Friday Fav!

Ok, at the count of three, let’s all celebrate that I managed to post more than once in the week… ready… 1……2…..3…. YAY! This is a minor accomplishment but it feels like winning the gold in the Olympics. I’m that excited about it… haha Okay. Let’s get down to business shall we? Here are my favorite looks from the week;

Ashley Greene … she is a class act, is she not? She has such great hair it makes me sad that she has to have it in that stupid pixie cut for the Twilight movies. But those are almost over for her, thank god. Let’s hope her next big role lets her rock her locks like this! Anywho. I am seriously loving this whole ensemble. It’s very understated yet very classy. The neutral hues from neck to toes are fabulously pulled together with her gold jewelry, bag, and matching makeup. She doesn’t go overboard, which we all know I’m a big fan of. Less is more!


Next up… let’s talk about Rachel Weiz. I kind of have one of those girl crushes on her. She always looks like such a lady, and a well dressed one at that! She never looks frumpy to me and she rarely makes poor decisions when it comes to her wardrobe. I adore this dress, especially the upper half. I love the little peekaboo of different fabric. The shoes and the red lips pull the look together completely and she looks absolutely flawless, to me anyway!

What do you guys think? Hits, or misses? Fill me in! And until next time, kisses!

Friday Fav!

Morning, kids! How are we all doing today? It’s another great day here on the East Coast and I couldn’t be happier! I got to lay out yesterday and I plan on spending all day in the sun today as well. Finally getting some normal, natural color on my skin. Feels splendid! I was torn between two favorites this week, so I’m going to post both of them. Check it out.

First up, Miranda Kerr at the In Style awards. How beautiful does she look?? I wish I had a back view of this dress because I bet it’s amazing.

I love the color of the dress and the cut. I am all for plunging neck lines! I know they can be somewhat on the wild side, but if you can pull it off, then by all means, DO! It’s a great look, in my book. She has simple Jimmy Choo’s on, simple but quite elegant jewelry. She is even dabbling a little bit in the dark lip look that’s pretty in right now without looking all goth. It’s more on the red side, but you can tell she’s trying to go there, haha. Although, I mean, let’s be serious, you can put a potato sack on this girl and she could somehow make it walk down a runway like a couture gown, couldn’t she? I think she’s just adorable, and she looks fabulous here without going overtly sexy. I dig this look lots.

And for my next look… one of my personal style favorites in the world of Hollywood fashion…

Naomi Watts! I’m going to come right out and say it now.. I have a girl crush on this woman. Her and Diane Kruger. I feel like they both always look so polished and put together, totally ready for the cameras. Sure, they may have some fashion slip ups every now and then, who doesn’t? We all fall victim to some hideous trends sometimes (hello harem pants!) but this woman holds it down. The first thing I noticed about this dress was the color. I love the dark and dramatic jewel tone. That Stella McCartney really knows her ish. I never see anyone wearing a piece of hers looking anything less than fabulous. I love how the combination of her accessories and subtle makeup give this look a relaxed yet classy feel. And she is also wearing Jimmy Choo’s on her feets… love!

Photo credit for both images:

So that’s that, lovelies, these are my two favorites this week. What do you think? Did I miss anyone? Let me know. And as always, have a great day and a fabulous weekend! I have lots of things to do this weekend so I won’t be posting again until Monday. Foo Fighters concert… graduation party… mom’s birthday. Busy busy! So until Monday, kisses!

Friday Fav!

Good afternoon kids! I hope you are all having a wonderful Friday, wherever you are. It’s beautiful here on the east coast today, thank god! It’s seriously about time. I just went and had a nice little lunch with the hubs on the water at one of our favorite spots. But now it’s time to fill you all in on my fav look this week. Check it out.

This week’s fav: Gwyneth Paltrow

Look at her, looking gorgeous as ever at the Met Gala! To me, she is someone who is aging perfectly! I know that’s like a weird thing to say about someone… but she just looks so good to me! Let’s take a look at her whole get up.

 She looks gorgeous in this little Prada mini, showing juuuuust the right amount of side boob. Any more and we’d have a Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco on our hands. She plays by the fashion rules… short skirt, high neck. Even if you can see half her boob.

I love the color of the dress and the subtle makeup and hair. And don’t even get me started on these shoes! I need them. For reals. I am totally obsessed with her look. To me, she nailed it. What do you guys think?



Friday Fav

So this is a new little thing I wanted to put in my blog weekly. Well, I’m going to try to keep up with it weekly. Here I am going to post my favorite looks from the past week or so. Let’s take a look at a couple of my favs this week!

First up…

Katherine McPhee. 

I love this look for a couple reasons. She is mixing and matching like 10 different trends that are so hott right now, and she’s doing it almost effortlessly! The bright colored blazer, the uneven hemmed dresses, the neon shoes, and the ombre hair. So many different trends on one person and she still looks great! I am personally loving the hot pink shoes, I kind of really want a pair. Like… now.







Next up…

Olivia Palermo.

She can do no wrong in my book. She may have played a super bitch on MTV’s The City, but in the world of fashion she is an icon. Well, at least to me. I mean seriously, she’s wearing jeans and a button up with her hair pulled back into a loose bun and looks flawless. She adds a pop of color here and there with her gorgeous blue bag and stunning purple and green shoes. The sparkly blazer? An added bonus. The girl looks good, always, and she knows it. I want this outfit. The whole thing! Unfortunately I don’t think I could pull off half the things she wears but a girl can dream.

So those are my Friday favorites this week! Want to know what my least favorites are? You’ll have to check back on Wednesday for that. ;]


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