Casual Fridays

I don’t work in an office, but if I did I think I’d actually really love it. I work from home, so dressed up for me is matching my snuggie to my pajamas. Add being pregnant into the mix and I’ve given up the will to look cute all together. Working in an office would give me some motivation to dress up. I mean, unless it’s the company I worked for before I started my own company. In which case, they sold flip flops and we were encouraged to dress like we were basically going to the beach. I can’t win. In any event, I got dressed today. Let’s celebrate!



ALSO! Peep my new hair! I decided to cut it on a whim and add in some highlights and ombre again. I am beyond fickle when it comes to my hair and the thought of cutting it used to make me a little weepy. I knew it had to be done though, and I’m pretty glad I stuck to my guns and didn’t chicken out. My locks needed a cut, BAD.

DSC_5306 DSC_5323 DSC_5330


I really dig these warm fall days, even if it is November 22nd and it should basically be snowing by now. Global Warming is real, but the less time I have to spend trying to look comfortable in a big bulky coat the better. This sweater is one of my favorites. It’s chunky, BUT there’s big enough holes in the knitting that it can pretty much be worn all year round. I throw a long sleeve under it for cooler months and wear it over a tank top when it’s warmer.



I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I’m looking forward to unwinding a little but I’m also really looking forward to getting in the Christmas spirit! I just really can’t wait to decorate our new house, haha! Well, until next time, kisses!