Friday Fav: Casual Friday

We’re taking it down a notch today. Usually I post pictures of these stars all glammed up on the red carpet, but I saw two looks this morning that were toned down and I really, really loved the way they looked. Behold…

Jordin Sparks

jordin-sparks-290I really love this look on her. I have this weird complex in my head that only girls who are 9 feet tall and 80 pounds can wear leather… even though I’ve recently purchased a pair of leather pants from H&M, I still have to give myself a big pep talk before I wear them. So it’s super refreshing to see someone who doesn’t have the ‘typical’ Hollywood body type rocking some leather pants. Makes me feel better about myself! I am obsessed with her shoes also. I have been searching high and low for a pair quite similar to these. I am also really digging the white top paired with a neutral biker jacket. This whole look is so understated but still looks so hott. And let’s not forget her super swagful arm party! Always a plus. Her lip color choice is interesting to me too. It’s not red, coral, or pink. It’s like a bright berry mixed with coral and pink? Not sure about that, I could never pull that color off but it looks amaze on her. I am a fan of this. What do you think?

Nikki Reednikki-reed-290

This literally looks like something I would wear out to a nice dinner with the hubs or drinks for girls night. It’s SUCH a cute outfit! She’s rocking this outfit at an album release party which seems totally appropriate. She may be wearing leather pants too? It’s kind of hard to see in the picture, but I see some shine, so there’s probably some leather going on there. WHICH, if you didn’t know, leather is a huge trend for this Spring. So work it into your wardrobe somehow. Moving on… The little pop of color found in her clutch is fabulous, it does a great job of breaking up the black and white. I love the embellishments on the collar of her shirt, and her shoes! So simple yet so chic. She always looks so good, doesn’t she? I’m a big fan of Ms. Reed.

Those are my looks this week, kiddies! What do you think? This makes me want to get somewhat dressed up and go out to dinner now. A nice paleo dinner, of course! wink wink. Until next time. Kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

Good afternoon lover bunnies. Pull up a chair and take a look at my Wednesday Worst, won’t you? So, the Sundance Film Festival has been going on, as we all should be aware of, and that’s where I plucked my Wednesday Worst from. Check it out.


Shailene Woodley 


Oh Shailene…. OH Shailene. I know you’re at the Sundance Film Festival and it’s absolutely blistering cold out there… but what gives? You are not on the slopes, you do not need a hat like this. And what kind of pants are you wearing? Dickies? Did you borrow them from a mechanic on your way to the red carpet? …..Or, black carpet. Is that actually a snow suit? Maybe she was on the slopes before she hit the carpet? Anyway. Here’s the thing, I really do like her coat. I don’t know if it’s Burberry or not, but it reminds me of one of their pieces that I am obsessed with. There is something about leather sleeves that I’ve been drooling over lately, so Shailene, well done there. I like the scarf too. Not how she’s wearing it here, it looks sloppy as all hell, but I like it. Overall, she looks very sloppy to me. I don’t love it.

So this is my Wednesday Worst. What do you guys think? Have you seen better….or worse?

Until next time, kisses!


Friday Fav!

Ok, at the count of three, let’s all celebrate that I managed to post more than once in the week… ready… 1……2…..3…. YAY! This is a minor accomplishment but it feels like winning the gold in the Olympics. I’m that excited about it… haha Okay. Let’s get down to business shall we? Here are my favorite looks from the week;

Ashley Greene … she is a class act, is she not? She has such great hair it makes me sad that she has to have it in that stupid pixie cut for the Twilight movies. But those are almost over for her, thank god. Let’s hope her next big role lets her rock her locks like this! Anywho. I am seriously loving this whole ensemble. It’s very understated yet very classy. The neutral hues from neck to toes are fabulously pulled together with her gold jewelry, bag, and matching makeup. She doesn’t go overboard, which we all know I’m a big fan of. Less is more!


Next up… let’s talk about Rachel Weiz. I kind of have one of those girl crushes on her. She always looks like such a lady, and a well dressed one at that! She never looks frumpy to me and she rarely makes poor decisions when it comes to her wardrobe. I adore this dress, especially the upper half. I love the little peekaboo of different fabric. The shoes and the red lips pull the look together completely and she looks absolutely flawless, to me anyway!

What do you guys think? Hits, or misses? Fill me in! And until next time, kisses!

Friday Fav!

Good morning lovers. Happy Friday! Let’s get right into my favorite look this week. In my mind, this girl never disappoints… how do you feel about her? Let’s take a look…

Charlize Theron, ladies and gents! How gorgeous does she look here? I really love this look because I feel like there is kind of some irony behind it. She’s out and about promoting her new movie Promethus, which I gather from previews is about a bunch of people who get lost in space while encountering aliens. So what I like about this look, is that her dress kind of reminds me of, like, a galaxy? Ya know? I don’t know if she went for that look on purpose, but regardless, I dig it. The color of the dress is gorgeous and I loooove the way she looks so simple and elegant with her hair and makeup all understated like it is. I am quite saddened that whoever took this picture cut off her shoes! Any good photographer knows to get a good picture you must have show the whole body from head to toe, duh. So I went ahead and tracked down some other pictures… I HAD to know what her shoes looked like! hah

They don’t make or break the look for me. And in the middle picture she is having a very Angelina Jolie moment with the leg… gag me, but I still love it none the less. What do you guys think? Is her look a hit or a cosmic miss this week? (see what I did there?) Later loves!

photo credit: + 

Wednesday Worst! Repeat Offender

Hello and good morning my friends! It has been a while, hasn’t it? I think I took myself a nice little vacation from the blog this memorial day weekend. My husband was home from Wednesday night to Monday and it threw my timing all off! So I kind of forgot to post for a while, but the vacation is over and we are back. Let’s kick off the week with a little Wednesday Worst. Unfortunately, this person is a repeat offender who has been featured in this section before.

This fashion disaster happened last week, but it’s too awful to not feature on here even though almost a full seven days has passed since its unveiling. Please, check it out.

I understand that this is an outfit she was only wearing to perform in (thank GOD) so it’s not like she was wearing this on a red carpet or anything, but still, I have to ask myself, does that make it ok to wear sparkly harem pants? I mean… Does she have Xtina’s sparkly diaper on under this get up? Here’s the thing… J.Lo has a HOT body. There is no denying that. And if I look like her at her age, I’m going to want to show my bod off too, but still somehow managing to act my age… in my decade. She’s dressed like a 19 year old from the mid 90’s… channeling her Fly Girl days I assume. It’s all wrong for me. But I still have faith in J.LO because one minute she comes out dressed like this, and the next she’s all done up in some gorgeous gown with her hair all beautiful and her skin glowing. Whoever styles her performances needs a new job, they fail her constantly. If we’ve learned anything here, it’s that sparkly harem pants are never, ever a do. Sorry J.Lo!

And my fabulous week continues…

I am not usually one to brag… seriously… but I am having an amazing week and I would love to share it with you guys. As you all read in my previous post about Bamboozle, I got to meet one of my idols this past weekend, Dave Grohl. It was undoubtedly one of the best days of my life. BUT, you can all read about it if you haven’t already, I won’t get into it all over again, you’ll never be able to shut me up. Let’s talk about what happened yesterday that became one of the top 5 best days of my life.

Bruce Springsteen is a local living legend. If you grew up in my area, you are either a die hard Bruce or a die hard Bon Jovi fan, since they’re both considered local heroes in the music industry. They battle over the land of New Jersey and the title of New Jersey’s greatest musician. You can like both… but you cannot love both, there has to be a little loyalty to one or the other. For me, it’s Bruce. He just always seemed a little more on the genuine side. Everyone, and I mean everyone, always sees him out and about around town. Everyone except for me that is. It seems like everyone I know has a story about how they met Bruce in Red Bank, or Pier Village, or Asbury when he just shows up randomly to play a quick song with some old friends at a dive bar. Everyone happens to be at these bars or in the right starbucks at the right time, except me. In 24 years of living about 10 minutes away from this guy I’ve never been one of the lucky ones, until yesterday.

So yesterday I met up with an old friend of mine for lunch at one of my favorite places, The Turning Point in Pier Village. Their french toast is one of the only things that when I crave it, I HAVE to have it. And I pretty much crave it like 3 times a week, so I’m always there. So like 5 minutes after we get there, I look up, and right behind Gabby stands the one and only Bruce Springsteen, with his mother! How adorable? I couldn’t contain my excitement as I have NEVER been one of those people who run into him before. I, probably too loudly, let out a little “oh my god!” which prompted Gabby to turn around without asking what I was looking at, and she did the same thing. “This never happens to me!” I exclaimed. And then we both immediately started sweating profusely. This experience was 100% different from my Bamboozle experience because at least going to the festival we knew there was a slight chance we’d get to run into some famous people, I was slightly more prepared. Here, having lunch, it was totally unexpected and my excitement became almost comical. I immediately called my mother who is one of THE BIGGEST Bruce fans I have ever come across in my entire life. “MOM!” I loudly whispered. “Come to the Turning Point right now!” “I can’t… I’m working.” “Bruce Springsteen is here!” “I’ll be right there.” As she hangs up on me. My mom only works about a block away from Pier Village so she appeared in the doorway pretty much as I was hanging up my phone. The three of us sat at the table and giggled like school children, not really sure what to do with ourselves. My mother suddenly remembered something very serious: the Bruce onesie she had made! As soon as my mom found out my husband and I were expecting our first baby, she went on a onesie making spree. She made a onesie for all of mine and Matt’s favorite bands for the baby to sport upon her arrival. That’s how I managed to have a Foo Fighters onesie on me for Dave to sign. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the habit of carrying them all around with me, so the Bruce onesie was at home. “We HAVE to go get it.” my mother kept saying. We battled with this for a few minutes as we stalked the progress of his meal from our table. Would there be enough time? Would he be all finished and disappear before we were able to get the onsie to the Turning Point? It was reaching the seriousness of an organ transplant. My mom said she could make it happen, and dammit did she make it happen. She quickly left the restaurant and called my father with the urgency of someone trapped in a burning building. Luckily, he was home, which was only 5 or 10 minutes away from Pier Village depending on traffic. She literally screamed at him to grab the Bruce onesie, not ask any questions, and meet us at Pier Village. When he asked her if he could at least finish the story he was working on for the paper, I think she may have threatened to divorce him. Not really, but it was that urgent.

Gabby and I sat there sweating as we planned our attack. When I met Dave Grohl, I had no time to think, the moment was literally right there I just had to act. Here, waiting to possibly MAYBE meet Bruce, I was all nerves.  The more I thought about it, the worse I felt about interrupting him. He was just trying to have a nice quiet lunch with his dear, sweet mother, and no one else seemed to be bothering him. We were going to be THOSE assholes. Finally, my father arrived with the onesie and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Bruce had just finished his meal and was getting ready to leave. It was now or never. I took a short walk from my table to his and literally felt like I was walking down Death Row. It didn’t help that as we slowly approached him everyone else in the restaurant was starring at us. Clearly just jealous that we had enough balls to go up to him while everyone else was too afraid. Or, ya know, they were like “wow look at these assholes.” UNTIL I broke out the onesie. Then I heard a collective “awwwww” from everyone close enough to see what I was holding.

I reached Bruce’s table, and he looked up at me. I smiled and this was all I could manage. “Excuse me, I really, REALLY, hate to bother you (because I really did!) but, could you please sign this for me?” I held out the onesie so he could see it, his mother let out a long “awwwww” and he smiled at the sight of it. He laughed a little, smiled, and said “of course I could sign that.” I put it down on the table and he asked me to hold the corners of the shirt while he autographed it. He asked if this particular onesie was “for the one you got in there” as he gestured to my stomach. “Yes it is, she’s already a big fan.” He then asked me if we had a name picked out, which I told him. Famous people are allowed to know Baby R’s real name, haha. He spoke out loud while he autographed her onesie. “To….. [Baby R]…. Start Rockin. Bruce….Springsteen. And a little guitar.” Gabby and I both stood there smiling like idiots as he signed my baby’s onesie. What happened next I truly felt bad about, but I would never get this opportunity again. He was clearly ready for us to leave, but I went ahead and asked him for a quick picture anyway. He laughed again, then said “I supposed I can do that for you. Have a seat.” as he patted the seat in the booth next to him. I all-too-excitedly sat down next to him and he told me to hold up the onesie as Gabby graciously took our picture. Check it out. :]


I thanked him 100 times and told him I would never, ever bother him again! He was super sweet though and as we turned to leave both he and his mother wished me luck with the baby. I think this baby is bringing me all the luck I need. Two autographed onesies and two run-ins with two of my favorite people on the entire planet in less than a week? Seriously, what are the chances? I told my mom I’m going to carry the rest of the onesies around with me just in case! I think I’ll have her make a Johnny Depp one and carry it around with me… you never know!

So that has been my week so far ladies and gents! I apologize for letting my blog get so off track, I have a million other things I wanted to post about… like a new favorite nail polish, but I had to write about my run-ins this week! Oh, and, I just want everyone to know, that Bruce is just as wonderful in person as you want him to be as well. Which is another reason I choose to love him over Bon Jovi. You never hear of people seeing Bon Jovi out in random places like the Turning Point, which leads me to believe he doesn’t see himself as “just another regular guy” like Bruce so clearly does. Taking his mother out to a nice little lunch, even sitting on the same side of the booth as her! Like, does it get any more adorable than that? I think not! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he is SUPER attractive in person. I have always said he was one of those older men that is very attractive to me, I don’t care if he’s in his 60’s. In person, he is yummy. For a 60 year old man he has got it goin’ on. LOL how creepy am I??

Alright, I hope you guys are having an amazing week as well! Have you had the pleasure of meeting any of your idols? If so, who and where? Tell me all about it! I don’t want to be the only one sharing my experiences here! Have a good afternoon loves, until tomorrow! Kisses. <3

Wednesday Worst!

It pains me to post this one… but I see just no other option this week. Out of all the looks I’ve seen, this is by far the worst. womp womp.

Amy Poehler

I want to not hate this so much… but I can’t. It’s entirely wrong in just every way. I want to say that maybe if it were a pant suit it wouldn’t be so bad, but I think even that wouldn’t save this look. Actually, it’s entirely possible it would make it worse. First of all, the look on her face, she looks like the Joker secretly plotting against Bat Man, but her hair looks fabulous, so that’s good. The high neckline and buttoned up blazer paired with shorts featuring some pasty legs? I just don’t like it Amy! Why not layer a coat of self tanner on those gams before sporting this look? Wouldn’t kill ya! I’m sorry Amy… I love ya, but this is a miss for me. :[

photo credit: 

Wednesday Worst!

Well, first let me apologize for being MIA yesterday! I was actually bed-ridden for most of the afternoon until bed time with a torn muscle in my stomach. Not so much fun when your baby decides that’s exactly where she wants to sit all day and uses that muscle as a trampoline. Thankfully this morning I feel much better! I think it is due, in part, to the fact that Baby R has rolled over and is no longer resting solely on my torn muscle. Thank you, baby.

So anyway! Now that I can actually walk again, I didn’t want to miss a beat here. Let’s get right down to it. Here is my Wednesday Worst for this week:

I don’t care what anyone else has to say about this look, or Katy Perry herself because I know she has a billion die-hard ‘we will defend her honor til the death’ fans, but she looks like she walked right out of the movie The Craft  here. I know she is ALL about reinventing herself with different hair colors, like, once a month, I know that’s her MO… but the purple hair is not what bothers me. It’s the whole look together. If you say she looks good you are a liar. It’s too much, just way too much. The dark hair, the dark lips (yikes, first of all), the dark eye makeup, the floor length semi see-through dress, the rosary looking beads, and those weird pointy shoes? She looks like the wicked witch of LA. And I hate to say it because I like Katy Perry, I do! But let’s face it… every celebrity cannot look perfect all the time. And if they did, I wouldn’t have this glorious section of my blog entitled Wednesday Worst. It’s the circle of life my friends, we must accept it. And again, Katy Perry is known for doing some wacky, out of the box looks. She has provided plenty of looks over the years that could be a Wednesday Worst OR a Friday Fav.

To be honest, I’m kind of digging her purple hair. Out of all of the colors she has dyed it lately, this is one of my favorites. It’s bold, but doesn’t look cartoonish like her blue hair did. If she only toned everything else down for this look, maybe it wouldn’t be such a disaster in my book. For example, cut about 2 feet off the bottom of the dress to make it shorter and either tone down the lips or the eyes and this really wouldn’t be so terrible. But unfortunately Katy, this is a miss for me.

How do you guys feel? Are you just so used to her antics because it’s like, “oh it’s Katy Perry, she’s crazy! She’ll wear anything!” Or do you hold her to a higher fashion standard like apparently I do? hah. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Lemme know. :]

Have a great day guys! And don’t pull any muscles in your tummy! Believe me, it’s no day at the park. haha until tomorrow, kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

I was all set for my Wednesday Worst this week… it was even going to be a Kentucky Derby special! Let’s just say… thanks to a certain NBC star, some celebs are safe this week. So let’s hope they choose to wear something a little more normal this week and don’t end up here next Wednesday anyway.

Let’s get to it… I’m just going to put this out there… if you wear a bedazzled diaper, you are automatically the worst dressed out of anyone in the room. Observe:

photo credit: NBC

Christina Aguilera 

What in the hell Christina, what in the hell? I understand she has this whole “I don’t give a crap what people think about me, I love my body” attitude. And honestly, I commend her for that. But I know plenty of women who love their bodies and still wear some sort of pants or bottoms. I mean, honestly, for a while there she was looking pretty conservative, so much so that it even made the news! I mean… look at her here only a few weeks ago:

Her boobs are all tucked away, for the most part, her hair is sleek and tamed, she’s got a smoldering eye look going on but keeping it balanced with a neutral lip. She looks so good! And this was supposed to be the “look” she was going for from now on, said her stylist. So what in the world happened from there? Who in the world looked at her in that gaudy, sparkly diaper and said, you know what girl? You look good! You wear that diaper and you wear it proud! I mean seriously, even if you were still the Christina from the days of Pop that I loved so much, I still wouldn’t want to see you in that, much like I didn’t care to see you in assless chaps in your Dirrrrrrty Days. I mean she looks like a lion tamer that was late for the circus and forgot her pants. Why, Christina, why?

And while we’re on the subject! It certainly doesn’t help her case that she was super nasty to my favorite contestant (after Erin Willett!) Tony Luca! What is her deal? I am putting in his performance of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems because I thought he honestly did an amazing job. The way they changed that song around for him was so awesome I feel like they could put it on some sort of movie soundtrack. I see that being the main song for like, this summer’s blockbuster hit that’s a Western, ya know? It’s so good and of course she had to go and make it personal. Kudos to Team Adam for handling that so well. I hate to overdo the personal opinion on here, but it’s my blog and that was annoying me, so whatever. Deal with it! Just kidding. :] But in all seriousness, anyone who gets their panties in a bunch over that song needs to relax. I liked it when Jay-Z came out with it, and I liked it even more when I heard Tony Luca sing it the other night. I am a girl, I can be a bitch. I can admit that. If you can’t…. that’s your prob, bob!

So there ya have it folks. My Wednesday Worst this week goes to the one and only, “Xtina,” Queen of all things Gaudy. What do you guys think? Did you like her studded underwear or was it a miss for you too? Let me know! And in the mean time, enjoy a nice little performance from Tony Luca on The Voice!

Tunesday Spotlight: Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson

So I saw this live performance when it aired on the CMA’s and I recently downloaded the song and I’m a little obsessed with it. I really forgot how much I liked this when I watched it live. Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson have the most intense sexual tension I have ever seen before. I don’t know what the deal is between the two of them, if they’re just putting on an extra good show because of the nature of the song, or what, but it is HOTT. Like, muy caliente! It’s like they are fighting themselves to keep their hands off each other. You can almost hear the panties dropping throughout the crowd. At any rate, this is an awesome song and I quite enjoy watching them sing it to each other. Without any further ado, (?) here is Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson live at the CMA’s performing “Run.” Enjoy!