I can’t work under these conditions!

The Dude wanted to show his love for my blog and all of my followers. This is where he sits while I work and I type away… and he chases the mouse all over the computer screen. He’s a joy. Oh and he talks. He says “hi” and “hello” true story. I’m training him to say “mommy.” When we get there I’ll post videos… don’t you worry.

Fall Favorites: September

Well the seasons are changing and so is my mind. I am a very fickle person when it comes to style and things I like, so it only seems appropriate to give updates monthly. These are a few of my favorite things so far for the month of September.

1. Infinity scarf from Ann Taylor Loft: I love, love, love scarves and there is something about infinity scarves that I just cannot get enough of. They are so chic and stylish and yet still get the job done. The animal print? An added bonus.

2. Sweater from Banana Republic: They just opened up a new Banana in the Short Hills Mall and I almost died when I first walked in there. Everything is gorgeous and they make the most comfortable clothes. I love the details on this sweater, cardigans can look so alike after a while.

3. Leather jacket from Express: Every BAMF needs a leather jacket. End of story.

4. Leggings from Express: I live in Express leggings. They are super comfortable and don’t give you that awkward camel toe that everyone is petrified of. Grab yourself a pair if you haven’t already.

5. Jimmy Choo ‘Biker’ Boot: Along with the leather jacket, every BAMF needs a pair of these bad boys too. Matt got me a pair as an anniversary present and I haven’t taken them off since. They are durable and lined with the softest rabbit fur on the inside which keeps your foot snug and comfy!

6. Urban Decay eyeshadow in Baked and Blunt: Gold is an amazing color for fall, jewelry and makeup alike. These are two of my absolute favorite shades for fall. I shade the lighter color (blunt) all over the lid and work baked into the creases and corners. I usually line my eyes with a deep brown liner to pull the look together.

7. Coconut Oil: I know what you’re thinking… um Rachel.. this is a cooking ingredient? But oh no friends, it’s so much more! Did you know you can use coconut oil for your skin and hair? Because ya can. So try it. This particular brand in general has directions right on the label. And it works fabulously. My skin and hair had really never felt better.

8. Yankee Candle; Home Sweet Home: Ok, this, unlike the coconut oil, is not a product that is a jack of all trades, so please do not melt the wax and rub it in your hair thinking it’s the next new Moroccan hair oil. I do not want to be responsible for that. This literally is just an amazing candle and I adore the way it smells. Home Sweet Home is the perfect name for this scent… it makes me want to pick up an Iced Passion Tea from Starbucks and go pumpkin picking. Fantastic. Take a whiff.

So! These are a few of my favorite things in September so far. I’m not quite ready to part ways with my shorts and my flip flops… but when I think about all of the things I love about Fall I’m starting to cope. What are your favorite things for Fall?

September – Nail Polish of the Month

The spring and summer months are my absolute favorite months for nail polish. There are, in my opinion, so many more options to choose from. Bright pinks, solid blues, flashy greens. They are all so pretty. In the fall and winter, however, not so much. But I do love me a good manicure so I insist on having one on my nails at all times all year round. Come the fall I like to keep it dark, but seriously, who does’t? Winter time is a different ball game all together. I think white, silver, or opal nails looks amazing against a snowy backdrop and that gives me an excuse to switch up my color palate. In other words, let’s just say I’m excited for about 7 months from now when I can start showcasing my favorite summer colors (cough, Essie Turquoise and Caicos, cough). For now, check out my favorite nail polish for September: Maybelline Express Finish inChic Chocolate. It’s a deep maroon with just the right amount of shimmer so you don’t look like a 4th grader that just went on a shopping spree at The Limited Too. I useSally Hansen Insta-dri in Beige Blast as a base coat.

Oh, and did I mention this color looks fabulous with a chocolate brown leather jacket? Cause yeah… it does.

What are your favorite colors to break out for the cooler weather? 

Do it Yourself: Friendship Bracelet

Well hello there! Long time no see. I hope you had a fantastic Labor Day weekend filled with much relaxation as well as a few drinks here and there. Today I got a brand spanking new MacBook Pro! I’ve had my original MacBook Pro since before college and in the last year it has become much of a dinosaur. Too much of a dinosaur for me to even use. If I wanted to browse the internet I would literally have to load the browser, select the web page I wanted to look at, and then go for a walk while it loaded. Horrible. So today the executive decision was made to get me a new one. Hallelujah, and thank you Mr. Ross! So as soon as we got back home I was excited to play around with it and even post a new blog…. and then….. our power went out…AGAIN!  JCP&L is really starting to grind my gears. In the end, however, it ended up being a blessing in disguise because it finally allowed me to sit down and start my first Do it Yourself post that I have been avoiding for weeks now. So here we are, readers. I’m going to teach you how to create a friendship bracelet, and if your power happens to go out again thanks to those oh-so-awesome guys at JCP&L, at least you will have something to do with your time!

What you will need:

String (obviously), scotch tape, and scissors.


Step 1:
Select the colors you will want to use. *Note: The more colors you use the more prominent the shape of this bracelet will be.
For this bracelet you will need two separate strands of each color. 

Step 2:
Arrange the thread in the order you would like to use it.
The two groups of thread should mirror each other. (see below)

Step 3:
Take the outside color and cross it over the next color in line making a “4”
Pull the first thread over the second thread up to the top of the knot. Do this twice.

Do this with the first color all the way across until the last thread in that set. Stop when you get to the middle. (where the two colors meet, in this case, stop at the green thread).

Step 4:
Repeat step 3 but from the opposite side. In this case, the “4” will be backwards. Make sure the outer most thread crosses over the next one in line going towards the center. (see below)

Once the orange thread is on top of the pink one, pull it through the loop and pull up like you did to the other side. Continue this step all the way to the last thread in the middle.
Once you get into a pattern the strands of thread will eventually separate themselves and stay in their own place. Until then, you may need to stop periodically to make sure everything is in its place.

Step 5:
When the two end threads meet each other in the middle knot them over one another like you have done with the other strands.

Step 6:
Continue these steps until you create a pattern. Eventually you will start to see the progression.

Keep this going until the bracelet becomes long enough to fit around your wrist comfortably and then voila! You have a wonderful, fun, colorful friendship bracelet that all of your friends will be jealous of and beg you to make for them. And when they do, direct them to my website and tell them they can learn how to make one themselves. You can thank me later.

*disclaimer: please ignore my hideous manicure, I will be re-doing it tonight featuring my NEW September nail polish of the month! 

Another style that has come full circle.

If anyone has any doubt that women are fickle creatures, this fashion trend will put everyone’s minds at ease and confirm it. Think about any girl you know who colors her hair… (especially those fake blonds) what is the first thing they do when their roots start to grow out? If you answered freak out, you are correct! (we would have also accepted have a panic attack or fire their stylist). And then all of the sudden, Rachel Bilson lets her hair grow out and viola! A new fad is born.

This whole ombre brown letting your roots grow out look has really taken the celebrity world by storm. Personally, I don’t quite understand it. Like I said, women as a species are pretty much expected to drop dead at the first sign of a little root growth and now all of the sudden we let our roots grow down to our chins? Ok, sure. I mean, I don’t completely understand the root saga to begin with because I’ve always been one to stick to dark browns on my head and roots don’t scare me. So in my opinion, I actually quite like this look. It’s kind of perfect for girls like me who have always had dark hair but have wanted to dabble around with lighter colors without doing anything drastic. Last year I actually tried to go for this look. I was like, YES, this is my in. I’m goin’ light! I won’t mention the names of any salons (bloom) but they did an awful job. I pretty much ended up leaving the salon with penny colored face-framing highlights and had to fight for a blow out (that I paid for). And the whole process was not cheap. Since then, I’ve been extremely turned off from ever trying out this look again. The stylist had me convinced that it would basically be about a 6 month – 1 year process before my hair would end up like that. Now as I read up on it more, I have to think that is not actually the case. No wonder those stylists make so much money… they’re so savvy. NAHT. Anyway, I’m going to stop my bitch fest now, back to the original topic at hand!

While this look may have started out as a summer trend, I think it’s perfect for Fall! I love the whole I’ve-spent-the-whole-summer-at-the-beach-and-this-is-just-how-my-hair-always-looks look… (you’re not fooling anyone) but the different tones of browns and blonds and caramels look perfect against a fall backdrop and wardrobe.

Here are a few looks from celebs currently sporting this hair style. Some of them I like… definitely the more au’ natural looks like Kristin Cavallari’s and, of course, my girl Rachel Bilson’s. On the other hand…the always edgy Ashlee Simpson and America’s sweetheart Jessical Biel look a little more harsh with this style. Ashlee definitely took this look to a whole new level. What do you think? Is this trend a hit or a miss?

Missing in Action

Hello everyone! First off, let me apologize for laying under the radar this week with the blogging. For all of you who don’t know, I reside in New Jersey and over the weekend we were hit hard by Hurricane Irene. Since Saturday night our little apartment has been without power and we’ve adopted the nomad lifestyle traveling wherever we can find electricity. (Which basically means we’ve been taking up space in my parent’s and Matt’s parent’s houses for the week). I have had limited access to a computer so I apologize, but I missed you all terribly and I wanted to let you know I have not forgotten about you!

I haven’t had much time to come up with anything life altering to post today, but I have added new pictures to my Flickr stream and… guess what? I’ve even made a Youtube page! Right now that page only has two videos on it. As of now it’s going to be mainly a host page for different videos I’ve taken while at concerts. Currently I have Arlandria by the Foo Fighters from their Wasting Light record release party at the Ed Sullivan Theater, and Sail Away performed by David Gray at the Beacon Theater, both in New York. Arlandria was instantly my favorite song off of Wasting Light within seconds of hearing it for the first time. And honestly… I think it is quickly becoming my favorite Foo song. Those boys… they’re just so talented. And that Dave Grohl… what a jokester! Love them.

Anyway – check those out for now. As soon as I have power back in my apartment and I can use my own computer again I’ll be on an uploading spree. I have more from the Foo Fighters, more from David Gray, Backstreet Boys & NKOTB (don’t judge), Train, John Mayer, Stone Temple Pilots and more… I’ve been to a lot of shows over the years so there will be videos a plenty.

In the upcoming weeks I hope to add a cook book page to this bad boy. Just a few of my favorite recipes and some fool-proof ways to cook them. I’m not the best chef so I won’t be able to give any gourmet advice, but if you’re like me and have near death experiences every time you step in the kitchen, you might be able to benefit a little from my tips. ;] (True story: I set my own hand on fire about a month ago while wearing an ovenmit). SO don’t expect TOO much from that section. ha

I am also planning on introducing a nail polish of the month (maybe week if I’m feeling ambitious). I love, love, love, nail polish and I want to share the great experiences I have had with the world! … or just you guys. So keep an eye out for that as well. I’ll be starting with September, obvi.

That’s all she wrote folks. Thanks for being so patient, as soon as JCP&L (yes, I’m calling you out, jerks) steps their game up and restores power to my side of town I will have much more in store for you. Til then, ciao bella!

Rock you like a hurricane.

To all of my friends and family all up and down the east coast, be safe this weekend! Stay inland and indoors. And if anyone wants to have a Hurricane party…. Let me know. It’s safe to say I’ll be drinking and playing boardgames to pass the time all weekend.