Remember that time I was a model… kinda.

Hi my loves! It’s been a while, huh? Things have been so busy this past month or so. Getting ready for the holidays is a big job around here. So anyway! Over the weekend I had an amazing opportunity to walk in a fashion show for a wonderful cause! 100% of the proceeds went to a great charity, (benefiting victims of Hurricane Sandy which we all know is very close to my heart!) BOOM. Who doesn’t love that? I modeled for a friend of mine, Tina, who owns a fabulous boutique in Little Silver. (I’ve mentioned her store before). She has pretty amazing clothes and accessories and when she asked me to walk in her show I legit jumped at the chance. I was lucky enough to model with two of my best friends which made the night even more fun! Here is recap of the show in pictures. Enjoy!

(click on the images to view them individually!)

If you like the clothes you see you can visit her page for more information at Shop Uphoria :]

The fashion show was so much fun! All of the other models were super sweet and we all had a great time. I walked through the show itself at lightning speed because I was nervous… not the modeling debut I had always dreamed of, haha! HOWEVER, just having a baby less than 6 months ago and still being asked to walk in a fashion show Made me feel just lovely… can’t lie! I wore a sparkly gold peplum top and black leggings with my own black louboutins. I am obsessed with peplum this holiday season! And the added bling from the gold sequins? So amaze. 

Also… last week I had the wonderful luck of getting to see Train live at a very private performance in Sea Bright! I danced on stage with the band. Pat signed a onesie for Char! Pure amazingness! I’m going to post more on that later this week.

Until next time, kisses! 

Mane & Tail Shampoo

Hi my loves and good morning! Happy Monday… eh? So everyone here on the east coast is slowly recovering from Sandy. It’s a long process, but we’re New Jersey… we’re Jersey Strong. ;] Again, thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! It means the world to all of us here!

Anywho – let’s get right into it. Here is a quick video featuring Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner. Dig it. Ciao babes.

Life after Hurricane Sandy.

Hi all! So I write this post with a heavy heart tonight. As all of you are probably aware, Hurricane Sandy hit the tri-state area earlier this week. My home town, and towns that I spent the majority of my life in, were seriously affected. Sea Bright, a mere 10 minute drive from my house, is pretty much wiped off the map. Monmouth Beach is where I spent every waking moment of my life throughout high school. Little Monmouth beach club is where I spent every single minute of my summer and it’s pretty much demolished. All that’s left of homes in Sea Bright are piles of sand and mud. A friend of mine is missing her 18 foot trampoline. MISSING. They literally can’t find it anywhere in town. My husband and I lost both of our cars and to be honest, consider ourselves LUCKY that that’s all we lost. It truly breaks my heart to walk around town and see all the damage that Hurricane Sandy left behind. Families in the area are just starting to get their power back tonight for the most part. It’s very surreal to me… I keep saying I feel like I’ll wake up and realize this was all just a horrible nightmare but it’s not. You never expect anything like this to happen where you live, right? Anyway – I put together some pictures that I took, my parents took, and my aunt took of all the destruction around Oceanport, Monmouth Beach, and Sea Bright. Take a peek if you’re curious. Although I’m sure you’ve all had about as much as you can take on the news… if you’re able to watch the news :\ – Hope to be back with the usual posts next week after we get our life back in order. We finally got power tonight so we’ll be in the house cleaning all weekend.

For anyone in the Monmouth County area that is looking to help out: FEMA and the Red Cross are setting up camp at Monmouth Park and they are looking for volunteers. Also, a ton of families lost pretty much everything the own so we are looking for clothes donations. There are drop off stations all over the place but you can contact the Red Cross to see where you can bring stuff. Any little bit helps. Char is only 4 & 1/2 months old but I brought over every single thing she has grown out of already. Like I said, any little bit helps.

Stay safe everyone. My love to all of you.

Jersey Strong. <3

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