Walk in the Sunshine

We have had two freak days of very spring-like, damn near summer weather this week. It gave me the itch to grab some things to throw in my closet for when the weather really warms up so I’m not unprepared when it happens! Also I couldn’t resist wearing them immediately… I’m weak!




I follow The Salty Blonde on Instagram and she is my life inspiration. She is always in a bikini, or crop top and wide leg pants, big hat, basking in the sun in Hawaii. Who wouldn’t want this girl’s life? I’m also obsessed with her style, and I’m finding myself going more out of my comfort zones lately… as this is not exactly something I would typically wear, but something she might be found in on the reg. When I see things like this on other girls my first thought is usually… wow I love that but I could never wear it. No more! I’m wearing whatever I want now. Trying to make the Salty Blonde herself proud.


Not gonna lie… I’ll probably wear this exact same outfit today. I’m really feelin it. It felt SO GOOD to step outside without a coat on, bare toes… sunshine on my face. I might shed actual tears when the temperatures drop again this week. However I am looking forward to doing a little spring shopping the next month or so. I need new shoes. I am OBSESSED with these pink heels from Old Navy. They will most likely be my next purchase. I also need a new bag. I buy like one a season and I can’t remember the last time I purchased one. Someone send me some suggestions for a cute springy bag, please and thank you!


Feeling Grey

Yesterday was the first day of spring and there is still slushy, dirty, gross piles of snow all over NYC. Yum! It doesn’t feel very springy yet…so I’m trying to be patient, but we have had a couple days here and there the past month where you could get away with bare legs and I took full advantage!




I love this dress because it’s insanely comfortable. I’m all about those t-shirt and sweater style dresses. This one in particular fits like a glove but it doesn’t suffocate me, ya know? What could be better than that? It was supposed to be warm the day I took these pictures… but when you get down by the beach it was FREEZING. Hence the weird faces in half these photos.. I was shivering, haha.


I am HOPING (fingers crossed!) that is is almost time to ditch the pants and jeans and whatever else all together and wear nothing but skirts and dresses on the blog soon. That really puts me in my happy place. Happy spring, guys!



My Bitmoji

I went to dinner with my little the other night and she introduced me to Bitmojis. What rock have I been hiding under?! I’ve been missing out, seriously. They’re addicting. ANYWAY. My bitmoji has the coolest outfit ever which definitely inspired this outfit post!




I love, love, love this dress but the tight fit and the length tend to make it seem a little bit more dressy than casual, so to dress it down somewhat for a more day-time appropriate look I threw the flannel around my waist. A good flannel can definitely give your outfit a way more relaxed and laid back vibe.


Spring is in the damn air and I am not lying when I tell you it makes me giddy! I spent the day at the beach yesterday eating playa bowls in the sunshine and it was uh-mazing! Being able to step out with bare legs, sans layers, and not freeze my ass off is literally what I look forward to all year round! There’s going to be so many great spring inspired looks coming for you guys soon. Hooray!

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Life on the Edge

If there’s one thing you might notice from reading my blog, being feminine is not exactly “my thing.” Don’t get me wrong, I love feminine things, but when it comes to my style I’m not the most lady-like girl in the lineup. When I do dabble with the classier things in life I like to stay true to my style and add a little edge by mixing and matching the two components.


CHI FLO TANK ℅ || UPHORIA BOUTIQUE SKIRT ℅ (similar here, here) || FOREVER21 HEELS || MOLLY & ZOEY BAG || ROMAN LUXE RING ℅ (no longer available, similar style here)


This pleated skirt was an instant favorite as soon as I tried it on a few months ago. I had worn it several times over the holiday season but I got the idea to pair it with my favorite muscle tank because it was actually the shirt I tried it on with, ha. I even snap chatted the cute ensemble. …I was having a really amazing hair day that day too… Le sigh. (follow me on snapchat! @ therachelross). IMG_7330IMG_5020IMG_5017IMG_5013

I lived in this Chi Flo tank top last summer and when it started to get too cold to wear it outdoors it became my favorite shirt to wear to the gym. When you’re wearing a shirt with switch blades on it looking super intense while working out it’s a pretty safe bet not many people are going to come and strike up a conversation with you. It’s my version of the “please don’t talk to me” resting bitch face. Anyway! I’m super excited for my girl Christina, the creator of Chi Flo, because she is now going to be selling her brand in the Nylon online store! So be sure to keep an eye out for her because this is definitely not the last time you’ll be seeing her!

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Brush Your Shoulders Off

If there is one item of clothing that is going to be everywhere this spring, it’s definitely off the shoulder tops and dresses. These pieces in particular are already on trend overload. Here I’m styling my favorite flowy off the shoulder top from Uphoria Boutique from like 3 years ago, hah.


UPHORIA BOUTIQUE TOP ℅ (old, similar here, here, here) || H&M FAUX LEATHER PANTS || SOUTH MOON UNDER NECKLACE ℅ || MOLLY & ZOEY BAG || SMOKE X MIRRORS SHADES ℅ DITTO EYEWEAR (use my code THERACHELROSS to get your first month free!)


Even though it was actually pretty warm the day I took these pictures, I decided to style this top with leather pants instead of something with a more Spring-y feel. I figure I’ll save those outfits for when it actually really is warm, ya know?


I love off the shoulder tops because they have such a laid back feel to them. They’re really easy to style with a few key accessories, as well, especially if you opt for a top with in a solid color like this one. A bold statement necklace, long tassel necklace, or delicate charm all works with a shirt like this. I am dying to add a few off the shoulder dresses to my wardrobe now that they’re popular and pretty much everywhere. I don’t know why I don’t already own one, to be honest.

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