Wedding Week: The Guest of Honor

Dear Brides, this post is for you! We already covered what you should wear this summer if you are the guest at a wedding, but what if you’re the guest of honor this wedding season? While I’m not about to throw on another wedding dress, I do have a little inspiration for the brides-to-be to wear to all of the pre and post event festivities, thanks to Closet London!




There are so many things to focus on leading up to your wedding day that sometimes you forget about all of the things that come before and after that you might also need to dress yourself up for. I.E: bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunch (which wasn’t a popular thing when I got married and that kinda grinds my gears because how fun does that sound?!) So anyway, the point is, you’re going to need more than just one white dress. The reason I swoon for this LWD from Closet London’s R.S.V.P collection is because it is romantic, flirty, understated, feminine, and flattering all in one. ALSO, the pockets!! (duh) If you look up close you can see the gorgeous jacquard print that adds a little life to this dress. And last but not least, the pleated full skirt elevates the look completely. Overall, this is a fresh take on the impossibly tight, hard to manage, little lace dresses we have been seeing so much of lately.


When dressing for these types of events try to remember that you are going to the on your feet for a large portion of the day or night, you are going to be running around, schmoozing, greeting your guests, you want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. There is nothing worse than spending an entire day constantly pulling at your skirt, or hiking your dress up, making sure your boobs are in place… it’s awful! In this dress you can relax, and you can enjoy yourself with the peace of mind that you still look absolutely fabulous! Check out the rest of this collection for some more style inspiration this wedding season. Happy shopping!


Wedding Week; Just a Guest

We’re are in the midst of wedding season, and I’m not going to lie, this is my favorite time of the year! I love me a good wedding. For all the obvious reasons of course; romance is in the air, the company is good, you have an excuse to dance the night away, and of course, ya get to dress up! I wore this dress to my best friend’s wedding in California this past May. I walked in to my favorite store, South Moon Under in the Grove, told them I was going to a hipster wedding in LA and wanted to wear something boho. Linda said, say no more fam…. literally. I actually did not pick this dress out myself, she put it in my dressing room and I’m so glad she did. They know their stuff.





I wish I had more places and special occasions to wear this dress! I can’t tell you guys how obsessed I am with it. I’ve been on a kick with wearing long gowns to weddings this year instead of short dresses (except for a wedding I am attending this Friday! It’s too hot wear a gown haha).


I tried on about 15 dresses when I found this one, and I kid you not, this was the cheapest out of all of them! As soon as I put it on it was like finding the perfect wedding dress, I instantly knew it was the one. The price was the cherry on top. It’s so flattering and comfortable and fun! So my advice to you, if you happen to be attending a wedding this year, go for something that is sure to stand out! Everyone is going to be wearing a little black dress, or something that fits them like a glove they can barely walk in. For me, I’m all about being comfortable this year and having fun. These long, flowing, breezy gowns are perfect for the occasion!


Road Blocks

So… as you may have noticed I have been flying under the radar in the blogging universe as of late. I won’t lie to you guys… I have completely lost my blogging mojo. I have had zero motivation to even sit down and write a post with content I already have. The mere thought of it exhausts me. However, oddly enough, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me recently asking me where the hell my posts have been. It’s kind of touching, especially when you think no one really reads this thing. So, in all honestly, I don’t have my mojo back yet. But, I am working on it, and I’m going to look at this post as a fresh start! Enjoy. ;]

IMG_0529 (1)


IMG_0535 (1)IMG_0533 (1)IMG_0531 (1)IMG_0528 (1)

I was way sad because I had planned to wear this dress to a Metallica concert, but it didn’t arrive in time. Which ended up being totally fine because the concert was outside and it was miserably cold for May! This dress would have been perfect for the occasion though… so just imagine I wore it. Also! You should probably grab one for yourself because it really is the perfect dress to rock out in.

IMG_0536 (1)IMG_0534 (1)IMG_0532 (1)IMG_0530 (1)IMG_0526 (1)IMG_0527 (1)

Listen guys I know I have an addiction to aviators but these are so badass! And they were only $22 at Zara. So I mean… obviously I had to have them. They make me feel like a cop, ha! Alright readers… I want to add some newness to my site, post more than just what I’m wearing every week. If there’s anything ya’ll wanna see on here, leave me some comments and let me know! I used to mess around with recipes every now and then (see the cook book section!) and DIY stuffs (search DIY for these fun projects) and I want to get back into all those things, so let me know what you want to see more of. Thanks, love you, mean it!



Another Kind of Two Piece

It’s almost officially summer, which means there’s going to be A LOT of two pieces all over the place. HOWEVER, I’m really feelin a different kind of “two-piece” lately. Behold; the matching set!




One of my favorite FAVORITE things about this outfit is that you can easily dress it up for a classy look a la the classic strappy heels and pearl necklace as seen above, or amp up the sex appeal with just the change of a few key accessories. I will be wearing it both ways this summer, I can promise you that!


Out of everything I picked out on the Tobi website, this was my favorite outfit. (Remember the tuxedo dress and jumpsuit?) I will say the pants are a little tight in the upper thigh area, but the rest fit well. If you’re feeling pretty badass this would be an excellent look to wear to a work event. Maybe not the office, but an after hours event? Go for it! ;]


Revive Your Hair with Vanity Planet

It is no secret that my hair has taken an absolute beating over the past few years. I’ve gone from mousy brown hair, to blonde, to thinking I wanted dark hair again… to going BACK to blonde. My hair needs some serious TLC, and just taking twice the daily recommended dose of biotin was not cutting it anymore. Enter: Vanity Planet’s Moisturizing and Restorative hair treatment. Full disclosure: this product was gifted to me, and all of the below opinions are 100% my own. Let’s get into it!


Before using this mask my hair was absolutely fried (see photo above). I began the journey of going back to blonde a couple months ago and it was already taking a toll on my strands. After just one use of this mask I am already feeling an intense difference. I would actually compare the results to what my hair felt like when I stopped shampooing it for a while. Which is supposed to be amazing for your hair, right? SO if I got the same results after just ONE use, I can already tell I’m going to reaaaaallllly like this stuff!

So a few things about this mask… you apply it to your hair when it is DRY. Not wet, or damp, or towel dried…. DRY. And a little goes a looooong way. You’re going to feel like you don’t have enough on your hair, or at least I did… and I kept adding more, but trust me, less is more. It comes out sort of sold, almost exactly the same as coconut oil (which happens to be the #1 ingredient, so, duh) and turns into a liquid as you rub your hands together. And let me just tell you guys, it smells freaking amazing! There is some sort of citrus oil in it which gives off the most amazing aroma. I could have left it on my hair all day just to smell it. BUT, you wash it out after 30-45 minutes, then shampoo and condition as usual. After I blow dried my hair I could already tell it was starting to come back to life. Once a week is all you need with this amazing hair mask and you will start to see real results in no time!


ALSO WORTH MENTIONING! It came with a little battery operated head massager that you can use to give yourself a scalp massage and work in your shampoo and conditioner in the shower! My boyfriend is obsessed with getting his head scratched or rubbed so I immediately used him as a guinea pig for this little massager thing to see if it passed the test! He loved it (obviously, who wouldn’t?) and I’m excited to use it next time!


I recently got a hair cut and cut off about an inch, plus the use of this mask, my hair is feeling positively amazing lately! Check out to grab yourself some goodies! They have so much more than just stuff for your hair too… makeup, skin care, nail treatments. It is your one stop shop to wake up your body!



Plunging Plum

In keeping with the theme this year, I’m showing another risqué little number on the blog today! I’ve been all about the tuxedo dress trend, and add the backless, plunging neckline to it… pure perfection!


TOBI DRESS || LOUBOUTIN HEELS (similar) || JUST FAB CLUTCH (similar) || SAKS OFF 5TH LACE CHOKER (similar here, here)


Alright I’ll say it first…. I should probably invest in an iron. Mama Mia.. ha! Don’t worry I actually own one.. and when I wear this dress out for reals I will fo’ sho’ make sure it gets ironed. That’s what happens when you order something online, and it arrives in a bag, and you just can’t wait to wear it. But I mean, look at it… can you blame me?


My favorite thing about this dress is the suspender detail on the back! For some reason I just love that strap. I can’t wait to wear this little number this summer. I really just have to find somewhere to wear it now… help! Side note! I’m thinking about selling a few (a lot!) of my things, including these shoes shown above. I just never wear them anymore, and I think they would make someone else very happy. :] If you, or anyone you know, wants some thangs, let me know!


Is it Cinco de Mayo Yet?

I was trying on outfits for a night out and sending snapchats to my friends to get their opinion and they all said this one reminds them of being in Mexico, or celebrating Cinco de Mayo. I’d have to say I agree! Is it time for a margarita yet??



I wish I could find a link to a similar bag somewhere on the internet because it is seriously one of my favorite things I own and I wish you could all own it too!! I’ve searched high and low for about 2 years now and I have yet to find something comparable. It’s not even like I’m having one of those moments where some girl compliments your bag and you pretend not to remember where it’s from but in all reality you just don’t want her to have it too… no, no. I want you to have it. Someday, guys, someday I will find it for you!


I think this is the second time I’ve ever shown my belly button on here since I’ve had Kennedy! I’m all for embracing my body since having kids (as all of us moms are supposed to.. blahblahblah I know…) but my belly button has never truly recovered! I feel like I need surgery to get it back to where it used to be, haha. My boyfriend has been kicking my ass at the gym lately (don’t worry, I asked him to) and I am actually feeling really great… except for that stupid friggen belly button. Which I’m sure you’ve all gone back up and zoomed in on now and you’re like uhhhh I don’t see it? Or maybe you do…. but whatever, we’re all our own worst critics, right? Well, showing it is the first step to embracing it… so there ya go. #endrant. ANYWAY! I am all for off the shoulder tops and dresses for the spring and summer! I might even throw caution to the wind and buy myself an off the shoulder bathing suit this year. Who cares about the super weird tan lines! YOLO.

Photos by Lauren Ashley Photography