Tutorial: How To Use a Curling Wand

Hi my loves! This video is dedicated to my beautiful best friends, Justine and Marlena. They’ve been asking me to make this tutorial for a long, long time now and I finally had the time so here it is! Hope this helps you guys out. Let me know if you have any questions. <3

Product Review: Garnier BB Cream

Hey my loves! So I have a new quick video for you guys today. It’s a short review on a new product that is SUPER popular lately! …. drum roll please…. A BB CREAM! BUM BUM BUMMM. Enjoy!


Accent Tag Game

Hey guys! I recently (as in like an hour ago) discovered the accent tag game. Check it out! I explain all of what it is in the video itself if you haven’t heard of it before, like I hadn’t! Leave me some comments and let me know what you think. Strong New Jersey accent? hmmm…. Enjoy! xo