More Florals for Spring

Disclaimer: my blog is about to OD on florals. I don’t know what it is because I am not usually one for the flirty, feminine print… but I can’t get enough of them this year! Maybe it has to do with my mood? When you’re a happier person you want to wear happier things… right? ;]


FOREVER21 TANK BODYSUIT || H&M SKIRT (sold out, similar here, here, here) || LINEA PELLE BAG (old, similar here) || RAY-BAN SHADES || PAYLESS HEELS (similar)


Remember a couple posts back when I was telling you guys about these Forever21 tank top bodysuits and how I bought them in 4 different colors… one of which was pure white and one (this one) that’s off white? I thought I was crazy at the time because they were SO similar, but it really was smart purchase! The off white color matches this skirt perfectly! A pure white tank would have looked way too bright and white with this outfit. I am pleased! I wore this to work a few weeks ago when we were lucky enough to have a warm day and now that the weather has taken a turn for the better I can wear it all the time! 


So! As a few of you may know… or have noticed…. I take most of my pictures in this location. My mom is my photographer (lolz) and honestly, we usually snap pictures REAL quick while she’s at work and has 15 free minutes to take them… so we run downstairs to the alleys by her office and shoot away. WELL, for so many reasons this has become my favorite place to take blog pics over the years, and I’m sad to say I won’t be able to shoot here much longer. As of a few months ago they have started tearing down all of the buildings in the area in order to start re-developing the city. Which, I guess, in the long run is great for the area, but now I’m losing all of my favorite landmarks to blog with. Peep that open window behind me in the last photo… my mom was curious to see what the inside of this abandoned building was like so she literally climbed inside, hah. I don’t think she saw anything very noteworthy.. probably just a lot of empty bottles and such. Ah, but that’s why I love my mom… she’s such an adventurer. ;]


Bells and Lace

One of my biggest wardrobe flaws is this: I never ever get anything hemmed. I’ve only ever gotten 3 things hemmed as an adult: two pairs of jeans and one gown I wore to a wedding last year. Honestly, I regret hemming the jeans, it changes the whole shape and look, so I’m really hesitant to ever hem anything. However… these velvet bells… they could stand to see a least a centimeter go I think.




These velvet bells were part of my holiday wardrobe last year, AND this year. I love that they’re still in style. Truth be told, they’re so comfortable and flattering I’d wear them even if they weren’t. Follow your own trends, I say! I wore this exact look to my boyfriend’s company’s holiday party this year. He works at a gym so I was like what’s the dress code? He gave the usual guy answer, “just wear whatever you want.” As I expected, some people were dressed up and others literally came right from the gym, so I thought this was a good middle ground look. Not TOO fancy, but festive none the less.


See what I’m saying about these pants being a hair too long? I feel like clothing companies do not make clothes for the average sized human being. Like yeah I get it.. some girls are 5’9 and 110 pounds… but hi, not me. It’d be nice if everyone made clothes for petite lil ladies like myself, and KUDOS to brands that do!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s so hard to get motivated to go out and shoot when it’s legit freezing outside. ;]

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Day to Night and so on

Remember my post on Monday talking about smarter shopping? One of my favorite things to do is invest in pieces with versatility and wearability. What I mean is, they can easily be worn from day to night, dressed up or down, with just a few key changes. This full skirt from Closet London may not look like a day time pieces at first, but paired with a simple tank top and sandals it’s an easy look to pull off.




Again, this is a great item to wear to work! My office is more on the casual side so I’d probably wear it this way, if you have more of a fancy schmancy office environment you could opt for a crisp button up or blouse. And you may want to throw on a cropped leather jacket now that the weather is starting to cool off.


Side note! This skirt also has pockets! Holler. Pockets just make life easier, don’t they? So next week I’ll be showing you guys how I change this look up from office appropriate to out on the town. Check back!

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Cozy Knits, High Slits

Guys…. this dress is hands down one of the most comfortable I have ever owned! It fits so well, it’s super flattering, and it’s SO. DAMN. COMFORTABLE. Are you sold yet? Because you should be.




Side note… this is my last post with blonde hair!!! ::tears:: So many tears, haha. I absolutely loved being blonde…. it was my jam. My hair on the other hand? Not so in love with it. My hair took a serious beating over the past few years in my epic journey to becoming a blonde. It basically got to the point where it would just break off. I decided as fun as being blonde was I needed to give my hair a break and let it get healthy again. I’m now on a journey to go dark again. I’m the most fickle person EVER when it comes to my hair… seriously. But looking at these pictures makes me super sad… I’ll miss my blonde alter ego!


Anyway, back to the dress. It’s perfect for fall! The neutral tone totally compliments the season, the knit material makes it perfect for cooler temperatures. Throw on over the knee boots and a mini leather jacket when it gets cold and you’re good to go. The dress comes with a nude slip to wear underneath because being knit it’s obviously a little bit on the see-through side. Although the slip tends to ride up A LOT over my butt. I was already pretty well endowed back there, but my boyfriend who is a personal trainer has been kicking my ass hardcore at the gym the past few weeks and squats and lunges are basically his favorite thing in the world. I’m not complaining, your butt could always use the help… but my clothes are starting to fit a little tighter, haha. I would assume the slip doesn’t fall so short on everyone.


Let’s talk about this choker too! It gives me life. I love the choker trend but most right now are on the delicate side… which I also really like, however, it’s fun to go bold every now and then! I wore this to work last week with a bold plum lip to match and I got so many weird looks… I guess a bold lip & statement choker early in the morning are a bit much for some people (LAME).

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Apparently it’s Still Winter.

I literally lived in this outfit, or some very similar variation of this outfit, ALL. WINTER. LONG. Throw on an extra layer for the really cold days and this was pretty much what you would find me wearing on any given day. Have I mentioned how much I hate winter coats? Anyway! Since it is supposed to be spring but it still feels like winter I figured I’d throw up one last cold weather inspired look.




I’m just going to point this out now that you will literally not see one picture in this post where I am not holding onto my hat for dear life, haha! It was so damn windy and this was one of those outfits where it just wouldn’t look the same without the hat. So whatever… I held onto it the entire time. Fun fun. Side note: don’t forget to use my code at to get your first month free! I am addicted to this website to try out new designer sunglasses whenever I feel like it. Addicted I tell you!


These tops from Urban are so insanely comfortable, I have a few of them in different colors but I live in this one and my white one with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and slip on sneakers. They may no longer be available (at least can’t seem to find them online) but that’s ok because they make a tank top version which is just in time for the warmer temperatures… should they ever arrive! I sincerely hope this is the last time you see me wearing layers on this blog for a while. I am so over them.

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Holy Day

It’s getting far, FAR too cold in my neck of the woods to do outfits without some serious outerwear much longer. This look was shot weeks ago when the temperatures were not exactly bone chilling yet. I miss those days…sigh.


H&M SWEATER (similar) || FOREVER21 JEANS || STEVE MADDEN BOOTIES || LINEA PELLE BAG (sold out, also love this one!) || H&M HAT  (similar)|| RAY BANS SHADES


These are my favorite jeans. Every time I wear them I get a ton of compliments; everyone thinks they are so expensive. $19 can go a long way sometimes. Am I right? When the temperatures drop I can’t bring myself to pack these away just yet so I layer lace or embellished tights underneath for an updated look and extra warmth.


I love cozy knits this time of the year, my closet is filled with them. This one is super comfortable, but not the best for cold weather, perhaps. It’s quite holy. I’ll definitely have to pile on a thick coat and blanket scarf the next time I step out in this ensemble.

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Leather & Lace

I told you guys you were going to see this bralette all over the place. I’m obsessed. I’ve been trying to incorporate it into my wardrobe like almost daily. When I found this skirt over the weekend I was excited to wear the bralette with it and throw on my brown leather jacket. The colors are sooo perfect for fall! I swoon.
free people bralette fp bralette


target skirt linea pelle bag hollister jacket

I love this leather jacket mostly because of the fit. Every single one of my other jackets seem to be a little too loose around my torso, but fit perfectly everywhere else. This jacket in particular fits like a glove everywhere, so I’m pretty keen on it. Plus the rich brown color is a great alternative to my usual black moto jacket and looks fantastic during fall! By the way, speaking of fall.. it came on pretty strong didn’t it? Like one day it was summer, we went to bed, we woke up, it was freezing and the ground was covered in leaves! There was no real transition was there? It was so weird…

IMG_4973 IMG_4974 IMG_4976 IMG_4977 IMG_4979

Me in a nutshell… hah! Does anyone else have a hard time finding hats to fit your head? I have a small head and one size fits all hats are complete BS. I always have to shop for hats that come in actual sizes. I found this bad boy at H&M a month or so ago and bought it immediately. It is SO rare that I find ones that actually fit, so when I do I buy them. Half the time I don’t even care what they look like I’m just so excited that they fit.. haha!

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Gap Style for Less

Believe it or not, this edgy little lady has a soft spot in her heart for all things GAP. Oddly enough I really love their style, weird right? I don’t always reach for the feminine, laid back pieces in my closet, but every now and then I like to relax a little bit in pieces with smooth lines, comfortable fabrics, and no-fuss details. I don’t always have the room in my budget to go on shopping sprees at the GAP, however, so when I find a dress that looks like it fell out of a GAP catalog for less, I buy it!

gap style dress

H&M DRESS (also love this one) || TARGET SHOES || KENNETH JAY LANE NECKLACE ℅ (also OBSESSED with this one!) || RAY BAN SHADES || LINEA PELLE BAG (sold out, similar here on sale!)


This is one of the dresses I bought myself when I wanted to stock up on easy sun dresses at the beginning of the summer. When I’m not wearing palazzo pants I am in comfortable dresses I can run around in. The fabric is so soft I kind of wish I could wear this every day!

IMG_9555 IMG_9556 IMG_9558 IMG_9562 IMG_9559My mom and I had a good laugh after taking these photos. The shadowy figure behind me is actually two people in a boat crabbing but it kind of looks like there is a giant shark making some rounds in the background, ha. The thing that looks like a giant fin is actually an umbrella… some people don’t like the sun so much I suppose. ANYWAY! Unfortunately this bag is no longer available on Linea Pelle’s website but I linked to a similar style that I am obsessed with above. While you’re there check out their new leather jacket collection. HOLY HELL they are some of the hottest jackets I have ever seen! May need to spend my next paycheck on one… shhh!

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Semi Casual

Remember when I posted last week and was like, heyyy I’m gonna wear nothing but sneakers for a while and give my feet a break from the extremely painful and uncomfortable heels…. yeah I lied.
rocksbox necklace TOP: FOREVER21 (SO old! See Mavatar collection below for more options*)  || JEANS: H&M || COAT: EXPRESS || NECKLACE: C/O ROCKSBOX || SHOES: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN ‘SO KATE‘ || SHADES: URBAN OUTFITTERS || BAG: LINEA PELLE (on sale now!!)

express coat

IMG_5730 rocksbox

When I posted a picture of this necklace on my instagram last week I got a ton of comments about my shirt. Surprisingly, this is almost 10 years old, haha! I’ve literally had it since AT LEAST 2007, if not earlier. I held on to it because I knew turtlenecks would come back into style eventually. While this one is most definitely no longer available, I threw together some of my favorite turtleneck finds in my newest Mavatar collection below!

IMG_5735 IMG_5736 IMG_5734

 So it’s March! And hopefully that means we’ll be getting a lot of sunshine and warm weather on the East Coast sometime soon! I’m not normally one to complain about snow, but these bitter cold days we have had were occurring all too often! I am so ready for sun dresses and open toe shoes, amiright? Don’t forget to check out my newest Mavatar collection below stocked full with turtlenecks of all different styles hand picked just for you! AND! I am super excited to announce something I have been working on later this week and I literally cannot wait for you guys to see it so be sure to stop back soon! :]

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Orange you glad I didn’t say it’s freezing?

It seems ironic that I’m posting this today, while we are in the midsts of yet another snow storm. BUT, last week we had some lovely warm weather. If only for one short sunny afternoon. I can still get down with that! There’s something about the sunlight that makes you want to be outside all day or go for a ride with your windows down… nevermind that it’s still only 48 degrees outside, and we’re supposed to get another “Polar Vortex” today… lovely!


SHADES: RAY BAN [limited edition, similar here] || SCARF: H&M [no longer available, similar here] || JACKET: HOLLISTER [similar here] || TOP: DOR LA DOR || LEGGINGS: H&M || BOOTS: STEVE MADDEN


This is one of my favorite tops from a small boutique in Red Bank, Dor La Dor. It’s hard to see under the oversized scarf, but it’s a simple long sleeved brownish, tanish, grayish light sweater. It looks great on, even with my growing bump! The fabric is stretchy so I should be able to get a few more wears out of it before I have to retire to maternity clothes full time.IMG_0338



Leather jackets in the middle of January? I don’t hate it. I do not hate it one bit! Throw on a big ol’ scarf, some knee high boots and you’re ready to take on the day! At least I was. I threw my daughter and 2 puppies in the car and headed out for an iced coffee from Starbucks. I miss iced coffee during the winter like it’s my husband who got drafted in the Revolutionary War and never came home. Makes sense, right? Oh and by the way! These are the new puppies!


Aren’t they the friggen cutest? ANYWAY! Thanks for listening ;] Hope everyone had a fab weekend! And don’t forget about the awesome giveaway I have going on right now with 11 other fabulous bloggers! We’re giving away $410 CASH for Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself, or your sweetheart if you win but either way, enter!

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