Young, Fabulous, & Broke 

If you don’t know by now… I’m pretty much always looking for the easy way out when it comes to my wardrobe. I’m the laziest fashion blogger this side of the Mississippi, for real (how I still even have this blog is beyond me, lolz). That is why I am beyond obsessed with the line Young, Fabulous, & Broke. They make insanely comfortable clothes that are super flattering.

YOUNG, FABULOUS & BROKE JUMPSUIT (similar here, here, here, here) || ZARA SHADES (similar) || FREE PEOPLE NECKLACE || REBECCA MINKOFF BAG  (similar)

I have worn this jumpsuit an embarrassing amount of times this summer. It’s actually a hand me down. shhh!! When I put it on for the first time I think I took about 18-25 mirror selfies. It makes my butt look uh-mazing! It’s so comfortable too. The jersey material is the kind of material you want everything you own to be made out of. Dress it up with a fancy statement neck and block heels for a date night, or dress it down with zero accessories (and zero shoes) to run some errands with your little ones.

I wish I could say I chose to shoot this jumpsuit in a real casual way, hence the lack of shoes… but honestly I had a total mom moment and ran out of the house with like 10 minutes to spare, my two girls in tow, and literally just forgot my shoes for this look. This is real life guys… haha. Funny story; while taking these pictures Kennedy took her shoes off and was running around and when I told her to grab her shoes so we could leave she goes, “ok Mommy! Don’t leave without me… or I’ll be pissed!” She’s been coming up with some zingers lately. Both of my girls are at such amazing ages. Charlotte has always had an old soul, and since she started Kindergarten it’s been so fun to watch her really come into her own. She has a whole new set of best friends, she comes home and reports everything her classmates had for lunch or talked about on the playground, she points out where all of her friends from the bus live. She’s literally going to be the old lady who sits on her front porch and gossips about the neighborhood later on in life. Kennedy on the other hand.. oh Kennedy. She is still my hot mess in a dress. If she isn’t wearing a dress she doesn’t consider herself a princess so her day is ruined if you make her wear pants. She is always sweaty… LOL. She may not look it, because she is always making devious plans and shooting dirty looks, but she is the biggest friggen snuggle bug EVER. She loves to cuddle and give random kisses. It kind of makes my day. Pardon my little side rant about the girls. I realize I hadn’t given any updates on them lately! AND now you’re all caught up!


THE Actual Dress I’ve Worn ALL Summer 

If you follow my Instagram then you have probably noticed over the last four months that this dress shows up on my feed at least every other week. This dress, purchased before the summer started, quickly became my go-to item of the season after the very first time I put it on. It’s comfortable, it’s flattering, it’s easy, it goes with flip flops, sneakers, sandals, heels… it’s the perfect dress.

H&M DRESS (similar here, here) || VANS SNEAKERS || SHADES || BACKPACK

So, unfortunately this dress isn’t up on the H&M site anymore because I waited so damn long to actually blog it. Honestly, I never really thought it was “blog worthy” because it was so casual and simple, you know? But as I said, I literally wore it so often this summer it’s showed up on my Instagram like 30 times so I figured why not? I’m sure you can still find it in stores in their basic section, and it’ll be a great dress to take you through the rest of August and September. Throw it on with a black blazer or leather jacket and booties and it’s the perfect fall look. For me, so far, I’ve been wearing it with these vans, or my black high tops, and my slouchy black knit cardigan from Urban. You could call it a uniform of sorts.


Bitch Stole My Look

That’s me…. I’m the bitch. I am going to start off by saying I 1000000% stole this look from a friend of mine, hah! So my homegirl, Erin Willet, wore these black ruffle overalls out in Asbury one night a couple of months ago, and I was like OH MY GOODNESS I am obsessed! And I happened to be in the city a few days later, so I ran to my nearest Zara and snagged a pair for myself. Solid purchase. I love them. Erin wore them with a straw fedora, red bandana around her neck, and plain white Converse sneakers and it was the cutest ever.



As I mentioned, Erin wore these overalls with way different accessories to make it much more wearable for the summer weather. I, however, was all to eager to dress them up with all black accessories to make it more Fall-ish. It was weird because I was dying to wear them as soon as I made the purchase, but I somehow had the willpower to save them until it got a little cooler. I wore this last week to a very low-key date night and I have to say I am proud of myself; the hat stayed on all night! Thank god it wasn’t windy! I hate when you pick out an accessory and it really is the cherry on top of your look and then all of the sudden the elements have other plans. My look was complete with the hat and it survived dinner outside and drinks on a rooftop! HOORAY.

I have yet to play around with accessories when it comes to these black ruffle overalls, but as I’ve seen by Erin’s styling, you can make them super casual with a pair of sneakers and bandana. …Which I totally would have rocked myself if it wouldn’t have seemed so Single White Female of me. As usual, it’s a pain in the butt to find exact matches on Zara’s website, so I linked to similar styles above, but browse a little bit the next time you’re in your local Zara and you may find these!



I am madly, truly, deeeeeeply in love with the weather we have been having the past week or two. Mid 80’s, zero humidity? LOVE. Not that I’m ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet, but to be able to pull out my fall clothes & dark lipsticks makes me a little giddy.



IMG_3173IMG_3169IMG_3167 - CopyIMG_3165 - CopyIMG_3163 - CopyIMG_3160 - CopyIMG_3171

I’ve been hesitant to try a body chain for a while now… howevs, I saw someone wearing one under a bathing suit, and I thought it looked adorable, then I saw someone wearing one over a bodysuit, and I was like yes ok, I can get away with this… I think. This was my first attempt, hah. I’m kind of really digging it. I may try it under a crop top next. Look out!

IMG_3175IMG_3172IMG_3170IMG_3168 - CopyIMG_3166 - CopyIMG_3164 - CopyIMG_3162 - Copy

Summer is easy because the only thing I typically wear is a sun dress. However, you eventually start to lose yourself in them… all sundresses start to look the same and you begin to miss dressing up. With the arrival of fall we (I) have so many more options. Outerwear ads a whole new layer to the wardrobe that you can play with. This kimono will be worn on repeat all season long. I’ve already tried to wear it pretty much every day, even the hot ones. I’d wear it to work, too, if I didn’t think I’d look absolutely ridiculous or it would get in the way, hah. True story: I found a super cute striped t-shirt last week and I was like, ‘wow, this will look so cute with my overalls!’ so I wore it to work the next day and everyone said I looked like a Chucky doll. Which I did. See my Instagram for a side by side comparison…. LOL.

Black Tie-Up

Ok guys, here is an honest statement: I have worn this dress so many times I have a friend who is pretty sure this is the only dress I actually own. LOLz. I figured it was high time I threw this beauty on the blog, even though I’m pretty sure the dress isn’t even available anymore and it’s almost fall, but whatever. Here it is!




This dress is so comfortable and wearable! I love how I can throw on a pair of flip flops for running errands with the girls and then swap them out for these block heel sandals for dinner with the boy. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find this dress on the Zara website, but if you have a few hours you might be able to find it in your local store with a little digging. You know, cause the store is friggen HUGE and there’s a million and one things to look through. On another note, these are the Old Navy heels I’ve talked about in previous posts. They are AMAZING. Bold. All caps. Underlined. (or just imagine it’s underlined because apparently I can’t do that). These block heels are beyond comfortable. I could wear them to and from work, hike from Penn Station to the office in these babies, wear them the whole work day, and hike back to Penn, and my feet would never hurt. The chunky heel is on the shorter side (without being a kitten heel) and the brown color will take you all the way through fall. They are less than $35 with an ADDITIONAL 30% at checkout so you should reaaallllyyyyy get yourself a pair! I swear this isn’t an ad either, I just really love these heels.


We’ve had a few days of very fall-like weather this past week and I’m having some serious mixed emotions about it. We spent the past few nights with the AC turned off and opened the windows, and few things in this world make me happier than sleeping with the windows open soaking in the fresh air. I’m also excited for boots and dark lipsticks… BUT at the same time I’m like wait a minute… I have done like zero percent summer stuff so far and I need to get on that, ya know? I went to the beach once this summer and I have not spent nearly enough time out by the pool considering I have one in my back yard. UGH, I miss the days when I would wake up around 11 and meet my friends on the beach… casually stroll home when I’d had enough of the sun. TAKE ME BACK!


Let’s Split

I look for pretty much any excuse to wear these split leg pants. Last year I wore them with a flowy off-white crop top, but I opted for a black bodysuit this time around. My favorite part of these pants is that they are easy to pair pretty much any shirt with, so duh, tons of wearability!




One thing I forgot about these pants but remembered as soon as I put them on… they make yo ass look ridiiiiiiiiiiduclous, hah. For all my ladies with the tiny lil booties out there, you might want to snag yourself a pair of these. I can only imagine they would make everyone’s back side look amaze. And for all of my big booty hoes (myself included) definitely get a pair, cause I mean… hi.


So I have been using Luxy Hair extensions since I started the process of going lighter again. I noticed pretty much every other girl I was following on Instagram posting about these particular extensions, and found a 10% off coupon (not really that worth it in the long run) and decided to try them out. I don’t know if I’m just challenged or they are too long or what but I feel like they always look terrible on me! I cannot get them to blend for the life of me. I wish they had a few other options as far as length goes… although I wanted way longer hair, I think it makes it look way obvious that I have them in when they are this long. Anyway, that’s my rant about my hair! The ombre option matched pretty well with my current color, though, so no complaints there!


Boho Romance

I have had this dress since early May and I’m just now getting it on the blog?! Criminal. If you follow my Instagram, then you have probably already seen it. I wore this 2 months ago when celebrating Kennedy’s birthday. I love the vibe of this dress; it is boho and romantic.


I pretty much only wear this dress either barefoot, or with my favorite summer sandals from Old Navy. Which I don’t think have made it to the blog yet… which is surprising to me! I basically never take them off. Oh well, I’m sure you’ll see them soon. Anyway! I kind of like to frolic around in this dress and pretend I’m a hippy, ha. I will say, if you ever purchase anything from Shein, play close attention to the customer comments!! EVERYONE said the sleeves were really, really tight… but I thought… well they couldn’t possibly be that tight! But boy, was I wrong! The dress was actually unwearable at first, I couldn’t move my arms and I felt like they might really fall off from lack of blood flow, LOL. However, I really loved the way it looked, so I decided to cut a little slit in each sleeve to loosen the elastic. After that it was perfection, so I’m glad I didn’t end up sending it back. But ya know, just a little shopping tip for their site! ;]


Wedding Week: The Guest of Honor

Dear Brides, this post is for you! We already covered what you should wear this summer if you are the guest at a wedding, but what if you’re the guest of honor this wedding season? While I’m not about to throw on another wedding dress, I do have a little inspiration for the brides-to-be to wear to all of the pre and post event festivities, thanks to Closet London!




There are so many things to focus on leading up to your wedding day that sometimes you forget about all of the things that come before and after that you might also need to dress yourself up for. I.E: bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunch (which wasn’t a popular thing when I got married and that kinda grinds my gears because how fun does that sound?!) So anyway, the point is, you’re going to need more than just one white dress. The reason I swoon for this LWD from Closet London’s R.S.V.P collection is because it is romantic, flirty, understated, feminine, and flattering all in one. ALSO, the pockets!! (duh) If you look up close you can see the gorgeous jacquard print that adds a little life to this dress. And last but not least, the pleated full skirt elevates the look completely. Overall, this is a fresh take on the impossibly tight, hard to manage, little lace dresses we have been seeing so much of lately.


When dressing for these types of events try to remember that you are going to the on your feet for a large portion of the day or night, you are going to be running around, schmoozing, greeting your guests, you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. There is nothing worse than spending an entire day constantly pulling at your skirt, or hiking your dress up, making sure your boobs are in place… it’s awful! In this dress you can relax, and you can enjoy yourself with the peace of mind that you still look absolutely fabulous! Check out the rest of this collection for some more style inspiration this wedding season. Happy shopping!


Wedding Week; Just a Guest

We’re are in the midst of wedding season, and I’m not going to lie, this is my favorite time of the year! I love me a good wedding. For all the obvious reasons of course; romance is in the air, the company is good, you have an excuse to dance the night away, and of course, ya get to dress up! I wore this dress to my best friend’s wedding in California this past May. I walked in to my favorite store, South Moon Under in the Grove, told them I was going to a hipster wedding in LA and wanted to wear something boho. Linda said, say no more fam…. literally. I actually did not pick this dress out myself, she put it in my dressing room and I’m so glad she did. They know their stuff.





I wish I had more places and special occasions to wear this dress! I can’t tell you guys how obsessed I am with it. I’ve been on a kick with wearing long gowns to weddings this year instead of short dresses (except for a wedding I am attending this Friday! It’s too hot wear a gown haha).


I tried on about 15 dresses when I found this one, and I kid you not, this was the cheapest out of all of them! As soon as I put it on it was like finding the perfect wedding dress, I instantly knew it was the one. The price was the cherry on top. It’s so flattering and comfortable and fun! So my advice to you, if you happen to be attending a wedding this year, go for something that is sure to stand out! Everyone is going to be wearing a little black dress, or something that fits them like a glove they can barely walk in. For me, I’m all about being comfortable this year and having fun. These long, flowing, breezy gowns are perfect for the occasion!


Road Blocks

So… as you may have noticed I have been flying under the radar in the blogging universe as of late. I won’t lie to you guys… I have completely lost my blogging mojo. I have had zero motivation to even sit down and write a post with content I already have. The mere thought of it exhausts me. However, oddly enough, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me recently asking me where the hell my posts have been. It’s kind of touching, especially when you think no one really reads this thing. So, in all honestly, I don’t have my mojo back yet. But, I am working on it, and I’m going to look at this post as a fresh start! Enjoy. ;]

IMG_0529 (1)


IMG_0535 (1)IMG_0533 (1)IMG_0531 (1)IMG_0528 (1)

I was way sad because I had planned to wear this dress to a Metallica concert, but it didn’t arrive in time. Which ended up being totally fine because the concert was outside and it was miserably cold for May! This dress would have been perfect for the occasion though… so just imagine I wore it. Also! You should probably grab one for yourself because it really is the perfect dress to rock out in.

IMG_0536 (1)IMG_0534 (1)IMG_0532 (1)IMG_0530 (1)IMG_0526 (1)IMG_0527 (1)

Listen guys I know I have an addiction to aviators but these are so badass! And they were only $22 at Zara. So I mean… obviously I had to have them. They make me feel like a cop, ha! Alright readers… I want to add some newness to my site, post more than just what I’m wearing every week. If there’s anything ya’ll wanna see on here, leave me some comments and let me know! I used to mess around with recipes every now and then (see the cook book section!) and DIY stuffs (search DIY for these fun projects) and I want to get back into all those things, so let me know what you want to see more of. Thanks, love you, mean it!