Friday Fav!

It’s going to be short and sweet today. Have LOT’S to do! Anywho. Here is my fav look of the week:



How cute is she? It’s Chloe Mortez in a very age appropriate little blue dress covered with a chic leather jacket. She’s not even 16 yet… isn’t that crazy? She looks mature beyond her years here. I LOVE the look of a very feminine dress covered with a little leather to give it some edge. Add a cross body bag and the right shoes and your look is perfection. This is a really hard look to screw up, although I’m sure it’s been done by some of Hollywood’s finest. Her hair looks juuuuust messy enough to look like she didn’t even do it that day (not that any celebrity would ever do that, regardless of their age) and her makeup is super laid back too. I’m really enjoying this whole outfit, kind of inspires me to wear something like it tonight! hah Actually I have worn something very similar myself once. Check it out:



Like I said.. it’s super easy to get this look right. If you’re on the east coast, it’s absolutely freezing out this weekend so opt for some no-fuss tights under your dress. Booties are always a good choice when wearing tights. Also, be conscious that you don’t go too overboard with prints and colors. Wearing a bold, printed dress? Keep the leather simple. Wearing colored leather? Keep the dress simple and try to stay in the same color family. Other than that, have fun with it. And have a fun weekend, kiddies! Until next time, kisses!

Wednesday Worst!

Ok… let’s all ignore the fact that I really, really can’t stand Ginnifer Goodwin or anything about her ever for a hot minute, what she wore recently is hideous. Even for a little school boy from the cold, dark streets of London. Check it.



I know this is awful, but if you’re going to look like a boy, literally from head to toe, can you try to amp up the femininity just a little bit? Or at all? Please? Is that too much to ask? I mean really a little pop of color on the lip, if anything. Here’s the thing… I dig the shorts. I love the cobalt blue, it’s such a fun color to play with. HOWEVER, the matching blazer buttoned all the way the hell up? ICK. It’s so ill fitting and the white piping makes her look like Elton John. Oh I can’t stand looking at it. Some trends I really can’t get on board with and the shorts suit is one of them. I’m sorry Ginnifer but this is a major fashion fail for me.

Was that mean? I kind of felt like it was… but I really can’t stand her… sorry I’m not sorry? Ok, I am.. a little. Don’t let it happen again Ginnifer! And cover up your knobby knees, lord.


I mean, take a tip from Emma Watson. She went in for the kill and chopped off all her gorgeous locks into a little pixie cut, but NEVER boarders on masculine. She is the ultimate example of keeping it girly with short hair. She always looks so damn cute, doesn’t she? Take notes Ginny. Can I call you Ginny?

What do you guys think? Is this a fashion fail or is she just so fashion forward she’s ahead of the trend…? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys. Until next time, kisses!




Tunesday Spotlight: Maroon 5

So I’m probably WAY behind on this… but I heard Maroon 5’s ‘Daylight’ for the first time last week and I’m absolutely entirely completely obsessed with it. I saw the video for Playing for Change which is so inspiring! If you haven’t heard about this organization it’s perfection. They’re bringing the world together through music, basically, in a nutshell. And is that not the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard? Read more about it here. So anyway. I saw this video last week while I was in the height of my PMS stage  [ha!] and it made me cry.. HA.. so embarrassing. But ever since I’ve been really obsessed with this song. I’ll pull the video up on YouTube and dance around the room with Charlotte… she loves it too. Obvi, it’s my tune of the week. Enjoy!

Friday Fav!

My Friday Fav this week was chosen for a very specific reason. As a [kind of] new mom myself, (7 and a half months still counts as new right?] I really, truly love seeing other new moms bouncing back and looking absolutely amazing while doing it! I know it’s pretty much super easy for celebs, they have like 8 nannies to watch their kids while they train with their 5 personal trainers at the gym for 3 hours a day, twice a day, 7 days a week. A lot of math there, huh? Long story short: bouncing back after having a baby for real moms = not as easy as it is for celeb moms. Got it? Good. ANYWAY. With that being said, here’s my Friday Fav.


Kristen Cavallari, previously of The Hills, looks drop dead gorgeous for being a new mommy. I mean, I know black is the world’s most slimming color, but the bitch doesn’t even look like she just had a baby! Especially in her face and that’s where I think my biggest problem was. Ok… and my ass… and my legs… and my arms… and my ever flabby stomach. But also my face. :] She had her first babe in August, 2 months after me, and she looks this good already? I almost hate her for it. Anyway, I don’t just like this look because she seems to be super in shape again, ha. I love the black on black with a white blazer on top. That look is ALWAYS so chic! Her chunky statement necklace is totally something I would wear. Staying true to her signature style she’s sporting easy makeup and unfussy hair. I can’t lie, she looks a little on the tired side in this picture though, haha. BUT none the less, she’s killin it for sure. Kudos K Cav. I’m super jeal.

What do you guys think? Celeb or not, she’s looking quite smashing for having a 6 month old, don’t you agree?

Until next time, kisses!

Pushing 60, Not Daisies.

Folks, we’ve been seeing each other long enough… it’s time you met my mother! No but seriously, my mom just started a blog and I think it’s going to be pretty fabulous. She is looking 60 in the face, and her blog is all about how she is going to embrace it. My mom is one badass chick. Previously first in the world in karate, owner of her own newspaper, tattoos makeup on her own face… badass. So anyway, there’s a link to her blog below, she has one introductory blog post so far, but there’s much more to come. If you’re into fun DIY projects, cosmetic surgery, tattooing your own makeup, and turning any age you’re not sure you’re ready to cope with, her blog is for you! She’s known to be quite quirky, never disappoints. There’s a couple pictures of us below too. [Me & mom in Aruba a few years ago, and the two of us with Char this past Christmas time]. Enjoy!

Pushing 60, not Daisies.


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DIY: Turban Headband

Happy Monday loves! I’ve always been obsessed with the turban headband look but could never find them in stores (without spending an arm and a leg.. for a little fabric, geez!) SO I found this really great tutorial on Pinterest, BUT, it was only pictures. It could get a little confusing. I figured I’d do one better and make it a quick little video. This headband involves NO sewing OR glue! Easiest thing out there. Enjoy!


Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.20 AM #3 Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.21 AM Photo on 1-28-13 at 11.21 AM #4

Wednesday Worst!

Good afternoon lover bunnies. Pull up a chair and take a look at my Wednesday Worst, won’t you? So, the Sundance Film Festival has been going on, as we all should be aware of, and that’s where I plucked my Wednesday Worst from. Check it out.


Shailene Woodley 


Oh Shailene…. OH Shailene. I know you’re at the Sundance Film Festival and it’s absolutely blistering cold out there… but what gives? You are not on the slopes, you do not need a hat like this. And what kind of pants are you wearing? Dickies? Did you borrow them from a mechanic on your way to the red carpet? …..Or, black carpet. Is that actually a snow suit? Maybe she was on the slopes before she hit the carpet? Anyway. Here’s the thing, I really do like her coat. I don’t know if it’s Burberry or not, but it reminds me of one of their pieces that I am obsessed with. There is something about leather sleeves that I’ve been drooling over lately, so Shailene, well done there. I like the scarf too. Not how she’s wearing it here, it looks sloppy as all hell, but I like it. Overall, she looks very sloppy to me. I don’t love it.

So this is my Wednesday Worst. What do you guys think? Have you seen better….or worse?

Until next time, kisses!