Random Facts about The Rachel Ross

1. I HATE HATE HATE washing my hands. I do it… but I hate it! I hate wet, cold hands.

2. I have 8 tattoos and 9 piercings, but I always want more.

3. I have double jointed fingers. My thumbs especially.

4. I had to learn karate as soon as I could walk. If you know my parents, it makes sense.

5. I joke about wanting to be a reality TV star… but I’m secretly dead serious about it.

6. I have no sense of direction. To get anywhere I feel like I have to pass my house to know where I’m going.

7. As we all already know, I am team Jen, fo’ life. And also team Coco.

8. I had never had strep throat, poison ivy, or had been stung by a bee until this year. And then all 3 happened to me.

9. I cannot stand those Jennifer Hudson commercials.

10. I can count my real honest-to-goodness friends on one hand and probably still have some fingers left over. As I think everyone can if they really sat down and thought about it.

11. I have a horrible time letting go of anything.

12. I get skeeved out by my self if I don’t have a fresh manicure or pedicure.

13. My favorite nail polish is Fiji by Essie.

14. My favorite animal is an elephant. And it’s also one of my tattoos.

15. I want to ride an elephant one day. It’s without a doubt on my bucket list.

16. I went sky diving for my friends 18th birthday and she made me jump out of the plane first.

17. I’ve convinced myself that if I eat mushrooms I’ll get sick. No idea if that’s true or not.

18. I’m not spoiled… just very, very loved by a very hard working, loving man. 🙂 And I love him dearly.

19. For my wedding, I didn’t have anything old or blue.

20. My favorite author is Stephen King but my favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird.

21. My favorite color is a mix of green and blue.

22. Everyone used to make fun of me for being addicted to Facebook. They called it “RachFaceBook.” Well now it’s my job. So bite me.

23. In the past year I have become my own version of a New Jersey Housewife. I’m a New Jersey Apartmentwife.

24. I’m addicted to shoes, jewelry, handbags, dresses, jeans, fun tops, shoes, jewelry, handbags…. oh wait…

25. Anyone who still uses their middle name on Facebook can expect to be deleted from my list of friends within the next month. Do you know how many Lisa Anne’s I know?

26. Men who get plastic surgery really freak me out.

27. I consider my cat, The Dude, my first born. Sorry kids.

28. I had to teach my 1 year old Golden Retriever how to swim because he was afraid of the pool. It was like giving swim lessons to a toddler at a beach club.

29. I am truly, truly happy.

30. I become obsessed with things easily, Michael Flynn style. For now, it’s Barbie.

Wilde over Olivia.

I’m not entirely sure where she came from or when she first appeared on the scene, but Olivia Wilde has made a huge splash in such a short period of time. I didn’t give her much thought until I saw her at the Golden Globes in that amazing floor sweeping chocolate Marchesa gown. She is simply stunning and I will admit, I have added her to the list of my girl crushes. When I walked past the magazine racks at King’s during my usual post work grocery shopping trip and saw her on the cover of Marie Claire I was delighted. The spread they did on her was amazing and she looked breath taking in every single image. I’ve picked this one as my favorite because I am a HUGE fan of behind-the-scenes footage of pretty much anything. The more I read on Olivia, the more I love her. If she wasn’t famous, or the fact that she was recently divorced from a prince, literally, you would genuinely think she was just another average jane doe. She is one of those people you find yourself wondering what it would be like to sit down and have a glass of wine with. I wouldn’t mind having the added advantage of being able to borrow her clothes either.

A montage of sorts.

Below are just a few of my favorite photographs taken with one of my iPhone apps; Hipstomatic. They’re fun and interesting and I enjoy them. Take a peek.

My one regret…

One day, about two years ago during one of mine and Matt’s leisurely strolls through Short Hills Mall we walked past the Jimmy Choo store and I literally stopped in my tracks. In the window were these sky high sandals that were electric blue and black zebra print and they wrapped all the way up the ankle. OK. I have to be honest… I just spent about 45 minutes trying to search for these shoes on the internet to show everyone (ha!) and I actually found the ad that I first saw them in! Note: I literally haven’t seen these shoes in over two years, I almost forgot what they looked like. Which brings me back to my story. I stood in front of the store, starring at this amazing ad, with this gorgeous blonde rocking these shoes like I wouldn’t even think possible. I may or may not have even had to wipe away a little drool from my mouth. Matt saw on my face how badly I wanted these very shoes on my feet. I wouldn’t have cared if they made me bleed. I wanted these shoes. The downside? They were only about 900 dollars… no big deal, right? We’ll even get 3 pairs… naht. Matt was doing great at work… but not that great. But he knew I was jonesing for beautiful shoes, and standing right there in front of the window, he said, “you want them? They’re yours.” and do you know what I said? ….. “No, that’s ok.” (NO… that’s ok!? Kill me). He offered again. I declined again. I knew we couldn’t afford it. From then on out I couldn’t even walk past that store because I was afraid I would burst into tears at the very sight of them. One day, a few months later, Matt brought it up again. And I was like you know what… I do want them. I don’t ask for much (this was two years ago… we all know i’m a big brat now ha). It could be my birthday/christmas/valentines day/easter/whatever-other-holiday-there-is present. So we went back…. and the freaking shoes were GONE. I never even got to hold them or try them on, I never got the chance to look them up to possibly find them online later. Which is why I had such a hard time searching for these shoes. Because believe me, I tried. And here we are… over two years later, and I google “Jimmy Choo Ads” because I have no idea what they’re called or how else I could possibly find them… and there they are. My beautiful, beautiful babies. Please, observe:

I literally have to fight back a few tears even now. Had I been the spoiled brat I am now, two years ago, I would own these bad boys. I have no where in the world to wear them, but whatever. I’d walk around our apartment in them and just feel fabulous.

The point being… when someone offers you something you REALLY TRULY want, will die without, must have and can’t imagine life without it… just take it. After all, you deserve it.


So I am a huge lover of music. I pretty much fell in love with Matt (my husband) the first time I saw him at Maple Place’s Variety show when I was in 5th grade as he awkwardly strummed his guitar and sang Everlong by the Foo Fighters so high Dave Grohl would be embarrassed. But dammit, he was good, and oh SO cute and I fell a little more in love every time he hit a high note. I still love to listen to him play his guitar and quietly sing along in our living room from time to time. I was raised being dragged to the Asbury Park boardwalk by my mother every time Bruce was practicing with the E-Street band at the Convention Center, we would sit on a blanket on the beach and just listen to the muted music flowing through the open windows. Music has been a big part of my life for years, and even though I have almost no musical talent myself (I did play the flute all throughout middle school and can still read music) I can appreciate good music as much as the next guy.

Years ago I was introduced to this band, Lynam, by my boss from PNC Bank Arts Center. It’s a very, very long story how he found them, but long story short: Bon Jovi’s priest pretty much discovered this Alabama band and brought them to New Jersey. We’ve been friends ever since and I am a HUGE fan of their music. They are 80’s hair metal meets modern country rock and what a fantastic love child that turned out to be. This is their biggest single, Tanis. It’s a treat for the ears, so enjoy!

Another band I must tell everyone about is The Gay Blades. I know, with a name like that most people wouldn’t give this band a second listen, but they are really worth it. It’s made up of just two guys, Quinn (drummer) & James (guitar & vocals). It’s important to know there’s just two guys when you actually listen to their music. They’re so entertaining you would think they had about 9 people in the band. I worked with Quinn years ago at my favorite place in the whole wide world, Michael Angelo’s. And yes, if I could still work there on weekends, I would! But that’s beside the point. This song is called N.H.D.N and it’s one of my personal faves! At a Gay Blades concert one time James insisted that the whole crowd clapped along to one of their songs… I wasn’t clapping. He literally got off stage, walked through the crowd, and called me out for being “too cool to clap.” These guys are awesome.

This music isn’t for everyone, I get that, but it’s definitely worth listening to at least once. The personalities these guys have are all larger than life and it definitely comes out in their music. Also, while you’re at it… check out this totally awesome band Sudzert. The lead singer is quite a hottie. 😉

For the love of Jen!

Anyone who knows me knows I have some sick obsession, borderline girl crush on Jennifer Aniston. The day Brad broke her heart, I swear a little bit of me died too. I will buy any magazine with her face on the cover, especially if it’s a story about how her and Brad are sneaking around behind Angie’s back. I will admit I am one of those crazy tabloid readers that believe 98% of what I read. BUT, only in US and People, all those other tabloids are for the birds. I have become so consumed with the well-being of Jen, (yes, we are on a first name basis) I have developed a bitter, bitter hatred for Angelina…and Brangelina. I literally won’t even watch a movie that she is starring in. Imagine the moral battle I was having with myself when The Tourist came out. Johnny Depp….. BUT Angelina? I couldn’t do it. My feelings against “Angie” were so strong that I couldn’t stomach her for 2 hours. I won’t even let Matt watch movies she’s in. I know, it’s psychotic and I’m sure he does, but he knows better than to tell me.

So anyway, the point here is that I am a huge Jen fan. I route for her in everything and I want her to be happy. The other day I was in my supervisor’s office and we somehow stumbled on to the topic of who she’s dating now. Jennifer is an amazingly talented woman and incredibly beautiful. When I am her age I will probably be about 30+ pounds heavier with really rashy Irish looking skin (thanks Mom). She’s just all around flawless. She needs to be with someone on her level. One of my biggest pet peeves is couples that don’t match. There is nothing worse than a gorgeous girl dating a short, stocky, douche bag. Or a really handsome guy with some train wreck on his arm. Although I’m sure Justin Theroux is just a delight, in my professional opinion, he does not match Jen, at all. My coworkers seem to share this opinion, so every single day we have been coming to each other with ideas on who we think Jen should be with. If we were celebrity match-makers, we would be REALLY bad at it! Every single guy we come up with is either not up to her standards (err… our standards for her), or married, and happily. But, a girl can dream. So below are some of our top picks for Jen’s future hubby and we want your feedback! Keep in mind, we are well aware some of these guys are taken, but in a perfect world, they’d be taken by our Jen.