Festive Makeup for some St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

I went back and forth on actually posting this because I’m going to be honest with you… it’s embarrassing. You are about to see some throwback pictures of me from 2007. Back when I was a freshman in college, a high school friend of mine had a big party for St. Patty’s day, and of course, I went all out. I didn’t want to go overboard with the green, so I actually wore a lbd with a cute green sweater. My makeup was really the key player in my look this night. What I thought was gold and green actually ended up being the Irish flag, as the gold translated a little more orange. It wasn’t intentional, but it actually didn’t look that bad, hah. So here are some pictures from way back in the day… don’t judge.

My friend Tanya took this picture after we realized I was wearing the Irish flag on my eyelids, hah, but it’s not so bad in other shots.

Want to recreate this look? (In a much, much better way?) Here’s all ya need!

The three colors I used are all by Urban Decay; Vert (the green), Midnight Cowboy (middle shade), and Baked (the gold).

Start out by swiping Midnight Cowboy all over your lid from lash line to eye brows with a thick eyeshadow brush. Whenever I want to go big with my makeup and make it bold I wet the eyeshadows. It takes it from a light shadow to almost a liner, or cream shadow. Actually, you can use any eye shadow as a liner if you wet the tip of an eyeliner brush. But I don’t use an eyeliner brush. ANYWAY, I am getting off track here. For the gold I used a regular old eye shadow applicator and wet it. Swipe the gold all over your lid from your  tear ducts to the outer corner (but don’t go above the crease). Now take vert (or any green you have on hand), and work it in to the outer corners. To make the green more bold you can apply it wet as well. Do the same thing on your bottom lash line, line it with gold and green. Polish it off with a brown or black eyeliner, some bold mascara and BOOM. You are all set for some festive Irish partying. Actually, if you’re feeling particularly bold, you can line your lids with a green or gold liquid liner. I have a green liquid liner from Wet n’ Wild that actually looks pretty awesome on. And if your night is anything like my St. Patrick’s Day was in 2007, your eyes will be closed most of the night to show this look off, haha.

Try this out for your parties this weekend and let me know what your looks come out like!

Saturday Night Fever

Today’s manicure is brought to you by; boredom and pinterest. I saw a manicure kind of resembling this one while spending a billion hours on this website. It wasn’t exactly like this one, but feast your eyes on this mani and then I’ll get to the explanations.

I am loving this disco ball inspired manicure. The one I saw on pinterest was similar with the white backdrop but the sparkles this person used were silver and gold and they layered them. The only sparkles I had were the pink ones, and rather than going out and spending an arm and a leg on new glitter polish that who knows when I’ll use it again, I opted to change the manicure based on what I already own.

So here’s what you need:

Pure white polish, not a french manicure white. You want this white to be solid. Sparkle polish with big sparkles, not little glitter. I used Wet n’ Wild – Wild Shine in white and Essie – A Cut Above.


1. Paint your nails with two coats of a base color and let dry completely.

2. Use the glitter polish and paint a diagonal line across your nail.

3. Let dry completely.

4. Paint a second coat with the glitter polish across your nails.

And when you’re done, voila! 

A very Saturday Night Fever/New Year’s Eve-esque mani to rock and keep you entertained on this boring and dreary Friday afternoon. So try it out and let me know what you think!

Speaking of Pinterest, who is on this fantastic and amazing site? Because I am and it’s totally and completely addicting. Find me here and follow me! I’m always looking for new inspiration. See ya soon. ;]