up the warm weather while it’s here, and I’ve been forcing myself to sit outside and read as well. I started a book right after Christmas and I cannot bring myself to get through it! Actually, some of ya’ll have probably read it. The Sinner? It was made into a TV show this past year for TNT. I have yet to watch it, but I feel like I should because I am more than half way through the book, still incredibly confused, and bored. DOES IT GET BETTER?! I need answers. Anyway. This top was $10 at Forever21. It’s one of those tops that you can throw on with pretty much anything, jeans… if you’re brave enough (which I am not), overalls, over a bikini at the beach. $10 seemed like a pretty legit investment for this piece. The skirt is old, but I’ve linked to a very similar style above.


Life on the Edge

If there’s one thing you might notice from reading my blog, being feminine is not exactly “my thing.” Don’t get me wrong, I love feminine things, but when it comes to my style I’m not the most lady-like girl in the lineup. When I do dabble with the classier things in life I like to stay true to my style and add a little edge by mixing and matching the two components.


CHI FLO TANK ℅ || UPHORIA BOUTIQUE SKIRT ℅ (similar here, here) || FOREVER21 HEELS || MOLLY & ZOEY BAG || ROMAN LUXE RING ℅ (no longer available, similar style here)


This pleated skirt was an instant favorite as soon as I tried it on a few months ago. I had worn it several times over the holiday season but I got the idea to pair it with my favorite muscle tank because it was actually the shirt I tried it on with, ha. I even snap chatted the cute ensemble. …I was having a really amazing hair day that day too… Le sigh. (follow me on snapchat! @ therachelross). IMG_7330IMG_5020IMG_5017IMG_5013

I lived in this Chi Flo tank top last summer and when it started to get too cold to wear it outdoors it became my favorite shirt to wear to the gym. When you’re wearing a shirt with switch blades on it looking super intense while working out it’s a pretty safe bet not many people are going to come and strike up a conversation with you. It’s my version of the “please don’t talk to me” resting bitch face. Anyway! I’m super excited for my girl Christina, the creator of Chi Flo, because she is now going to be selling her brand in the Nylon online store! So be sure to keep an eye out for her because this is definitely not the last time you’ll be seeing her!

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