Small Screen Style: Carrie Bradshaw

I mean, you had to know this one was coming right? Who is more iconic when it comes to on-screen style than Carrie Bradshaw?

Carrie Bradshaw style

DRESS: FOREVER21 || SHOES: JIMMY CHOO (no longer available) || CLUTCH: TORY BURCH || NECKLACE: H&M (similar here), C/O ROMAN LUXE

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When I think of Carrie Bradshaw, pretty much anything goes. I literally could have worn a potato sack with Manolo’s and called it “Sex & the City Chic.” However, there are a few things that stand out to me; spaghetti straps, slip dresses, over the top accessories, killer heels, and clutches. I thought about wearing my hair naturally curly for this post, the one time I really could and get away with it, but the outfit that inspired me was paired with a ‘sock bun’ on the show, so I opted for that look instead.

photo 2-3 carrie bradshaw style carrie bradshaw style

carrie bradshaw style

I was the most nervous about trying to take on this look. Carrie Bradshaw is literally such a style icon that the idea of trying to emulate her was intimidating, to say the least! When it came down to it though, this was so outside of my comfort zone I ended up having the most fun with this one. This is an outfit I would probably never wear out in public, at least not all together, but I kind of love it just the same. Plus I have been dying for an excuse to wear these Jimmy Choo heels I have been lusting over for about five years now that my husband found for me a few months ago! One last pair in my size all the way from the UK! Bless his little heart. Anyway, I’m so sad that this collab is over! I’ve never had more fun blogging than I have this past week. These ladies are AMAZING! Stop by their sites and show them some love! They deserve it!

Small Screen Style Carrie 600


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Wednesday Worst!

Ok. Let’s have a quick discussion here. How do we all feel about mixing prints? I’m on the fence about it. I think I like it in moderation. But I absolutely DETEST it when people do it to be uber trendy. Like ‘oh look at me… I’m super trendy and I don’t conform and I wear whatever the fugg I want and it makes me look cool.’ Like no… you look like Britney Spears circa all of 2007. You don’t look trendy, you look nutty. Like you still haven’t gotten your power back after Sandy and you’re just like, fuck it, it’s like a grab bag of outfits! WHEW. I feel better now. That’s how I feel when these people go overboard. Show us an example, you say? Sure! See below.

Sarah Jessica Parker

sarah-jessica-parker-290Here’s the thing.. I would excuse this look (maybe) if she were in the midst of filming Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw was known for her kind of over-the-top outfits. Some were hits, some were misses, but we loved her despite those flaws, right? This is a miss for me and it makes me hate her. I’m just kidding! I only mildly loathe her. Ok ok I’m just kidding, seriously. BUT back to her look. What in the world is going on here? Mixing prints is totally fine but this is just atrocious. I could even forgive the wild coat over the insane dress IF the shoes were a solid color… or even matched! Throw us a bone here SJP! I feel like she is having a hard time letting go of Carrie Bradshaw, as are the rest of the lonely middle-aged house wives who miss swooning over Mr. Big. So, all in all, I don’t like this! She is one of those trying too-hard trendy people I think, right? Or am I totally off here and this is like a fashion favorite and Joan Rivers is going to praise her on Fashion Police? I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels this way.

Ok I feel the need to mention that I wrote this post last night before I was supposed to go to bed. Unfortunately, Charlotte decided 11:30 was a good time to wake up and hang out until almost 2am. WHICH MEANS I stayed on the couch most of the night watching the Sex and the City movie on E… oddly enough. And after watching Carrie Bradshaw get her heart stomped on at 2 in the morning I felt kind of badly for writing this whole thing about her… but alas, I have to push the publish button regardless. Sorry Carrie! 

I have had some experience in mixing prints myself lately. This is an outfit I actually wore last week. IMG_2137

I think this works here because I’m staying in the same color family. Nothing too harsh on the eyes. I mixed an aztec print sweater, stripes, and polka dots, and I don’t feel like I look like a hot mess. But maybe I do… hah! Your thoughts? Until next time, kisses!

headband: Forever21
Sweater: Target
Tank: Victoria’s Secret
Lace Bralet: Victoria’s Secret