She bangs, she bangs!

Oh baby! Now, when you read that, do you hear Ricky Martin or William Hung? That’s his name right? In my mind it flip flops back and forth. But that’s neither here nor there. As you read in my last post, I did my own ombre and now that I had time to blow dry I am swooning over the final look! It’s amazeballs. I gotta be honest, I did a pretty damn good job! My hair didn’t break off and it actually looks pretty healthy. So, um, go me! And while that was a pretty big change from being root-to-tip brunette, I still wanted to go one step further. So I cut my own bangs too!

DSC_3655 DSC_3656I’m juuuuust kidding, they’re fake! Can’t even tell, can you? So dope. I have always wanted to be the girl that can rock bangs, but that’s never been me. I have naturally curly hair so my bangs would be a little absurd looking if I didn’t touch them up with a flatiron every 20 minutes. So these clip-in bangs are perfect for girls like me! They’re also perfect for the girl who is super fickle when it comes to picking a hair style, wanting the bangs but not the commitment. My mom & husband loved the look so much I was tempted to actually call up my hair stylist and go for it, but then my mom was like, why? Just wear them when you’re in the mood for them, and take them off when you’re not. She’s like a little Yoda, she knows me so well!

So if you want the look without the commitment, you little commitment-phobe, you!, buy yourself a pair of clip-in’s! I trimmed mine a little bit to make them more straight across. They were originally the side-swoopy bangs. Now that I know I like them I’ll have to trim a little more off the sides to blend them better, but there you have it! All the style without all the upkeep. ;] Until next time, kisses!

DSC_3660 DSC_3659 DSC_3658 DSC_3657


Que pasa, ombre?

About a year and a half ago I took the plunge and joined the ombre trend. I have the absolute best hair stylist, Jacki from Glen Goldbaum 72, in Red Bank. She did a bang up job, I loved it. I was, however, super pregnant and started to get all fat and gross and decided that I would look much better with simple hair, so I went all back to brown. Every time I saw someone with ombre hair I missed mine a little bit, and then L’oreal came out with their DIY at-home ombre kit. I’m a big fan of at-home things lately. I’ve recently purchased the at-home gel mani kit, and I’m obsessed. So I figured I would try this. Here’s my thing, I figured if I didn’t love it, I at least didn’t spend an arm and a leg on it, you know? So I’ve been doing it myself. And I looooove it! I have to do touch ups about every 2-3 weeks to the ends to get it to the blonde that I want, so next time I’ll make a how-to video. This is a little teaser post, I suppose! ;]

IMG_6129This is the latest pic of my hair. This is about the 3rd process. There are 3 levels of color, one for brunettes, one for medium blondes, and one for blondes. I used the one for brunettes the first time and started applying the color by my ears to the ends. I waited about 3 weeks then used the color for medium blondes on top of that. I started by my chin and applied the color all the way down to the ends. Last night (about a month or so after the 2nd application) I added the color for blondes to the ends only. I promise I will post a how-to video with step-by-step instructions in about two weeks when I reapply color to the ends, it’s SUPER easy to do! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Here a few pictures from throughout the process so you can see the differences.

After the 2nd process.
After the 2nd process.



So there you have it! It’s gradual, which is important because if you apply too much lightener at one time your hair will break and die and fall out of your head!!!!! Maybe not, but maybe it will! Just be careful and know that if you have darker hair like me it will have to be a gradual process. And toners are your friend! But I’ll get into all that when I make the video. For now, enjoy these pics, ha! Until next time, kisses!


Wednesday Worst!

I think this particular Wednesday Worst is going to be pretty split with my audience. Some of you may agree, some of you may not. Let’s get started.


hayden-panettiere-290Glamour Magazine was tweeting about her hair this morning, but I only saw the hair, not the rest of the look. So we’ll start there. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about it. As sleek as the braid is, the top looks kind of messy to me. She has tight, tight pin curls all around her hairline and crown, which I’m sure was supposed to look trendy, but reads kind of “I just got my hair cornrowed on the beach.” I’m a fan of bandage dresses and the jewel-tone color of this dress is quite pleasing to my eyes. But at first glance it looks somewhat like a tacky prom dress, no? Pair it with her clunky black shoes and it’s ALL wrong. If I were her, I would have gone with some metallic strappy sandals to play up the embellishments in the dress. Jimmy Choo has some extremely fabulous ones! She did one thing right by playing it safe with the accessories, so kudos for that!

What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Until next time, kisses!

How To: The Sock Bun!

I know these tutorials are a dime a dozen… but I made this video for a friend of mine who has been asking for it for months now, haha. The sock bun is a huge trend right now, and it can be kind of tricky to pull off perfectly. The key with this, as is with anything, is practice, practice, practice! I had to do this bun about 15 times before I felt like I really had the hang of it. I love to wear the sock bun look for fancy occasions, like a great dinner party or holiday dinner. So check it out, try it out a few times, hope it helps!

Glamour Magazine 3 Day Hair Challenge

While flipping through the pages of Glamour recently (I’m always a month behind on these mags) I came across their article on 3 Day Hair; how to have great hair without washing it for 3 days, with 3 different hair styles. I decided it was worth a shot. SUPPOSEDLY you are to braid your hair on day 1, have loose beautiful beachy waves on day 2, and rock a top knot with lots of texture on day 3. So that’s what I did. NOW – let’s have an honest discussion here, ladies. I have super super curly and coarse hair. These articles that appear in magazines like this typically apply to women with gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model hair, naturally, right? So I knew going into this little challenge it wouldn’t exactly work how it said it’s supposed to in the magazine, but fine, whatever, I tried it anyway.

DAY ONE: The side braid.

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Michelle
Braceletes: Uphoria Boutique

DSC_3077 The idea of this look is that your braid your hair, sleep in it, and the next day; VIOLA! Beautiful ‘mermaid waves’ as Glamour referred to them.

Here’s how: Out of the shower with towel dried hair, douse your strands with a beach-hair spray. (use my recipe for a DIY beachy-hair spray). Start braiding your hair just by your ears OR do a face framing french braid to add some wave even higher and keep its hold better longer. (I chose to do a face framing french braid because my hair is curly and I knew if I slept in it, it would look like a lion’s mane in the morning, braid or no braid). Sleep in your braid. Day one hair.

Sweater: H&M
Tank: H&M
Jeans: J Brand
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Molly & Zoe, Alex & Ani

DAY TWO: The Mermaid Waves
DSC_3083 DSC_3080

The idea here… that your braid’s death means the life for beautiful beachy hair… in February. Totally plausible.

Here’s how: The morning after you’ve slept in your braid, take it out. VERY carefully, DO NOT run your fingers through your hair! Let your hair fall in the large chunks it was braided in, it will loosen up on its own throughout the day. Blast your hair with some hair spray and you’re done. My hair doesn’t exactly look like the model’s in the magazine, obvi. I have curly hair naturally so I knew it was going to look more textured than beachy. For looser waves, create a looser braid on day 1. 

DAY THREE: Textured Top Knot

Shirt: H&M
Sweater: Forever21
Headband: Mandees

IMG_2491 IMG_2482The idea here is that your hair is starting to become a little on the greasy side from not being washed for 3 days, so throw it up into an easy top knot. This was probably my favorite look of the three.

Here’s how: Blast your strands with a dry shampoo which will add texture and also suck up some of the oil on your scalp. <– This is really important if your hair is naturally straight or thin, you probably notice that it’s hard to go even a day without washing your hair. Don’t have dry shampoo? Use baby powder or a VERY light dusting of flour, it’ll have the same effect. Next, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and comb down the top, sides, and back, to control flyways. Wrap your hair around the ponytail in a clockwise motion and begin pinning down the ends with bobby pins. It will look a little messy, but that’s kind of the point. Cover the knot in hair spray and you’re done! I added this beaded headband because of the baby hairs I have in the back. I didn’t want to pin them down and take away from the bun so I wrapped them up with a headband. I thought it looked pretty classy with my red lips, so I was happy with it.

AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is the Glamour 3 Day Hair challenge. Like I said, if you have naturally curly hair like mine, don’t expect the same results as those in the magazine, BUT don’t feel like you can’t do it because of that. I rocked my curly hair proudly this week, which is something I never do! hah Try it out friends, and tell me what you think! Until next time, kisses!



Mane & Tail Shampoo

Hi my loves and good morning! Happy Monday… eh? So everyone here on the east coast is slowly recovering from Sandy. It’s a long process, but we’re New Jersey… we’re Jersey Strong. ;] Again, thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! It means the world to all of us here!

Anywho – let’s get right into it. Here is a quick video featuring Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner. Dig it. Ciao babes.

God’s Gift to Curly Hair

If you have curly hair like mine.. you know the woes of trying to manage it without putting it up in a ponytail after 20 minutes. Hello afro! WELL! This product I just discovered has literally changed the way I feel about my naturally curly hair. Take a peek! I promise you won’t be disappointed. :]


The Upside Down French Braid

This is my take on this hair style. Usually you can find the upside-down french braid accompanied by a high, top-knotish looking bun. That doesn’t really work so well for me.  First off, top knots never really look as glamourous on me as I want them to, ya know? Secondly, being that I am now 8 months pregnant, there’s some extra weight in my face that I feel like could be seen from the moon now and top-knot buns only seem to accentuate that. Wonderful. When I was in high school I always had a tendency to make this stupid face when anyone took a picture of me and it always looked like I had a double chin. He showed up so often, in fact, that my dear friend Jed thought it appropriate to name him Chester Cottompot. When someone would tag me in a picture on Facebook, Chester would get a tag as well. I lost him for a while, but he’s back now. Oh how I’ve missed you, Chester, really. So I modified this hair style a little bit to be more…. me (and flattering). This is how it’s usually found:

Gorgeous… elegant… beautiful. And unfortunately, not my cup of tea. This is my “elegant” upside-down french braid look.

I also noticed that my french braids do the opposite of normal french braids and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it stop doing that! Mine are like, inside out, they don’t lay flat against my head. Even when I do my own regular french braids this is how they come out. I know it has something to do with the way I hold the hair and the direction I weave it in, but I can’t change it. So my upside-down french braid is all kinds of different from everyone else’s, haha.

So this is how I do it, folks. I do an inside out french braid (purposely or not, who knows?), I braid the hair all the way to the end, then I use it to hold up my wavy, messy pony tail. And there ya have it. I’m going to keep playing around with this and see if I can figure out how to do the inverted braid, but for now this is my ish. What do you guys think? Have you tried this hair style yet? Would you try it with a sleek top knot or a messy pony tail like mine? I like the bun, and someday when I have something fancy to go to I may just attempt it. For now, I like the ponytail because I think it makes this hairstyle wearable for just, hanging out and going out. Keepin it fun without making it too fancy.

aaaaand this is just me being silly, HI. =p Til tomorrow, lovers! Have a wonderful day. Kisses.

How To: The Four (4) Strand Braid

Hola amigos & good mornin! I have a little tutorial for you lovelies today. It is how to do the newly popular four strand braid on yourself! I explain in the video that at first it can be really challenging, especially if you’re good at braiding hair, hah. And I say especially if you’re GOOD at braiding hair because your fingers are probably so used to the normal 3 strand braid that it can be a little confusing for them at first. If you can’t get the hang of it right away, don’t get discouraged! It took me many, many tries before I knew what I was doing. So here it is!

Hope you guys liked it! Let me know if you have any questions or comments. As always, I love hearing from you guys. :] Have a great afternoon & I’ll see ya later for some Tunesday beatzzzz. Kisses.