Wednesday Worst! MTV Awards Edition

Morning folks. Happy Wednesday! Or as so many people like to cooly call it, “Hump Day.” Happy whatever, it’s the middle of the week. Womp, womp. So this past Sunday was the MTV movie awards. And while we all know that this particular awards show isn’t exactly ranking high on the glamourous meter, there are still some fashion disasters that seem highly unnecessary. Let’s take a look shall we?


I’m going to be completely honest here, I don’t even know who this girl is. I have no idea what she starred in, or not in, but this look as a whole is a miss for me. If we take her from the neck down, it’s not so bad for me, but we need to chop off the excess neon tail she seems to have going on here. I like the idea of the dress, and the clutch that grabs the attention of her shoes, but it’s not enough. From the neck up, this is frightening. She clearly has small eyes so the over-doing of the eye makeup makes her look like she doesn’t even have eye sockets. And the Snooki bump? Yowza. So Jillian Rose Reed… I apologize, because I really don’t know you, but this is awful for me.

Aw, Susan Sarandon… what in the hell were you thinking with this outfit? Don’t even try to play the age card here little lady, because we’ve all seen Meryl Streep light up a room more times than we can count. She looks like she went shopping with Beetlejuice before the awards show. I wish the shoes offered some salvation, but no. Not at all. They’re just an extension of her horribly printed pant suit. I just can’t even look at this much longer, it gives me vertigo.








There we have it. I’m going to add two more down here as (not so honorable) mentions. They’re bad, but not terrible. Well, one is terrible, the other is bad.

This is a totally typical outfit for Brooke Hogan, isn’t it? Doesn’t change the fact that it’s horrendous. Even if it is only for the MTV Movie Awards. And Mila… poor Mila! I love the print of the dress but the fit is all wrong and for some reason her hair makes her look chubby? Or is she chubby here? I’m not sure what’s going on, but neither of these work for me either.

These are my worsts for the week. Whatcha think? I didn’t watch the MTV Movie Awards because a friend of mine was in the Miss USA pageant this past Sunday (Michelle, Miss NJ, top 10! woot woot, so proud of her!) so I chose to watch that over this lamely dressed awards show. BUT on the other hand, it did offer me some good ones for Friday Favorites. One of which just happens to be a guy! So I’m excited for that, hah. Stay tuned friends! See you tomorrow. Kisses.

The Best and worst of the 2012 Golden Globes

I’m no fashion critic, and based on the conversations I’ve been having with people around the office today, my opinions are wildly varying from others. But, I must share them either way. I look forward to award shows all year round as I literally get giddy when I see everyone all dressed up to perfection. So let’s kick it off shall we? Let’s start with my personal favorite of the night… drum roll please…

Now, I basically have the world’s biggest girl crush on Kate Beckinsale. And I mean, who wouldn’t?! Look at her! She is stunning from head to toe while keeping her look simply classic. She’s not over doing it with the accessories and that is a big plus these days. Her skin doesn’t look orange, her hair isn’t too poofed, her makeup is very soft. She just looks amazing to me. She was by far my favorite look of the night.

And now for some honorable mentions: (and some not-so-honorable mentions).

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A lot of people didn’t seem to like Salma Hayek’s look or dress, but I thought she looked incredible. She may be channeling the Terminator, but to me she looked hot. Also worth mentioning, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, and Heidi Klum. Loved their looks!

Unfortunately, and I’m sad to say this… my worst dressed of the night goes to…….

Oh Sarah. Poor…sweet Sarah. I know her daughter picked out the dress, but her baby is like what, one, maybe two years old? Would she really even notice if you opted for something else? This look is terrible. It looks like the designer ruined her dress but at the very last minute and she didn’t have time to pick out anything else. She’s usually so classy and well dressed! I’m sad.

Madonna… we get it, you’re Madonna. You’re quircky. You have “nice arms.” We get it. Now will you please dress your age.

Another one that upset me. Jessica, what happened here? You look like you borrowed Betty White’s wedding dress from the Proposal. That’s enough, give it back now.

This look doesn’t impress me from Natalie Portman. It looks like the designer had way too much fabric left over and didn’t know what else to do with it but pin it at her side. The fit in her midsection is just all wrong for me. I don’t love this.

A big trend I noticed on the red carpet last night, aside from headbands, belts! A lot of actresses had embellished waists. Frieda Pinto also rocked a belt with her dress last night. I’m not 100% certain how I feel about this trend yet, but it doesn’t ruin any of these looks for me, so it must be ok!

So how did I do? Who were your best and worst dressed from the red carpet last night?