Get Over It

I never thought I would fall back in love with overalls but I found a pair last year from Hollister that fit like a glove and I’ve been wearing them non-stop ever since. Actually I was wearing them while grocery shopping a while ago and the checkout guy asked me if I was going home to do work in the yard later. Hashtag rude. Newsflash guy: overalls have come back into style and they are no longer just for yard work! Get over it.



overalls puma sneakers

These sneakers bring me riiiiiiight back to middle school it’s insane. I had a pair of Puma’s in every color combo you could think of but my favorites were the classic black and white. The tops were all worn off from my hacky sac days. Don’t judge me. I grew up by the beach with a bunch of hippies, that was our thing, haha. So anyway. I rediscovered Pumas into my adult years and I fell back in love. Overalls and Pumas… I seriously feel like I’m in middle school again! overalls overalls

Wanna know why I really actually am so all about overalls? So many options when it comes to crop tops because it covers that super awkward part of my stomach that I hate! haha, but seriously. I can wear whatever crop top I want and not have to stress over juuuust how much of my flab is actually exposed… #mommyproblems.

IMG_5255 IMG_5252 IMG_5251 IMG_5244 IMG_5246

Overalls are a pretty stress free garment. If you find the right pair you can even dress them up. They don’t have to be plain ol’ denim anymore. I’ve seen overalls in every fabric from satin to leather these days and they all look fabulous! Also look for a pair of shorts overalls to tackle the trend but not sweat your way through summer. Sometimes I’m all about these trends making their comebacks!