Wednesday What: What’s in my bag

Is there anything more exciting than knowing just about everything there is to know about someone? I think not. So take a peek a little deeper into my life… go ahead. Here’s what’s goin’ on in my hot mess of a bag.

Let’s start from the back and work our way up.

I have random rings in my bag… because apparently I am too lazy to walk to my jewelry box and put them away.
THREE different chapsticks… which, believe it or not, is NOT a lot for me. There’s usually about 5 or so in there.
A checkbook… my keys… a pen… a small tiny clip which is too small to even use in my hair.
The most amazing hand lotion from our honeymoon in Hawaii that I may or may not have stolen from the maid’s cart… shhh. It smells divine.
Revlon Just bitten lip stain & yummy minty bubble gum flavored lip gloss from Bath & Body Works.
Gum, duh.
An extra pair of sun glasses. There is nothing more annoying to me than getting in my car and not having a pair of sun glasses. I have like 20 pairs, how hard can it be to just remember to keep a pair in my car?! Hard, apparently.
Tissues! I always, always, always have tissues on me.
My Linea Pelle wallet! (YUP, as we all remember from my previous post, I was torn between sticking with my Tory Burch wallet out of fear of hurting my husband’s feelings, or switching back to my old favorite. I went to the favorite… sorry Tory… sorry hubs).
My iPhone, duh. Who goes anywhere without their phone?


We can take a look at what’s in part of my wallet too, because it always makes me laugh.

I collect guitar picks. This little habit stems from my days of being a “groupie” haha. I have hundreds of them but I keep the special ones with me always. Some of them are my husband’s, some are my friends, and some are coveted picks that my husband actually collected for me… whatta guy! :] The little folded up piece of paper are notes that I took when meeting with a psychic like 5 or 6 years ago. I’m a big fan of psychics, I have never heard something I didn’t like, oddly enough. And they always seem so spot on. This visit in particular was pretty much life changing for me, so I keep the notes with me always. The stapled up piece of napkin? or… pillow case? whatever that may be. In middle school my best friend and I went through many many awkward phases, one of them was a phase where we dabbled in “witch craft.” Seriously. This is called a “talisman” and we were supposed to write something down or draw something and seal it up in this piece of cloth. Neither of us can remember what the hell we wrote down or what they were supposed to do or what they meant. We actually met up for breakfast not long ago after years of keeping and losing touch and discovered that we both actually still carry them with us. We thought about opening them to see what they were, but we’re scared to break a spell or something haha. Both of our lives seem to be working out well so I don’t want to mess with anything! We agreed that in a few years we’ll take that leap of faith. Crazy right? We know… hah. Finally, an elephant! It was on a keychain I got in Aruba, but broke… so I just keep in my wallet because elephants mean good fortune and I love them. :]

So that’s what’s goin on in my ish! I’ll have to post again in a few months “what’s in my baby bag” hahaha, no not really. I can already tell you what’s going to be in there, diapers… wipes… hand sanitizer, pacifiers. All that fun stuff. What I can do again in the future is what’s inside my beach bag… that during the summer I keep in my car at all times. Anywho – hope everyone had a great Wednesday! Adios babies <3

Feb Faves

Recently I’ve picked up a few new goodies that I want to talk a little about. I’m loving some of these products and others are well….. just getting me by hah. I’m going to talk about a couple of things that aren’t pictured here as well.

Product numero uno: Milani Baked Bronzer

I am a big lover of bronzers and I have tried them all….. allllll of them! I am actually a big fan of Physicians Formula baked bronzer, but I have recently run out and haven’t been able to find the same one since! I tried a Bare Minerals bronzer recently as well but for the money it runs out kind of quickly. So I saw this baked bronzer and decided to try it. I will say this isn’t as good as my fav Physicians Formula, but it is close! Baked Bronzers are my favorite because they apply so evenly and stick to your skin all day. This isn’t the most expensive product I’ve bought, but I will say it works just as well. It comes in three different shades so you can best match your natural tone and it gives just the right amount of shine to make it look like you’ve been out in the sun all day. Mix it with my favorite blush – Super Orgasm by Nars and you have the perfect glow!

Product number two: L’Oreal Paris Ever Sleek Smoothing Deep Conditioner 

I can always use a wonderful deep conditioning treatment. My hair is naturally curly, very curly, and frizzy. I am constantly blow drying, flat ironing, curling, and sometimes my hair just needs a break. This deep conditioning treatment is a god send! Apply to your hair in the shower and don’t be afraid to really paint it on. Leave it in your hair for 3 to 5 minutes, comb it through, then rinse it out completely. You could also leave it on your hair, step out of the shower for a minute, put a shower cap on and put some heat on it with a hair dryer for a minute or so. After that hop back in the shower and rinse it out. This stuff is a miracle worker. It’s the next best thing to actually getting a hair cut and chopping off the dead ends that are weighing your hair down. I use it about once or twice a week, it’s not a daily conditioner.

Product numero tres: L’Oreal Ever Sleek Super Sleek Intense Serum 

This is a great product to use before straightening. It is sulfate free (as well is the deep conditioner) which is great if you have color treated hair, it won’t touch the color. This is a good serum to put in your hair before flat ironing or blow drying, it does a great job of releasing a lot of the frizz and smoothing your hair out.

Product number four: Almay Moisturizing and Hydrating Makeup Remover

I really hate washing my face before I go to bed and I’m not going to pretend like I’m someone who actually does it every night. By the time I’m ready for bed, I am ready to pass out. Brushing my teeth takes enough energy. As I’ve posted in the past, I am a really big fan of Say Yes To… facial wipes. In addition to those, I love this makeup remover. It doesn’t matter what I do to my face, I feel like I can never get 100% of the makeup off, especially in the shower. I feel like I scrub and scrub and I still step out looking like a raccoon sometimes. This makeup remover is fantastic. I put just a little bit on a cotton square and let it go to work. It removes makeup I thought I had already removed. It’s perfect. It can be a little on the oily side though, so when I’m all done, I use a dry cotton square and wipe off the excess remover.

Product number five: Skinny Girl Lip Plumper Gloss

One of my obsessions is the Real Housewives…. of any place. I love them all. Recently Bethenny Frankel launched a cosmetics and beauty product line and I came across them one day. I picked this lip gloss up because I really liked the color, ha. It wasn’t until I got home that I realized it was also a lip plumper. Now… do I think that it’s really plumping my lips up? I don’t think so. It does tingle when I apply it, so it’ll make you feel like it’s working, but I’ve only been using it for a few days and I can’t see any results… so we’ll see. I’ll have to post another update later.

Product numero six: Skinny Girl Mommy Conditioning Belly Butter

This one is for all my other pregos out there. Sorry to everyone else, ha. This is another great product from Bethenny’s Skinny Girl line, only she has a side line now solely for mommies. And I mean, look at her, she’s a hottie, so this stuff has to work! I actually haven’t spotted any stretch marks yet but I figured applying this early on would take care of that if it does become an issue. When I first opening this jar I was like OH MY GOD! If I didn’t know any better I would think it was a little bucket of cupcake icing, it smells amazing! I actually tweeted that with my cravings it would be hard to keep myself from eating it, it smells so good! hah. It goes on smooth and I apply it all over my tummy (and my boobs, cause they’re growing too!) after every shower.

Some other products I feel like are worth mentioning are Dove Heat Protecting spray and Revlon Just Bitten lip stain. I always, always, always have a bottle of the Dove heat protecting spray on hand in my bathroom. I don’t know if it actually works, but after I was my hair and plan on drying it, I drench my hair with the stuff. I truly feel like I’ve seen a difference in the health of my hair when I’m using it versus when I wasn’t. And hey, it never hurts to be too safe with your hair! As for this lip stain, why I really love it is because it’s also a gloss! I used a lip stain on my wedding day and I hated it. It was literally a stain and anything I put over it either changed the color or made it sticky. This is the perfect stain and gloss combo because the gloss itself is super smooth and silky and my hair doesn’t stick to it when it’s windy out. haha.

So these are some of my favorite products so far! You can pretty much find any of these in a drug store and they are all affordable and completely worth it. Get your hands on some and let me know what you think of them! <3 byee.