DIY No Sew Turban Headband

I posted this video a few months ago, but I figured since it’s summer and these headbands are huge right now, I’d repost it for you guys. This is the eeeeeeaaaasiest DIY headband tutorial out there! And trust me, I’ve watched a ton just to compare, hah! Side note… this video makes me miss my dark hair. & that sweater! It was my favorite until my husband shrunk it :[ womp womp. Anyway… Enjoy! xo


How To: The Sock Bun!

I know these tutorials are a dime a dozen… but I made this video for a friend of mine who has been asking for it for months now, haha. The sock bun is a huge trend right now, and it can be kind of tricky to pull off perfectly. The key with this, as is with anything, is practice, practice, practice! I had to do this bun about 15 times before I felt like I really had the hang of it. I love to wear the sock bun look for fancy occasions, like a great dinner party or holiday dinner. So check it out, try it out a few times, hope it helps!

January Favorites!

Hey kiddies! Peep my favorite things from January. I realize February is almost over.. so sorry about that! I think I am going to start a trend of posting these favorites videos in the middle of the month. Maybe that would be kinda cool.. or not? ANYWAY. Dig it.


DIY: Turban Headband

Happy Monday loves! I’ve always been obsessed with the turban headband look but could never find them in stores (without spending an arm and a leg.. for a little fabric, geez!) SO I found this really great tutorial on Pinterest, BUT, it was only pictures. It could get a little confusing. I figured I’d do one better and make it a quick little video. This headband involves NO sewing OR glue! Easiest thing out there. Enjoy!


Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.20 AM #3 Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.21 AM Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.21 AM #4

Tutorial: How To Use a Curling Wand

Hi my loves! This video is dedicated to my beautiful best friends, Justine and Marlena. They’ve been asking me to make this tutorial for a long, long time now and I finally had the time so here it is! Hope this helps you guys out. Let me know if you have any questions. <3

HOW TO: Make your own clip in hair extensions

Hello loves! Below is a (not so quick) video all about how to make your own clip in hair extensions at home. Like I explain in the video, clip-in’s are SUPER easy (but a little time consuming) to make and they will last you FOR-EV-ERRRR (said like the kid from the Sandlot, OF COURSE). SO! This is a relatively easy step-by-step video on how to make your own hair extensions. Hope it helps! Feel free to fast forward through any of the boring parts. :] If you have ANY questions please feel free to ask! Ciao babes.

Shopping for Maternity Clothes 101

Hello my loves! So I decided to make this video because when I first got pregnant I was super stoked about shopping for maternity clothes. I mean, let’s face it, it’s just an excuse to go shopping, right? I needed clothes I can fit into! The hubs can’t argue with that, haha. But to be honest, I had no idea what I was doing. It seems like a pretty simple concept, but it’s not. All maternity clothes fit differently, some better than others. These are just a few of my do’s and dont’s for young first time moms like me. I hope you find these tips helpful! Let me know if you guys have any questions. Peace, loves.

Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years.

HI! Remember me? :] I have been beyond MIA lately. Missed you guys, swear it. So I have a quick little video for you guys, it’s kind of a review of some liquid eyeliner along with my suggestions. Fascinating, I know. Just a quick little video to remind you how much you’ve missed me. Kidding, of course. Maybe? I’m not. I hope to make a video soon all about shopping for maternity clothes. Believe me, it may sound stupid, but it’s a freaking bitch when you are a young, first time mother. Finding flattering maternity clothes when you’re 23 is like trying to find love at an EDM festival with all those weirdos rolling on E feeling everyone up in their neon tutus. Well, you catch my drift. So! here we go. Enjoy all four minutes of it, I worked hard! And Baby R (also known as Charlotte, also known as Boogie) has a cameo, woo! I’m making her a youtube star! I’ll be back soon. Kisses.

The Upside Down French Braid

This is my take on this hair style. Usually you can find the upside-down french braid accompanied by a high, top-knotish looking bun. That doesn’t really work so well for me.  First off, top knots never really look as glamourous on me as I want them to, ya know? Secondly, being that I am now 8 months pregnant, there’s some extra weight in my face that I feel like could be seen from the moon now and top-knot buns only seem to accentuate that. Wonderful. When I was in high school I always had a tendency to make this stupid face when anyone took a picture of me and it always looked like I had a double chin. He showed up so often, in fact, that my dear friend Jed thought it appropriate to name him Chester Cottompot. When someone would tag me in a picture on Facebook, Chester would get a tag as well. I lost him for a while, but he’s back now. Oh how I’ve missed you, Chester, really. So I modified this hair style a little bit to be more…. me (and flattering). This is how it’s usually found:

Gorgeous… elegant… beautiful. And unfortunately, not my cup of tea. This is my “elegant” upside-down french braid look.

I also noticed that my french braids do the opposite of normal french braids and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it stop doing that! Mine are like, inside out, they don’t lay flat against my head. Even when I do my own regular french braids this is how they come out. I know it has something to do with the way I hold the hair and the direction I weave it in, but I can’t change it. So my upside-down french braid is all kinds of different from everyone else’s, haha.

So this is how I do it, folks. I do an inside out french braid (purposely or not, who knows?), I braid the hair all the way to the end, then I use it to hold up my wavy, messy pony tail. And there ya have it. I’m going to keep playing around with this and see if I can figure out how to do the inverted braid, but for now this is my ish. What do you guys think? Have you tried this hair style yet? Would you try it with a sleek top knot or a messy pony tail like mine? I like the bun, and someday when I have something fancy to go to I may just attempt it. For now, I like the ponytail because I think it makes this hairstyle wearable for just, hanging out and going out. Keepin it fun without making it too fancy.

aaaaand this is just me being silly, HI. =p Til tomorrow, lovers! Have a wonderful day. Kisses.