Week One: The Paleo Kickoff

So here’s my recap for the first week of my Paleo diet. In the first week I lost 3 pounds. I weighed in at (I can’t believe I’m actually to admit my weight and even go as far as to post pictures on here…. kill me) 117.6 pounds on day 1. YIKES! Believe it or not… my lowest weight throughout college was always between 116 and 118… so being 117 after having a baby was actually nice for me, ha. BUT like I said… my body was (and still is, really) absurdly flabby in all the wrong places. It is actually like my body is slowly melting. WHICH is the whole reason I started this silly diet in the first place… to lose weight and tone up. SUMMER IS COMING PEOPLE!

What I like most about the Paleo diet is, it’s healthy! You are not depriving yourself of anything that’s good for you, ha. And it’s not like juicing, where the second you stop you gain back like all of the weight. They have really delicious recipes and even paleo desserts that won’t make you feel guilty after eating them! And apparently bacon is paleo… so, I mean… there is a god.

Ok, so here we go. Brace yourself. And please don’t judge me haha!

rach dietLeft: starting weight. 117.6 pounds. Right: (exactly one week later) 114.6 pounds.

Side note… spray tans are magical, aren’t they?

Here’s the first item on your paleo diet list: (complete with pictures! you’re welcome).

Appetizer: Peaches and Basil wrapped and ‘fried’ in bacon.




This one is SO easy! All you need is coconut oil, bacon, peaches, and fresh basil and a frying pan.

2 peaches – cut up into slices
6 – 10 slices bacon (depending on how many you want to make)
6 – 10 pieces fresh basil
1 tablespoon coconut oil.

step one: slice up peaches and tear large leaves of basil.
step two: on a large piece of wax paper or a cutting board, place the slices of bacon. At one end place the basil and slice of peach. Start rolling. 
step three: melt one tablespoon coconut oil in a nonstick frying pan.
step four: place the bacon and peach wrap in the frying pan and ‘fry’ until the bacon is crisp and fully cooked, turning once. 

helpful tip* use tongs to handle the bacon so they don’t unwrap while you try to turn them or take them out of the pan. :]

and voila! you’re done. that’s seriously how easy this appetizer is. You can sprinkle with a little balsamic glaze or vinegar to top it off. It’s really delicious! Who knew bacon was paleo? I certainly didn’t but I’m ecstatic that it is! haha.

Tomorrow I’ll try to post another recipe for you guys, hopefully a main course one. Hope you guys enjoy it! Until next time, kisses!


Introducing the Diet Diaries!

As we all know I have a 9 month old daughter. Since having her, I’ve lost a few pounds here and there, but nothing significant. Actually… I got down to my pre-baby weight relatively quickly BUT my body was, obviously, not the same. And not just not the same, like, nowhere NEAR what it used to look like in my previous life, hah! I really wasn’t super motivated to go to the gym or work out, even though I have a great friend Kelsey who motivates me to do a class with her from time to time. I have never, ever, ever in my life been a diet person. I just have no will power. Can’t do it. However, I woke up one day, looked at myself in the mirror, gagged a little bit, and realized summer is only a few months away. My husband and I belong to a beach club close to our house and the thought of being in front of anyone in a bathing suit makes me want to crawl in a hole and die. SO I decided it’s high time I start losing the rest of this baby weight. Time to get motivated.

A few years back my husband and I did the Paleo diet while we were doing Crossfit. I used to be terrified of cooking… I absolutely hated it. So this diet really sucked for us, hah. It’s all fresh food and clean eating, it’s also called the ‘Caveman Diet’ basically eating only things that cavemen would have eaten, but I’ll get into all that later. So I was really bad at the Paleo diet because I hated cooking and it’s ALL cooking, ALL the time. Now I love to cook… it’s weird, but all of the sudden I enjoy it. We bought this enormous Paleo cookbook last time so I dug it out and realized they actually plan out your meals for the week up to like 8 weeks or something.. maybe even more. So I’m like ok, they plan this out for me literally step by step, there’s no reason not to do it. So I literally sat down, picked out all of my meals and sides and snacks for the week, went to the grocery store and bought myself and my husbands a week’s worth of some healthy ass shit. Excuse my French. Long story short (not really, sorry) we have been on this diet now since Tuesday the 5th, I’ve lost 6 pounds and Matt’s lost 8. We do one week strict, strict Paleo and have one cheat day. Then the next week we do a looser paleo (I MAY have a little cheese and here and there, shh, don’t tell anyone), and again, have a cheat day. Then the next week (this week) we’ll be strict again. So the point of this whole post is that I am going to basically document my weight loss and how I’ve been doing it. There are some really amazing recipes that I want to post too. (I’ve been taking pictures of almost everything I make, cause I’m weird like that). So I’ll post a menu for the day and maybe that way you guys can try out some healthy meals too! It’s been pretty fantastic and I feel really great about myself, I sleep better, have more energy during the day, and it’s been fun to cook and try new things too!

Tomorrow I’m going to post the first week’s pictures with a few menu items from the week. I’m taking a set of pictures every week, mostly to keep track for myself but whatever.  That’s what’s coming your way to stay tuned!

Anyway, since it is Monday I wanted to share with you an adorable video of my babe, Charlotte. She has this little trick that she’d been doing since she was like two months old and lately she does it all the time. And more recently she’s added me to the trick, so I had to video tape it. Hopefully it brightens up your Monday a little bit. 😀 Until next time, kisses!

Friday Fav!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to post this! That would have been a disaster. This is my favorite look from the Oscars this past Sunday. It wasn’t easy to pick just one but I finally pulled out my favorite. This look may surprise you because she wasn’t one of the A listers for the night, but it caught my eye so whateva, deal with it.

Zoe Saldana


Can you say obsessed? There is something so gorgeous about this gown… this whole look really. She rocked an Alexis Mabille Couturedress, Neil Lane jewelry, Roger Vivier shoes, and a Salvatore Ferragamo clutch (not pictured). I don’t know what I like better here… the top half of this getup or the bottom. I LOVE the detail on the bodice of her dress (I’ll show a close up down below), but the bottom is so fun, too! The ombre effect on the train is gorgeous, especially with the color palate they chose. Her soft waves and drop crystal earrings are fantastic as well. This was such a pretty dress, and not overdone since she wasn’t a nominee or anything. She didn’t have to go with the over-the-top ball gown and she didn’t, so I’m a fan! Let’s look at some other angles, shall we?I really like her rings too… you can see them better on the closeup down below. She’s working some stackables! Work it gorl!


So this is my favorite look for the week! What do you think? Who was your favorite celeb at the Oscars? We can still talk Oscars right? It hasn’t lost its momentum yet? Good. I’m glad.

Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’m having a low key girls night tonight. Wine, Pizza, board games, gossip, and my best girls. AAAAAHHH what could be better? Until next time, kisses!


How To: The Sock Bun!

I know these tutorials are a dime a dozen… but I made this video for a friend of mine who has been asking for it for months now, haha. The sock bun is a huge trend right now, and it can be kind of tricky to pull off perfectly. The key with this, as is with anything, is practice, practice, practice! I had to do this bun about 15 times before I felt like I really had the hang of it. I love to wear the sock bun look for fancy occasions, like a great dinner party or holiday dinner. So check it out, try it out a few times, hope it helps!

Wednesday Worst!

I was so in love with so many looks from the Oscars this past weekend, and felt so strongly about how much I disliked others, that it was honestly hard for me to wait until today to write this post. I so badly wanted to do a whole Oscars recap on Monday but I was in the city for a meeting all day and unfortunately just couldn’t make it happen. SO… I’ll just post my least favorite and my favorite looks as I usually do. Now if you watched the Oscars, and you have eyes… you probably know where I’m going with this one. Behold…

Kristen Stewart

kristen-stewart-85th-oscarsummm… ummm….. hmm. I don’t even know where to start here. I am not a K Stew hater by any means. I’m not 100% a fan, but I’m not just calling her out because I hate her (cough, Ginnifer Goodwin, cough). I’m a Twilight fan. I love me some Bella and Edward… I HATE that she cheated on R. Patz.. who does that? Anyway that has nothing to do with her look here. Let me get back on track. This is a gorgeous dress, and it looks so sad on her. I would totally pick this for a Jessica Chastain type, right? Someone with perky boobs to hold the dress up. It looks like it’s about to slide right off her. I’m not judging by any means, I have the same sad little boy chest, but at least I know how to dress it up. This is a girl who usually shows up to awards shows in jeans and sneakers so why, WHY, are you trying to half ass it to the Oscars? Especially all gimpy like she was? Stick to what you’re good at… be you! Everyone would be much more forgiving if she walked the red carpet in a sleek pantsuit with a pair of leather chucks. I mean you showed up on crutches for crying out loud… we would understand flats! And can we just look at a closeup of her upper half please? Because homegirl looks like she’s falling asleep mid step and repeat.

oscars-2013-kristen-stewart-1aye aye aye! I think a big contributor to this look being awful is the eyeshadow choice. It can be SO hard to wear pinks, purples, and corals without looking like you’re actually physically ill. So I won’t say it’s 100% her fault. However, her hair looking as messy and unkept as it does, paired with her tired eye look, DOES make her look physically ill. Everything is so horribly put together for me. And it’s not like she’s incapable of looking absolutely stunning! I’m just so sad she completely flopped here. I mean… look at her at a previous red carpet event:

same look down here… strapless fleshy-colored gown, side swept hair, plum


lip… but everything is SO put together! Scroll back up the previous picture… doesn’t it look like this one over here to the right is her earlier in the night? And then the one up top is her after like hours of partying? What gives K Stew? Why are you such a hott mess???

UGH. I’m sorry I really went off there but it really irks me THAT much. Anne Hathaway was a close second, just so we’re all aware of that. I couldn’t get past her nipples and her lost, wet, homeless, sad puppy finally adopted by a loving family attitude. You’re Anne Hathaway… this was not your “break out” role… give it up! Just get up there and own the damn thing already! God! Bottom line is, Kristen Stewart does not look comfortable nor confident in this dress and that is where your look has to start. If you don’t feel good in something, everyone will know it. Dress for yourself, and yourself only!

I promise my post on Friday will be so much nicer.. I just had to get this off my chest, hahaha. What do you guys think? Who was your worst dressed from the Oscars this year? Fill me in! Until next time, kisses!

Tunesday Spotlight: Rayland Baxter

As promised, here is Rayland Baxter for my tune this week. He opened for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Friday’s show and I immediately became a fan. We got to the show a little late after he had already started and this was the first song we heard. As they were playing the into I turned to Matt and said “I like them…” and he goes… “how can you tell?” haha. I was right though! They are pretty awesome. Very, very chill music. Kind of reminds me of a more carefree David Gray. I was already planning on posting this song but yesterday I had to go into the city for a meeting and I was running late catching the train, lost my car keys and starting off the morning in a horrible, horrible mood. So as I’m sitting on the train seething with anger at this shitty morning, this song is the first song to come on my iPod and it immediately de-stressed me. I took it as a sign, haha. So here you go kiddies!

Rayland Baxter – The Mtn Song.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals @ Count Basie Theater

Last night was absolutely amazing… as I kind of expected it to be. The hubs got me these tickets back in December for my birthday and I have been looking forward to it for months. Matt buys me shoes, clothes, bags, jewelry, you name it, ALL the time, but things like this are what really means something. Something we get to enjoy together and make memories out of are what I really like. Not that I’ll ask him to stop buying me things anytime soon… oh hell no! hahaha. :]

So anyway ! Last night Grace Potter & the Nocturnals played a benefit concert for Sandy victims right in our back yard, Red Bank! How awesome is that? To be able to get in your car 5 minutes before you have to be there and not stress about how you are going to get to and from a concert, and all the traffic, and a long ride home while you’re exhausted…makes all the difference. We had tickets for a little meet and greet which was awesome. Grace is, by far, one of the nicest people ever. She complimented my outfit, which was the best compliment I will ever receive in my lifetime. Apparently it’s super hard to get her autograph BUT my mom made Charlotte a Grace Potter onsie and I was not leaving that concert without at least ASKING her to sign it. I whipped it out and explained to her how my mother makes these all the time and I know you don’t usually do this but could you sign it for my daughter? Her response? “awwwwww, it’s too cute not to!” Seriously. So nice. So now we have another one to add to Char’s collection! photo-3

The concert itself was absolutely amazing. We saw her a few months back in New York but this show blew that one out of the water. Our seats were excellent, to the point where I could make out what she looked like without having to squint. (I’m legally blind without my contacts, so that’s a big deal!) She played two of my favorite songs – Keepsake & Big White Gate. If you don’t know them, look it up. Mindblowingly awesome.  She covered Atlantic City by Bruce. Which, how can you not do that if you’re playing to a crowd congregated in pretty much his hometown? Had to happen. Oh and I just happened to catch the whole thing on video. Dig it. :]

Here are some of my favorite pics from the night:

NMS_3334 NMS_3333 NMS_3331_2 NMS_3329 NMS_3328 NMS_3319 NMS_3311 NMS_3308 NMS_3297 NMS_3295 NMS_3324This is Grace taking a video of the crowd last night; which you can watch hereIt’s hysterical because you can see Matt few a few seconds here and there. I’m standing right next to him, of course, but I’m small so I get lost in the crowd haha.

16367_4300153305635_1502532555_nThis was taken after the show [the pictures from the pre-show meet and greet were taken by a pro photographer and have yet to be posted]. Grace told me she looked for Matt & me while she was on stage.. she thought she’d be able to find me by my neon lipstick. haha! Such an incredible night. This band Rayland Baxter opened for them and I really, really enjoyed them! I actually got to talk to him a few times throughout the night, super nice guy. I believe I’ll be using them for my next Tunesday song. They had two drummers… which sounds so intense but it really wasn’t. Pretty cool.

So that’s, that! Now we are all done with concerts for a while and I’m sad. I have one of those post-concert hangovers, ya know? Such a bummer when the night is over. Have a great weekend, kids. Until next time. Kisses!