Challenge Accepted!

Happy Monday! People don’t say that enough. Everyone gets all sad and cranky over Monday’s, but they’re not so bad. Just start doing something on Monday you look forward to, like my yoga class, and boom! All of the sudden the red headed step child of the week ain’t so bad. Anyway, pardon my rant. Let’s get down to business. I’m on a kick with wearing maternity clothes when I’m not pregnant. I’ve always said invest in your maternity clothes because they last and they can be versatile. Case and point.

photo 2-7

DRESS:  MOTHERHOOD MATERNITY (on sale now) || SHOES: JIMMY CHOO (similar here, here) || BAG: DOR L’ DOR (similar here) || JEWELRY: C/O ROMAN BRIDE || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS (similar here)

photo 1-10 photo 1-11 photo 1-12

Throughout the next few weeks you will see some pieces mixed into my wardrobe that were maternity that I’m still happy to wear now! It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to buy items that are maternity that don’t end there since you don’t really get to wear them that long. I wore this dress the day I went into labor with Kennedy, believe it or not. Check out how I styled it while pregnant here. Looking back at those pictures are crazy! Kind of miss that bump!

photo 2-9 photo 2-10

Isn’t the jewelry stunning? It’s actually bridal jewelry! I first found these pieces when I had the pleasure of visiting the Roman & Sunstone showroom last year. The whole collection was jaw dropping but these in particular really caught my eye. My wedding had already come and gone before I found these, but that’s kind of why I love them. They are so wearable for everyday too! So take a tip from me, brides-to-be, when shopping for jewelry for your big day, look for something that’s classic yet versatile at the same time, especially if you’re going to invest an arm & a leg for them!

photo 4-9 photo 4-8 photo 5-8 photo 5-9

This has been the most amazing August in terms of weather. I’m a little concerned that with how cool it has been that we’re going to have a brutal winter, but for now I’m just going to enjoy it while it lasts. Also, thanks so much to everyone who followed along last week for the Small Screen Style collaboration! I don’t want to blow anything, but we may just have some more fun stuff up our sleeves for the future… ;] Check in with me on Twitter to see if you’re the big winner!

And without any further delay, a special thank you to Lindsay & Skyla of for nominating me for the Ice Bucket Challenge! While it’s a blast to watch all the creative ways everyone can drop a bucket of ice cold water on their heads, remember, it’s for a good cause! Stop getting annoyed with the videos and do your part. Be good people!


Baby Fever!

This past weekend my mother-in-law hosted the most beautiful baby shower for my husband’s cousin, who is due next month! Also attending the shower was another cousin on his side who is due in July! You might say we have baby fever, ha. It was such a lovely afternoon, I love family get togethers, and even more so when there is an adorable theme, like babies!


IMG_0686 IMG_0690

I really love this necklace… It has become my go-to statement necklace. I love that it’s actually from their Bridal line. It proves that Bridal jewelry can really be the most versatile! The fact that you can wear it over and over makes spending any amount of money on it not seem so bad. However, I’ll let you in on a little secret… this bridal jewelry will not break your bank! Praise the wedding gods! IMG_0694 IMG_0698Words can’t express how happy I am that I found a well-lit area of the house to take pictures inside! It’s just too damn cold for me outside to take any pictures these days. Womp womp! I can’t wait for warm weather, I get giddy just thinking about! Anyway… here are a couple pictures from the shower itself!

image-9 image-10

Me, Heather, and Tara. The three of us are the expecting cousins! haha. ..It was Heather’s big day! She’s due next month. I can’t wait to meet her little nugget!! My husband’s side of the family is growing fast! So many babies.

image-11How cute are these?! For a “champagne” toast! My mother-in-law is a wizard of her craft! She even made little tea sandwiches that she cut with cookie cutters in the shapes of ducks, teddy bears, and baby bottles! I’m so sad I didn’t get a picture of those, they were too cute for words. So that’s all folks! I have a giveaway coming up for you guys soon, cause I just love ya so much! So keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, have a great Monday, it’s almost over!



Business Cashe is for the Birds!

If you are like me and work from home, your work attire consists of a snuggie. That is why I try to dress up whenever I can as often as I can! Truth be told, I look forward to my business meetings with clients so I can dip back into my ‘office’ wardrobe! I literally haven’t had one of those in years since my last office job as an employee was for a flip flop company… we were encouraged to wear flip flops to work (all year round). Band t-shirts and jeans were my go-to’s Monday through Friday. Yikes.

IMG_0188 IMG_0193 IMG_0194_2 IMG_0204 IMG_0210

Holy BUMP Batman! 21 weeks and growing, muy rapido!

IMG_0222This lipstick I’m sporting is Dragon Girl from NARS. My new obsession. It’s not exactly a lipstick though, but rather one of their velvet matte lip pencils. It’s long lasting and luxurious! Anywho. I don’t know about you guys, but being trapped here on the East Coast is starting to become a problem for me! I need sunshine and warmth ASAP! If not for my blog pictures, then at least for my sanity! I’m trying to get my husband to plan an impromptu trip to Aruba, a babymoon if you will. I need it I tell you, I need it!! ;] Stay warm babes!

BLAZER: H&M (old, similar here) || DRESS: FOREVER 21 (no longer available, similar here) || NECKLACE: H&M (old, similar here) || TIGHTS: H&M || HEELS: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN || EARRINGS: C/O ROMAN BRIDE (no longer available, similar here) || BAG: CHANEL SHOPPER TOTE


Thursday Night Brights

Yesterday was my darling husband’s birthday, so of course I took him out to a little dinner to celebrate! I finally wore a pair of Louboutins I’ve had FOR-EV-ER and haven’t worn in for-ev-er either! They’re probably my highest ones, and I wore them all night for dinner and after-dinner drinks and didn’t have to change into flats or end up falling and breaking an ankle. Stella got her groove back ya’ll! #mommyproblems



This top is literally so old it may be on its last wear, ha! But it’s so cute, and comfortable, and looked killer with this white scalloped skirt I really couldn’t help myself! It’s really the perfect shade of blue. I dig it.

image-19 image-20


Notice my fab sunburn? I finally spent an afternoon at the beach. aaaaaahhh. It’s a crime to live so close to a beach and go as little as I do, I really waste it. Boo me. Well I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend! Until next time, kisses!