Wednesday Worst! Repeat Offender

Hello and good morning my friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I think I took myself a nice little vacation from the blog this memorial day weekend. My husband was home from Wednesday night to Monday and it threw my timing all off! So I kind of forgot to post for a while, but the vacation is over and we are back. Let’s kick off the week with a little Wednesday Worst. Unfortunately, this person is a repeat offender who has been featured in this section before.

This fashion disaster happened last week, but it’s too awful to not feature on here even though almost a full seven days has passed since its unveiling. Please, check it out.

I understand that this is an outfit she was only wearing to perform in (thank GOD) so it’s not like she was wearing this on a red carpet or anything, but still, I have to ask myself, does that make it ok to wear sparkly harem pants? I mean… Does she have Xtina’s sparkly diaper on under this get up? Here’s the thing… J.Lo has a HOT body. There is no denying that. And if I look like her at her age, I’m going to want to show my bod off too, but still somehow managing to act my age… in my decade. She’s dressed like a 19 year old from the mid 90’s… channeling her Fly Girl days I assume. It’s all wrong for me. But I still have faith in J.LO because one minute she comes out dressed like this, and the next she’s all done up in some gorgeous gown with her hair all beautiful and her skin glowing. Whoever styles her performances needs a new job, they fail her constantly. If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that sparkly harem pants are never, ever a do. Sorry J.Lo!

Tunesday Spotlight: @FooFighters of course!

In honor of this past weekend and my latest blog post, I decided to post one of the videos from the show. The coolest thing about this video is that you can almost hear the crowd singing along better than you can hear the band. Enjoy the concert from my prospective :]

This is Hey, Johnny Park! Live at Bamboozle, 2012 in Asbury Park. Dig it!

Tunesday Spotlight: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

If you know me you know I have a girl crush on Grace Potter. She is sex. I got my husband into her music too and he actually discovered this song before I did… go figure. In the past week he’s made me listen to it like, no joke, 50 times. So I figured it was only appropriate to share with you guys. This is a very different song from her usual tunes, kind of 80’s. I dig it though, and so will you. Check it out! Enjoy. :] xo

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Never Go Back


It’s gonna be……

I really couldn’t help but post this. I’ve been seeing it all over Facebook and it makes me laugh every time. If you grew up in the era of boy bands like I did, I truly hope you appreciate this, hah. This was just a nice little thing I wanted to post today… I have nothing of any real substance to say right now, :].

BUT! If you watch The Voice on NBC, Vote Erin Willett! She is my best friend’s cousin, but even if she wasn’t, she kicks serious ass. Like really… I haven’t heard a voice like hers in so long, it’s so refreshing! AND it’s her birthday tomorrow!!! So vote for her and I’ll give ya a kiss :-* <– my kissy face. And I’m not gonna lie, there are some other awesome people on this show right now, there’s some stiff competition out there. But there are also a couple people who creep me out, I won’t mention any names, but Erin is not one of them. hah I’m always Team Blake anyway, he’s my fav!

Tomorrow I will be back in action and have some real stuff to post about, but until then, hope this holds ya over! Have a good night lovers! xoxo

The return of Tunesday!

Hey guysssssss, welcome back. I am finally posting a tune after a couple weeks of my Tuesday’s being dedicated to my Linea Pelle giveaway. So here we go. This song is relatively new and probably pretty popular. I don’t know what it is about this song but it makes me want to do bad things…. like… rob a bank with my husband and then ride off into the sunset together. Normal, right? I dare you not to turn your volume all the way up and then re-play this song about 15 times. Because that’s not what I did the first time I heard it or anything…..? Enjoy!

The Fray – Heartbeat

Coming soon…

Hi friends! I am excited to announce that I have a big giveaway happening on my blog next week! It will be announced on Tuesday, April 10th so be sure to check back and find out what the lovely gift is and all the fun ways you can enter!

For now, and for your listening pleasure, check out my friend Jacob’s new side project! He is most commonly known as the front man from one of my favorite bands, Lynam, but recently he’s joined forces with former Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler for a little side project appropriately titled: Adler. This is their new single The One That You Hated. Enjoy! xo

Tunesday Spotlight: The Wallflowers

Let’s just call this throwback Tuesday, shall we? There are two men I thoroughly enjoy in this life that aren’t my father or my husband…… and that’s Bob and little Jakey Dylan. My mom is a huge Bob Dylan fan, and when I was younger I will admit I would rather pull all of my hair out than listen to one of his songs. Fast forward 18 to 20 years later and what’s one of my absolute favorite, top 3 songs of all time? Isis by Bob Dylan, of course. (If you haven’t heard it, listen to it! It’s about 8 minutes long but undeniably an amazing song). A lot of people find that Bob can kind of be a hard pill to swallow because his voice is so…. “unique” but he is one of the best songwriters that ever lived. Disagree? I’ll fight you on it, swear. What I love most about his songs is that you can almost imagine some of them as movies they’re so descriptive and imaginative. For instance, Tangled up in Blue, Hurricane (Which did become a movie, duh!), Isis, Desolation Row…. so many to choose from. However, this is not a Bob Dylan song we’re going to listen to today.

The great thing about Bob Dylan is that he created Jacob Dylan… a watered down version of his father for my generation. Kudos, Bob, kudos. Jacob and the Wallflowers were the gateway drug I used to get into Bob I think. Although the two sound completely different, Jacob’s most recent solo album, Seeing Things, sounds like it could have been written and recorded by his father, so I’m guessing Bob has played a bigger role in Jacob’s life as a musician than he wanted to admit in earlier years, hmmm? Anyway. This song is a classic and always puts me in a good mood. Enjoy.


The Wallflowers – One Headlight