I really look forward to any event which allows me to dress up, even the littlest bit, so fancy date nights really excite me. Except our favorite “fancy” date night spot is surprisingly casual, so, womp womp. Over the weekend we planned to grab dinner at a cute, “fancy schamncy” place in town, so I dressed right up… but we changed our plans last minute to get dinner with friends instead… at a very casual Mexican restaurant. So needless to say I was absurdly over dressed for the occasion but whatever… that’s just me.




I snagged this dress off of Amazon towards the end of the summer and felt like I didn’t wear it nearly as often as I should have for how cute it was. It had been tucked into the depths of my closet since then, but in searching for something to go with my favorite over the knee boots I wanted to wear a piece I haven’t worn in a while. It may be a heinously inappropriate dress for mid-January but paired with these boots and a warm coat (not the leather one pictured here) it was perfect.


I had worn the same faux leather jacket from H&M for the last …. 5 years? Through every season; with layers if it was too cold, with barely anything if it was too warm. It was my actual go to. Unfortunately it basically died this year. The risk you take with a faux-leather item from a store like that… it started to peel. I will say it lasted way longer than I ever thought it would, but when I finally had the courage to let it go for good I knew I needed to find something else I would love just as much, if not more, which meant I knew I had to spend a little more money this time around. Cut to Linea Pelle’s Cameron leather jacket. AND SWOON. I had not-so-secretly been lusting after this jacket for, let’s just say, a hot minute. It finally went on sale and I pounced on that “add to cart” button like a hungry jungle cat stalking its prey. Ya feel me? This particular style is sold out (biggest BOOOOOOOO ever) BUT an almost identical version with embellished sleeves is still available, and truly, just as perfect. The fit is more snug than I would like it to be… which means layering will probably not be an option… unless it just needs some time to be broken in. If you want the tighter fit, it’s true to size, if you want a more versatile look and the ability to throw this over literally anything, I suggest ordering a size up (I’m wearing a small).

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