Casual Days

This is probably the one and only time you will ever see my natural hair on this blog. I have been too lazy to keep up with it every day. And to be honest, it could probably use a decent break from all the torture I put it through to make it look even somewhat presentable. So here ya go, casual days with casual wear & casual hair.



image-91 image-92

There were a few days last week when it got a little cool and rainy out, but it still had that warm summer feel to it. I thoroughly enjoy days like that. Not when they’re all rainy, but like, a nice warm day with a little rain to give you a break from the heat and then it clears up again. You know what I mean? BUT anyway, this sweater, which I bought the last time I was pregnant, is perfect for days like that. I seriously love this sweater, I wish I could wear it always!

image-93 image-94

Soooo a little update here… I’m due SATURDAY!  Yep. 4 days. Anyone wanna place bets on when you think she’ll arrive, or how much she’ll weigh? haha! We actually did that with Charlotte. No one guessed her exact weight but two people came very close, it was kinda of fun. So if I go radio silent in the next few days, you guys will know where to find me! ;] Wish us luck!


April Showers Bring May Babies

This past weekend my friends and family gathered at my house to throw me an adorable little baby Sprinkle! For those who are unaware, a baby sprinkle is like a baby shower, just for your second baby. One of my best friends offered to organize one for me, as she is the mother of two kids herself and knows how important it is to make sure mommies-to-be and the second babies are very much appreciated! (If you have children of your own, you know how much less exciting it can be when the second child is announced vs all of the excitement surrounding the first, hah. NOT for the moms, but for everyone else). So we had a quaint little brunch at my house and got to enjoy the gorgeous weather and relax a little bit! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the afternoon!

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If you know anyone who is on their second baby, please throw them a baby sprinkle! It’s such a nice feeling to have everyone together and celebrate the little nugget that’s on the way! I can’t thank my friends enough for making me and baby #2 feel so special this weekend! 🙂

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Put a Little Spring in Your Step!

After reviewing my blog posts these past couple of months I realized I needed more color in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% ok with an all black wardrobe, tres chic! BUT with warmer temps coming our way I did feel like I had to spice things up a bit with some color, and where better to start than your shoes!


BLAZER: OLD, similar here, on sale now.|| TOP: ASOS || JEANS: MOLLY & ZOE (similar here | maternity here) || HEELS: CHARLOTTE RUSSE  (similar here & here)|| BAG: CHANEL || SHADES: RAY BANS || EARRINGS: KATE SPADE || BUMP BAND: ASOS

I’ve finally invested in one of those “belly bands.” They’re like thick bands of stretchy fabric that you wear around your stomach over your pants. They’re basically made to help you be able to wear your non-maternity pants longer and they look as though you’re wearing “layers.” I never had one during my first pregnancy, but I was SO big I couldn’t wear many of my normal clothes anyway. This time around I fit in all of my regular pants in every way except for around the bump, obviously, so I bought one of those belly bands to be able to wear my jeans & such longer. What a good investment, too! I’m quite happy with it. 
IMG_2407 IMG_2413 IMG_2420 IMG_2452

I’m so in love with these shoes! They’re springy and colorful and fun and, believe it or not, so comfortable! They were perfect for walking around the town on a gorgeous afternoon but dress up any outfit in seconds. I’m really excited to wear these well into the summer with a little white dress! 
IMG_2462 IMG_2481 IMG_2486 IMG_2497 IMG_2510Isn’t this top adorable too? I am just so in love with ASOS’s maternity line! So much color and youth! If you’re a young mom like me, there are few things worse than the expectation that people put on you to start dressing like a 50’s housewife. It’s even worse when you’re pregnant! Walking into Motherhood Maternity makes me angry sometimes, their options are just so…..drab. ASOS maternity is where it’s at! If you’re looking for some amazing maternity options for spring I most definitely suggest you browse their site, you won’t be disappointed!


The Iron Throne

My outfits this past weekend had really coincided with some events that I was completely unaware of while getting dressed, ha. Yesterday’s post was the Kurt Cobain tank top on the 20th anniversary of his passing, and with this outfit I wore a necklace I call “the iron throne” on Game of Thrones premier day! I used to wear a ton of silver jewelry, but in the last year or so I’ve incorporated a lot of gold into my wardrobe. I started to neglect everything silver and stopped buying it all together. I missed it, so since then I have been on the hunt for a metal-like silver necklace to wear with more casual outfits and this is it!


Doesn’t this necklace remind you of the iron throne? I love it! I love the color of the silver against the dark red dress. They pair so well together!


JACKET: H&M (similar here, on sale) || DRESS: H&M || NECKLACE: H&M (similar here) || SHADES: RAY BANimage-17 IMG_2306

It’s a little embarrassing that this entire outfit is from H&M, but what can I say? I just love that store. The jacket is from last spring, the necklace and dress are recent purchases. If I’ve said it once I’ll say it a million times, maxi dresses are your best friends when pregnant! This is not a maternity dress, but the fabric is stretchy and hem around the stomach falls perfectly so I can tuck it up a little bit without making it look awkward. It’ll work now and I can wear it well into the summer when my bump is retreating! hahaIMG_2326 IMG_2333 IMG_2347

Days like this when it’s gorgeous out are wasted if you’re not outside. Spending a little quality time at the beach with my little one looking for shells, sand dollars, and sea glass makes my heart happy. The air was a little cool this day but the sand was so warm, it felt so good on my feet!  I’m entirely too excited for Summer, but I’ll enjoy spring while it’s here!

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