Fashion for your little Fashionista

For a very long time now a lot of people have been telling me to put Charlotte on my blog. I have very high standards for what my daughter (soon to be daughters) wear. I tell people when they’re shopping for her: think of me… would I wear it? Don’t get me wrong, she loves her Minnie Mouse sweatshirts and Hello Kitty sneakers, and I’ll throw those on her (on rainy days when we don’t plan on leaving the house at all), just kidding! Kind of. But seriously, here’s the thing… I don’t want my kid to look like a slob, that’s all. And there are SO many cute and affordable clothes for young kids now, why not dress them to impress as well? Oh but a quick disclaimer: there is absolutely nothing I can do about her insane hair. It’s deep in the “awkward” phase, so, ignore that.



This dress was an insane score from H&M. It was only four dollars! So amazing. I’m very into shopping on a budget for Char, unless it’s for a special occasion. I am very aware that she’s a toddler and her clothes are not going to last as long as I’d like them to. Target, H&M, Old Navy, Babies R’ Us, and the outlets have amazing steals for my little boog. She’s super into wearing jewelry lately as well so I always let her browse through my jewelry boxes when we’re getting ready for the day. This necklace was perfect for the occasion!image

These photos were taken on our Mother’s Day outing to the beach! It was literally the most perfect day. We wore little dresses, combed the beach for shells, splashed around in the water, and soaked up LOTS of sun! Charlotte hates the sand every time we go to the beach. She walks very slowly and waddles a little bit, like my great grandmother or a cat on wet grass for the first time, it’s quite comical. She gets used to it after a while though and then it’s almost impossible to get her to leave!

 This is also the perfect time to tell you guys about my new favorite shopping app: Mavatar. Have you guys heard about it? All you do is sign up once and then while you shop online (at certain, amazing retailers) it combs the web for the best coupon codes available. It’s seriously amazing, I’m addicted to it! I’ve put together a few of my favorite spring dresses for little girls and you can shop my whole collection through Mavatar below! Enjoy and happy shopping!