All Business in the New Year

One thing I have had on my style bucket list this past year was a leather pencil skirt. I’ve honestly been trying to snag myself one for an absurdly long time now and thanks to Shein my dreams have finally come true! I love the edge that leather ads to this otherwise everyday look. img_4726-2

H&M TOP || SHEIN SKIRT C/O || BOOHOO FAUX FUR COAT C/O (similar here, here) || PAYLESS HEELS (similar) || DITTO SHADES


Thank god for this little faux fur coat because when I tell you it was COLD the day we shot this look, it was COLD. Like, take a break between shots to warm up your fingers and toes, cold. This coat keeps me warm and toasty every time I wear it!


I have always wanted a leather pencil skirt for the office. I’ve never been one to wear simple black dress pants and a button up to work… snore, so I’m always looking for a way to elevate my look. This little pencil skirt is a new favorite of mine!


Actually I wore this shirt on my birthday outing to Liberty Science Center! That night I paired it with faux leather pants and my Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots. And I must say… I legit did the climbing wall in my high heel boots! Crushed it. So yeah, I have a thing for pairing this top with leather bottoms. They were, how you say, made for each other! ;]

So guys! I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season! I took the week between Christmas and New Years off and, honestly, I’m glad to be back at work! I was starting to forget what day it was… who I was… I was like 2 more days off away from not showering anymore, you know? Getting back into the swing of things feels good! Did you set any goals for the new year? Or New Years Resolutions? I want to cut out sugar… but that’s not realistic. So I’m just going to try to eat as healthy as possible as often as possible! ALSO. I gave up alcohol. I’m going to cut that out, and soda, and start eating “clean-ish” while working out 4-6 days a week and see what my body can do! I’m 2 days in for all of the above and I feel good! Talk to me in like a week… we’ll see where I’m at. HAH.

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Festival Season with Boohoo

Festival season is just beginning and I truly live for summer concerts. Where I’m from, there is no shortage of venues to check out your favorite band. I even worked at a concert venue for a few summers just to be able to see the shows for free. I look forward to this all year round, and if you do too then you definitely need to check out Boohoo’s collection of festival ready clothes!




I am actually obsessed with this outfit. It was beaaaautiful out the day I wore it and it got way cooler as the evening went on but I refused to change, ha. Pants definitely would have been more appropriate, or comfortable, but once I have tapped into my spring wardrobe I have a really, REALLY hard time putting anything else back on.


I love the high slit in this skirt, it’s like it was made to be paired with gladiator sandals. Which, speaking of, I am really really hoping are just as poplar this season as they were last year. I need more of them in my life. Anywho. This outfit is so comfortable and soft and easy to wear, and more importantly, but pieces are versatile enough to be worn with a bunch of different things and last you all spring and summer (and festival season), long!

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Tuesday’s Gone

My goodness, ya’ll! 2016 and I did not get off on the right foot, for real. I have felt pretty crappy for the past month or two, knew it was my sinuses, but tried to ignore it. I literally did not have time to go to the doctor, so I just didn’t. WELL. My sinus infection was like, NOPE, I shan’t be ignored any longer! and basically attacked my body. I’ve been on my death bead since Saturday, but I am finally feeling a tiny bit better. Needless to say I’ve been keeping it real simple lately and consider it a personal victory when I walk out of the house wearing something other than pajamas.


BOOHOO OFFICIAL COAT ℅ (similar) || FOREVER21 SHIRT (similar here, here) || BULLHEAD JEANS (similar here, here) || CONVERSE SNEAKS || H&M HAT || LARIMAR RING


Isn’t this turquoise Larimar ring stunning?! All of their pieces speak to me but this ring is something I simply had to own. I can already tell I’ll be wearing it every single day come the summertime. It fits perfectly with everything I own for the warmer months.


It finally feels like winter showed up on the east coast, and between that and feeling like crap all the time, I am all about cuddling up and staying warm in this faux fur hooded jacket from Boohoo Official. It’s so warm and cozy! I love that I can dress it down with distressed denim, a t-shirt, and high tops and it still looks good. I love me some versatile pieces, don’t you? Anyway guys! As I nurse myself back to health, slowly but surly, do you have any recommendations on things I can do to feel better? I’m taking antibiotics, finally, but I need some quick relief too! Any tips you can throw my way are much appreciated. MWAH!


Check Please

Typically this time of year on the East coast I would not be able to walk around in skirts or dresses without some serious layering action, but with this mild winter we have been experiencing thus far I’ve been able to re-wear some of my favorite fall pieces.




I am trying not to enjoy the weather we have been having too much because I know a terribly cold winter is really just around the corner. It’s going to be bitter and awful… I’m really not looking forward to it, ha. We’ve been so spoiled but at the same time it’s kind of hard to get in the holiday spirit around here, isn’t it? Is this how people on the West Coast feel? Like, how do you get excited for a snowy Christmas when you can go out and about in a t-shirt and jeans? It’s strange!


Anyway! I’m really into this skirt. I used to stay far, far away from anything with a print because they can be really unflattering when you’re curvy like myself, but I’ve been trying to teach myself to embrace that shit lately. Lucky for me, this skirt seemed to hug all of the right places instead of pointing out my large hips and thighs. It’s high waisted so in the warmer months I can pair it with a cute crop top or light t-shirt. Point being, it’s one of those items you can wear over and over again!

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I’m on Strike

Spoiler alert: I fucking hate the cold! I’m against it. I am against it every single day of the year except for Christmas. I want a snowy perfectly white Christmas and then after that it has to be like a steady 60 degrees or more. I suspect I live in the wrong state… anyway…. my choice of outerwear for this look poorly prepared me for how damn cold it actually was. FRIGGEN BRRRR.


BOOHOO TOP ℅ || H&M JACKET (similar) || FOREVER21 LEGGINGS (similar) || LULU’S BOOTIES ℅ (similar here, here) || MOLLY & ZOEY BAG (similar options here, here, here) || DITTO SHADES ℅ (use my code THERACHELROSS to get your first month free!)


I’ve been eyeing up a slit sweater top like this for so long now, I’m thrilled to actually have been able to add one to my collection. And, surprise surprise! It’s olive green. That was my color for fall, and I’ve noticed as I have been putting together outfits for future posts or shopping that black and burgundy are my colors for the winter. I’m obsessed. But you’ll see more of that soon enough.


SEE. It was so cold this day! It was weirdly cold though, like I left my house with just this leather jacket because it was warm there (I’m a few blocks in from the beach) and as I got near the beach it was FREEZING! Obviously I know it’s always a little cooler by the water but the change in temperature was drastic. I was not at all prepared for that, ha. I’m so not looking forward to this whole winter BS.

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