My Emoji Outfit

You know that saucy little red dancing girl emoji? When I wore this outfit I felt like the human version of her. Saucy and ready to dance! Nevermind the fact that I was quite literally ready to pop at any moment. I just wanna dance!



image-51 image-52 image-53

My bump is so huge now it’s almost comical compared to how small the rest of my body is. When I was pregnant with Charlotte my stomach looked absolutely absurd but it fit the rest of my body, ya know? This is just silly.

image-55 image-56 image-57I love the detail on this necklace! The little red roses remind of Alice in Wonderland and I swoon over the alternating gold and black chain. This is the perfect outfit to give you a little boost in confidence when you’re 39 & a half weeks pregnant, like I am here. No matter how small you are elsewhere, when you’re carrying around this much extra cargo in front, it starts to become a little…. depressing, ha. Dear feet, I’ll see you again soon. I miss you. Love, me. When you need a little pep in your day, do as I do, dress up! Wear what makes you feel good and go out and flaunt your bump. You’ll feel so much better.


Tres Chic!

You know that little, witty joke, “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” That’s not really a witty joke. I always find myself coming back to black. It’s the perfect color. Or…the perfect lack of color? Ponder that.


DRESS: H&M (similar here) || SHOES: CHARLOTTE RUSSE (similar here) || BAG: TARGET || SHADES: RAY BAN


I have to note, quickly, that all of the shoes I’ve worn on here from Charlotte Russe have been recent purchases, but they’re not on their website. Who knows why, but they are available in stores if you’re looking for my exact shoes! image-84 image-86

I was not at all prepared for the weather to get as hot as it has while I’m pregnant. It’s only been a few days really, but I figured, I’m due mid May, it won’t be too hot, I’ll be good! I owned zero short dresses from my first pregnancy. As I’ve posted before, my body was WAY different with baby #1. I was huge. I was super self conscious so I never wore anything that showed my legs, leaving me entirely unprepared for this pregnancy. This is one of two items I purchased this time around that is short and wearable in this heat!


WATCH: MICHELLE || BRACELET: DAVID YURMAN image-87 image-88 image-89

I bought this dress in the beginning of my pregnancy. I loved it so much I bought in a medium since they didn’t have it in my size. I knew I’d have to wait to wear it, one, for it to get warm enough, and two, for it to fit me, ha. Now that my bump is much bigger it fits much better. It’s still a little loose in certain areas but the drawstring helps a lot. Only 2 days left ya’ll! Well actually I had my last doctor’s appointment yesterday and they think I’ll go on or right around my due date, but not before. The suspense is killing me!!