Tunesday Spotlight: Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars

Why did I not know that Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars had a song out together until like… literally 5 minutes ago? I am totttaaallly digging this song and I’m glad I didn’t post a song yesterday because then I’d have to wait a full week to share it with everyone else. I posted Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars a couple weeks ago, which you can watch here. I’m a big fan of theirs so their teaming up with T. Swift makes me super happy! I feel like even though this song is pretty much completely sang by Taylor, it should be listed as The Civil Wars featuring Taylor Swift because it’s totally their vibe. I love hearing this side of Taylor, the song itself is eerie and creepy and haunting and the video only makes it worse, haha. Apparently it’s being featured in The Hunger Games, which based on the one preview I’ve seen for that movie 100 times in the past 3 days, it makes perfect sense. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear something completely different from Taylor Swift. Don’t get me wrong, Mean and You Belong with Me are like, 2 of my favorite songs ever, but we know she can do bubble gummy pop country. This song is by no means the same. So here is Taylor Swift along with my personal faves, The Civil Wars. Enjoy!

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound

PS – Can we just talk about something else real quick that’s irritating me? The Moonshine Bandits… My Kind of Country or something or other… what in god’s name is that awfulness? Two horribly over weight red necks singing the same lyrics over and over hitting the right note every so often? Really country music? You consider that good? Proof that all you have to do is mention how you hate war and love your country and you can make it big in country music. I’m thinking about coming out with a country record called Proud to be an American. It’s an instant classic already. I am pretty much tone deaf, but who cares, I love my country. Phew, ok. That’s just my angry rant of the day haha. Thanks for listening. And in all seriousness, I hope you liked this T. Swift & Civil Wars diddy cause I am loving it.