Friday Fav!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to post this! That would have been a disaster. This is my favorite look from the Oscars this past Sunday. It wasn’t easy to pick just one but I finally pulled out my favorite. This look may surprise you because she wasn’t one of the A listers for the night, but it caught my eye so whateva, deal with it.

Zoe Saldana


Can you say obsessed? There is something so gorgeous about this gown… this whole look really. She rocked an Alexis Mabille Couturedress, Neil Lane jewelry, Roger Vivier shoes, and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch (not pictured). I don’t know what I like better here… the top half of this getup or the bottom. I LOVE the detail on the bodice of her dress (I’ll show a close up down below), but the bottom is so fun, too! The ombre effect on the train is gorgeous, especially with the color palate they chose. Her soft waves and drop crystal earrings are fantastic as well. This was such a pretty dress, and not overdone since she wasn’t a nominee or anything. She didn’t have to go with the over-the-top ball gown and she didn’t, so I’m a fan! Let’s look at some other angles, shall we?I really like her rings too… you can see them better on the closeup down below. She’s working some stackables! Work it gorl!


So this is my favorite look for the week! What do you think? Who was your favorite celeb at the Oscars? We can still talk Oscars right? It hasn’t lost its momentum yet? Good. I’m glad.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’m having a low key girls night tonight. Wine, Pizza, board games, gossip, and my best girls. AAAAAHHH what could be better? Until next time, kisses!


How To: The Sock Bun!

I know these tutorials are a dime a dozen… but I made this video for a friend of mine who has been asking for it for months now, haha. The sock bun is a huge trend right now, and it can be kind of tricky to pull off perfectly. The key with this, as is with anything, is practice, practice, practice! I had to do this bun about 15 times before I felt like I really had the hang of it. I love to wear the sock bun look for fancy occasions, like a great dinner party or holiday dinner. So check it out, try it out a few times, hope it helps!

Wednesday Worst!

I was so in love with so many looks from the Oscars this past weekend, and felt so strongly about how much I disliked others, that it was honestly hard for me to wait until today to write this post. I so badly wanted to do a whole Oscars recap on Monday but I was in the city for a meeting all day and unfortunately just couldn’t make it happen. SO… I’ll just post my least favorite and my favorite looks as I usually do. Now if you watched the Oscars, and you have eyes… you probably know where I’m going with this one. Behold…

Kristen Stewart

kristen-stewart-85th-oscarsummm… ummm….. hmm. I don’t even know where to start here. I am not a K Stew hater by any means. I’m not 100% a fan, but I’m not just calling her out because I hate her (cough, Ginnifer Goodwin, cough). I’m a Twilight fan. I love me some Bella and Edward… I HATE that she cheated on R. Patz.. who does that? Anyway that has nothing to do with her look here. Let me get back on track. This is a gorgeous dress, and it looks so sad on her. I would totally pick this for a Jessica Chastain type, right? Someone with perky boobs to hold the dress up. It looks like it’s about to slide right off her. I’m not judging by any means, I have the same sad little boy chest, but at least I know how to dress it up. This is a girl who usually shows up to awards shows in jeans and sneakers so why, WHY, are you trying to half ass it to the Oscars? Especially all gimpy like she was? Stick to what you’re good at… be you! Everyone would be much more forgiving if she walked the red carpet in a sleek pantsuit with a pair of leather chucks. I mean you showed up on crutches for crying out loud… we would understand flats! And can we just look at a closeup of her upper half please? Because homegirl looks like she’s falling asleep mid step and repeat.

oscars-2013-kristen-stewart-1aye aye aye! I think a big contributor to this look being awful is the eyeshadow choice. It can be SO hard to wear pinks, purples, and corals without looking like you’re actually physically ill. So I won’t say it’s 100% her fault. However, her hair looking as messy and unkept as it does, paired with her tired eye look, DOES make her look physically ill. Everything is so horribly put together for me. And it’s not like she’s incapable of looking absolutely stunning! I’m just so sad she completely flopped here. I mean… look at her at a previous red carpet event:

same look down here… strapless fleshy-colored gown, side swept hair, plum


lip… but everything is SO put together! Scroll back up the previous picture… doesn’t it look like this one over here to the right is her earlier in the night? And then the one up top is her after like hours of partying? What gives K Stew? Why are you such a hott mess???

UGH. I’m sorry I really went off there but it really irks me THAT much. Anne Hathaway was a close second, just so we’re all aware of that. I couldn’t get past her nipples and her lost, wet, homeless, sad puppy finally adopted by a loving family attitude. You’re Anne Hathaway… this was not your “break out” role… give it up! Just get up there and own the damn thing already! God! Bottom line is, Kristen Stewart does not look comfortable nor confident in this dress and that is where your look has to start. If you don’t feel good in something, everyone will know it. Dress for yourself, and yourself only!

I promise my post on Friday will be so much nicer.. I just had to get this off my chest, hahaha. What do you guys think? Who was your worst dressed from the Oscars this year? Fill me in! Until next time, kisses!

Glamour Magazine 3 Day Hair Challenge

While flipping through the pages of Glamour recently (I’m always a month behind on these mags) I came across their article on 3 Day Hair; how to have great hair without washing it for 3 days, with 3 different hair styles. I decided it was worth a shot. SUPPOSEDLY you are to braid your hair on day 1, have loose beautiful beachy waves on day 2, and rock a top knot with lots of texture on day 3. So that’s what I did. NOW – let’s have an honest discussion here, ladies. I have super super curly and coarse hair. These articles that appear in magazines like this typically apply to women with gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model hair, naturally, right? So I knew going into this little challenge it wouldn’t exactly work how it said it’s supposed to in the magazine, but fine, whatever, I tried it anyway.

DAY ONE: The side braid.

Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Michelle
Braceletes: Uphoria Boutique

DSC_3077 The idea of this look is that your braid your hair, sleep in it, and the next day; VIOLA! Beautiful ‘mermaid waves’ as Glamour referred to them.

Here’s how: Out of the shower with towel dried hair, douse your strands with a beach-hair spray. (use my recipe for a DIY beachy-hair spray). Start braiding your hair just by your ears OR do a face framing french braid to add some wave even higher and keep its hold better longer. (I chose to do a face framing french braid because my hair is curly and I knew if I slept in it, it would look like a lion’s mane in the morning, braid or no braid). Sleep in your braid. Day one hair.

Sweater: H&M
Tank: H&M
Jeans: J Brand
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Molly & Zoe, Alex & Ani

DAY TWO: The Mermaid Waves
DSC_3083 DSC_3080

The idea here… that your braid’s death means the life for beautiful beachy hair… in February. Totally plausible.

Here’s how: The morning after you’ve slept in your braid, take it out. VERY carefully, DO NOT run your fingers through your hair! Let your hair fall in the large chunks it was braided in, it will loosen up on its own throughout the day. Blast your hair with some hair spray and you’re done. My hair doesn’t exactly look like the model’s in the magazine, obvi. I have curly hair naturally so I knew it was going to look more textured than beachy. For looser waves, create a looser braid on day 1. 

DAY THREE: Textured Top Knot

Shirt: H&M
Sweater: Forever21
Headband: Mandees

IMG_2491 IMG_2482The idea here is that your hair is starting to become a little on the greasy side from not being washed for 3 days, so throw it up into an easy top knot. This was probably my favorite look of the three.

Here’s how: Blast your strands with a dry shampoo which will add texture and also suck up some of the oil on your scalp. <– This is really important if your hair is naturally straight or thin, you probably notice that it’s hard to go even a day without washing your hair. Don’t have dry shampoo? Use baby powder or a VERY light dusting of flour, it’ll have the same effect. Next, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and comb down the top, sides, and back, to control flyways. Wrap your hair around the ponytail in a clockwise motion and begin pinning down the ends with bobby pins. It will look a little messy, but that’s kind of the point. Cover the knot in hair spray and you’re done! I added this beaded headband because of the baby hairs I have in the back. I didn’t want to pin them down and take away from the bun so I wrapped them up with a headband. I thought it looked pretty classy with my red lips, so I was happy with it.

AND THAT MY FRIENDS, is the Glamour 3 Day Hair challenge. Like I said, if you have naturally curly hair like mine, don’t expect the same results as those in the magazine, BUT don’t feel like you can’t do it because of that. I rocked my curly hair proudly this week, which is something I never do! hah Try it out friends, and tell me what you think! Until next time, kisses!



Wednesday Worst!

Ok. Let’s have a quick discussion here. How do we all feel about mixing prints? I’m on the fence about it. I think I like it in moderation. But I absolutely DETEST it when people do it to be uber trendy. Like ‘oh look at me… I’m super trendy and I don’t conform and I wear whatever the fugg I want and it makes me look cool.’ Like no… you look like Britney Spears circa all of 2007. You don’t look trendy, you look nutty. Like you still haven’t gotten your power back after Sandy and you’re just like, fuck it, it’s like a grab bag of outfits! WHEW. I feel better now. That’s how I feel when these people go overboard. Show us an example, you say? Sure! See below.

Sarah Jessica Parker

sarah-jessica-parker-290Here’s the thing.. I would excuse this look (maybe) if she were in the midst of filming Sex and the City. Carrie Bradshaw was known for her kind of over-the-top outfits. Some were hits, some were misses, but we loved her despite those flaws, right? This is a miss for me and it makes me hate her. I’m just kidding! I only mildly loathe her. Ok ok I’m just kidding, seriously. BUT back to her look. What in the world is going on here? Mixing prints is totally fine but this is just atrocious. I could even forgive the wild coat over the insane dress IF the shoes were a solid color… or even matched! Throw us a bone here SJP! I feel like she is having a hard time letting go of Carrie Bradshaw, as are the rest of the lonely middle-aged house wives who miss swooning over Mr. Big. So, all in all, I don’t like this! She is one of those trying too-hard trendy people I think, right? Or am I totally off here and this is like a fashion favorite and Joan Rivers is going to praise her on Fashion Police? I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels this way.

Ok I feel the need to mention that I wrote this post last night before I was supposed to go to bed. Unfortunately, Charlotte decided 11:30 was a good time to wake up and hang out until almost 2am. WHICH MEANS I stayed on the couch most of the night watching the Sex and the City movie on E… oddly enough. And after watching Carrie Bradshaw get her heart stomped on at 2 in the morning I felt kind of badly for writing this whole thing about her… but alas, I have to push the publish button regardless. Sorry Carrie! 

I have had some experience in mixing prints myself lately. This is an outfit I actually wore last week. IMG_2137

I think this works here because I’m staying in the same color family. Nothing too harsh on the eyes. I mixed an aztec print sweater, stripes, and polka dots, and I don’t feel like I look like a hot mess. But maybe I do… hah! Your thoughts? Until next time, kisses!

headband: Forever21
Sweater: Target
Tank: Victoria’s Secret
Lace Bralet: Victoria’s Secret 

January Favorites!

Hey kiddies! Peep my favorite things from January. I realize February is almost over.. so sorry about that! I think I am going to start a trend of posting these favorites videos in the middle of the month. Maybe that would be kinda cool.. or not? ANYWAY. Dig it.


Friday Fav!

It’s going to be short and sweet today. Have LOT’S to do! Anywho. Here is my fav look of the week:



How cute is she? It’s Chloe Mortez in a very age appropriate little blue dress covered with a chic leather jacket. She’s not even 16 yet… isn’t that crazy? She looks mature beyond her years here. I LOVE the look of a very feminine dress covered with a little leather to give it some edge. Add a cross body bag and the right shoes and your look is perfection. This is a really hard look to screw up, although I’m sure it’s been done by some of Hollywood’s finest. Her hair looks juuuuust messy enough to look like she didn’t even do it that day (not that any celebrity would ever do that, regardless of their age) and her makeup is super laid back too. I’m really enjoying this whole outfit, kind of inspires me to wear something like it tonight! hah Actually I have worn something very similar myself once. Check it out:



Like I said.. it’s super easy to get this look right. If you’re on the east coast, it’s absolutely freezing out this weekend so opt for some no-fuss tights under your dress. Booties are always a good choice when wearing tights. Also, be conscious that you don’t go too overboard with prints and colors. Wearing a bold, printed dress? Keep the leather simple. Wearing colored leather? Keep the dress simple and try to stay in the same color family. Other than that, have fun with it. And have a fun weekend, kiddies! Until next time, kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

Ok… let’s all ignore the fact that I really, really can’t stand Ginnifer Goodwin or anything about her ever for a hot minute, what she wore recently is hideous. Even for a little school boy from the cold, dark streets of London. Check it.



I know this is awful, but if you’re going to look like a boy, literally from head to toe, can you try to amp up the femininity just a little bit? Or at all? Please? Is that too much to ask? I mean really a little pop of color on the lip, if anything. Here’s the thing… I dig the shorts. I love the cobalt blue, it’s such a fun color to play with. HOWEVER, the matching blazer buttoned all the way the hell up? ICK. It’s so ill fitting and the white piping makes her look like Elton John. Oh I can’t stand looking at it. Some trends I really can’t get on board with and the shorts suit is one of them. I’m sorry Ginnifer but this is a major fashion fail for me.

Was that mean? I kind of felt like it was… but I really can’t stand her… sorry I’m not sorry? Ok, I am.. a little. Don’t let it happen again Ginnifer! And cover up your knobby knees, lord.


I mean, take a tip from Emma Watson. She went in for the kill and chopped off all her gorgeous locks into a little pixie cut, but NEVER boarders on masculine. She is the ultimate example of keeping it girly with short hair. She always looks so damn cute, doesn’t she? Take notes Ginny. Can I call you Ginny?

What do you guys think? Is this a fashion fail or is she just so fashion forward she’s ahead of the trend…? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys. Until next time, kisses!




Friday Fav!

My Friday Fav this week was chosen for a very specific reason. As a [kind of] new mom myself, (7 and a half months still counts as new right?] I really, truly love seeing other new moms bouncing back and looking absolutely amazing while doing it! I know it’s pretty much super easy for celebs, they have like 8 nannies to watch their kids while they train with their 5 personal trainers at the gym for 3 hours a day, twice a day, 7 days a week. A lot of math there, huh? Long story short: bouncing back after having a baby for real moms = not as easy as it is for celeb moms. Got it? Good. ANYWAY. With that being said, here’s my Friday Fav.


Kristen Cavallari, previously of The Hills, looks drop dead gorgeous for being a new mommy. I mean, I know black is the world’s most slimming color, but the bitch doesn’t even look like she just had a baby! Especially in her face and that’s where I think my biggest problem was. Ok… and my ass… and my legs… and my arms… and my ever flabby stomach. But also my face. :] She had her first babe in August, 2 months after me, and she looks this good already? I almost hate her for it. Anyway, I don’t just like this look because she seems to be super in shape again, ha. I love the black on black with a white blazer on top. That look is ALWAYS so chic! Her chunky statement necklace is totally something I would wear. Staying true to her signature style she’s sporting easy makeup and unfussy hair. I can’t lie, she looks a little on the tired side in this picture though, haha. BUT none the less, she’s killin it for sure. Kudos K Cav. I’m super jeal.

What do you guys think? Celeb or not, she’s looking quite smashing for having a 6 month old, don’t you agree?

Until next time, kisses!

Pushing 60, Not Daisies.

Folks, we’ve been seeing each other long enough… it’s time you met my mother! No but seriously, my mom just started a blog and I think it’s going to be pretty fabulous. She is looking 60 in the face, and her blog is all about how she is going to embrace it. My mom is one badass chick. Previously first in the world in karate, owner of her own newspaper, tattoos makeup on her own face… badass. So anyway, there’s a link to her blog below, she has one introductory blog post so far, but there’s much more to come. If you’re into fun DIY projects, cosmetic surgery, tattooing your own makeup, and turning any age you’re not sure you’re ready to cope with, her blog is for you! She’s known to be quite quirky, never disappoints. There’s a couple pictures of us below too. [Me & mom in Aruba a few years ago, and the two of us with Char this past Christmas time]. Enjoy!

Pushing 60, not Daisies.


5320_1119763997890_4721023_n 150982_513535442012737_833456843_n