Tunesday Spotlight: Maroon 5

So I’m probably WAY behind on this… but I heard Maroon 5’s ‘Daylight’ for the first time last week and I’m absolutely entirely completely obsessed with it. I saw the video for Playing for Change which is so inspiring! If you haven’t heard about this organization it’s perfection. They’re bringing the world together through music, basically, in a nutshell. And is that not the most wonderful thing you’ve ever heard? Read more about it here. So anyway. I saw this video last week while I was in the height of my PMS stage  [ha!] and it made me cry.. HA.. so embarrassing. But ever since I’ve been really obsessed with this song. I’ll pull the video up on YouTube and dance around the room with Charlotte… she loves it too. Obvi, it’s my tune of the week. Enjoy!

Tunesday Spotlight: Bob Dylan

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted a Tunesday song! Well, I am obsessing over this song today. Bob Dylan seems to have a song for every mood, doesn’t he? If you’re not a big Bob Dylan fan (which not many people my age are…) I apologize! He can be kind of torturous to listen to if you don’t like him, haha. BUT! If you have anyone in your life that you’ve ever had ‘beef’ with for WHATEVER reason, just listen to these lyrics and think of that person and I can promise you, you will at least love this one song. He hits the jackpot. It’s just the song itself, not a video, sorry folks! Enjoy. xo


Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street. 

Grace Potter Dedicates “Falling or Flying” to victims of Hurricane Sandy

This past weekend I had the ultimate pleasure of finally seeing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals live. I have been a super fan of hers for a while now and always managed to miss her whenever she toured near me. She played at Beacon Theater in New York on Saturday and the hubs and I made sure we were there. We spent the weekend in the city and tried out some fabulous restaurants and also made sure we had time to do a little shopping. [you simply cannot go to the city without shopping – it’s not possible!]

Anywho – Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are freaking amazing live. She has a presence on the stage that is like no other, her energy is incredible. Her band is so tight together and whoever did the sound for them this weekend deserves a raise because you could hear everything and perfectly! No one was drowned out by someone else. Flawless! We had great seats so I was lucky to get a few videos and amazing pictures. Below she dedicates ‘Falling or Flying’ to the victims of Hurricane [slutty] Sandy – as she called it! Enjoy. xo

Tunesday Spotlight: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Hola amigos! Happy Tunesday. Don’t you hate it when all day you thought it was a different day? I thought today was Wednesday. womp womp :[

Anywho. Today is Tuesday, or around here, Tunesday. I want to share a song with you guys that I am currently more than obsessed with. It’s from my girl crush, Grace Potter. She explained on Unplugged that she wrote this song for a friend of hers who passed away from a drug overdose. When you listen to the words, and think about losing someone who was close to you, it’s almost impossible to get through the song without getting emotional. I’m going to see Grace Potter & The Nocturnals next month and I’m almost hoping she doesn’t play this song because I won’t be able to see her perform it live without crying. I’m an emotional idiot. It happens to the best of us. Anyway! Here it is. Hope you guys love it as much as I do. :]

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Stars

Tunesday Spotlight: Michael Buble

I really don’t know why, but this song has been stuck in my head all morning and it has put me in a wonderful mood. Hope it does the same for you. ;] Enjoy!

Michael Buble – Everything

And my fabulous week continues…

I am not usually one to brag… seriously… but I am having an amazing week and I would love to share it with you guys. As you all read in my previous post about Bamboozle, I got to meet one of my idols this past weekend, Dave Grohl. It was undoubtedly one of the best days of my life. BUT, you can all read about it if you haven’t already, I won’t get into it all over again, you’ll never be able to shut me up. Let’s talk about what happened yesterday that became one of the top 5 best days of my life.

Bruce Springsteen is a local living legend. If you grew up in my area, you are either a die hard Bruce or a die hard Bon Jovi fan, since they’re both considered local heroes in the music industry. They battle over the land of New Jersey and the title of New Jersey’s greatest musician. You can like both… but you cannot love both, there has to be a little loyalty to one or the other. For me, it’s Bruce. He just always seemed a little more on the genuine side. Everyone, and I mean everyone, always sees him out and about around town. Everyone except for me that is. It seems like everyone I know has a story about how they met Bruce in Red Bank, or Pier Village, or Asbury when he just shows up randomly to play a quick song with some old friends at a dive bar. Everyone happens to be at these bars or in the right starbucks at the right time, except me. In 24 years of living about 10 minutes away from this guy I’ve never been one of the lucky ones, until yesterday.

So yesterday I met up with an old friend of mine for lunch at one of my favorite places, The Turning Point in Pier Village. Their french toast is one of the only things that when I crave it, I HAVE to have it. And I pretty much crave it like 3 times a week, so I’m always there. So like 5 minutes after we get there, I look up, and right behind Gabby stands the one and only Bruce Springsteen, with his mother! How adorable? I couldn’t contain my excitement as I have NEVER been one of those people who run into him before. I, probably too loudly, let out a little “oh my god!” which prompted Gabby to turn around without asking what I was looking at, and she did the same thing. “This never happens to me!” I exclaimed. And then we both immediately started sweating profusely. This experience was 100% different from my Bamboozle experience because at least going to the festival we knew there was a slight chance we’d get to run into some famous people, I was slightly more prepared. Here, having lunch, it was totally unexpected and my excitement became almost comical. I immediately called my mother who is one of THE BIGGEST Bruce fans I have ever come across in my entire life. “MOM!” I loudly whispered. “Come to the Turning Point right now!” “I can’t… I’m working.” “Bruce Springsteen is here!” “I’ll be right there.” As she hangs up on me. My mom only works about a block away from Pier Village so she appeared in the doorway pretty much as I was hanging up my phone. The three of us sat at the table and giggled like school children, not really sure what to do with ourselves. My mother suddenly remembered something very serious: the Bruce onesie she had made! As soon as my mom found out my husband and I were expecting our first baby, she went on a onesie making spree. She made a onesie for all of mine and Matt’s favorite bands for the baby to sport upon her arrival. That’s how I managed to have a Foo Fighters onesie on me for Dave to sign. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the habit of carrying them all around with me, so the Bruce onesie was at home. “We HAVE to go get it.” my mother kept saying. We battled with this for a few minutes as we stalked the progress of his meal from our table. Would there be enough time? Would he be all finished and disappear before we were able to get the onsie to the Turning Point? It was reaching the seriousness of an organ transplant. My mom said she could make it happen, and dammit did she make it happen. She quickly left the restaurant and called my father with the urgency of someone trapped in a burning building. Luckily, he was home, which was only 5 or 10 minutes away from Pier Village depending on traffic. She literally screamed at him to grab the Bruce onesie, not ask any questions, and meet us at Pier Village. When he asked her if he could at least finish the story he was working on for the paper, I think she may have threatened to divorce him. Not really, but it was that urgent.

Gabby and I sat there sweating as we planned our attack. When I met Dave Grohl, I had no time to think, the moment was literally right there I just had to act. Here, waiting to possibly MAYBE meet Bruce, I was all nerves.  The more I thought about it, the worse I felt about interrupting him. He was just trying to have a nice quiet lunch with his dear, sweet mother, and no one else seemed to be bothering him. We were going to be THOSE assholes. Finally, my father arrived with the onesie and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Bruce had just finished his meal and was getting ready to leave. It was now or never. I took a short walk from my table to his and literally felt like I was walking down Death Row. It didn’t help that as we slowly approached him everyone else in the restaurant was starring at us. Clearly just jealous that we had enough balls to go up to him while everyone else was too afraid. Or, ya know, they were like “wow look at these assholes.” UNTIL I broke out the onesie. Then I heard a collective “awwwww” from everyone close enough to see what I was holding.

I reached Bruce’s table, and he looked up at me. I smiled and this was all I could manage. “Excuse me, I really, REALLY, hate to bother you (because I really did!) but, could you please sign this for me?” I held out the onesie so he could see it, his mother let out a long “awwwww” and he smiled at the sight of it. He laughed a little, smiled, and said “of course I could sign that.” I put it down on the table and he asked me to hold the corners of the shirt while he autographed it. He asked if this particular onesie was “for the one you got in there” as he gestured to my stomach. “Yes it is, she’s already a big fan.” He then asked me if we had a name picked out, which I told him. Famous people are allowed to know Baby R’s real name, haha. He spoke out loud while he autographed her onesie. “To….. [Baby R]…. Start Rockin. Bruce….Springsteen. And a little guitar.” Gabby and I both stood there smiling like idiots as he signed my baby’s onesie. What happened next I truly felt bad about, but I would never get this opportunity again. He was clearly ready for us to leave, but I went ahead and asked him for a quick picture anyway. He laughed again, then said “I supposed I can do that for you. Have a seat.” as he patted the seat in the booth next to him. I all-too-excitedly sat down next to him and he told me to hold up the onesie as Gabby graciously took our picture. Check it out. :]


I thanked him 100 times and told him I would never, ever bother him again! He was super sweet though and as we turned to leave both he and his mother wished me luck with the baby. I think this baby is bringing me all the luck I need. Two autographed onesies and two run-ins with two of my favorite people on the entire planet in less than a week? Seriously, what are the chances? I told my mom I’m going to carry the rest of the onesies around with me just in case! I think I’ll have her make a Johnny Depp one and carry it around with me… you never know!

So that has been my week so far ladies and gents! I apologize for letting my blog get so off track, I have a million other things I wanted to post about… like a new favorite nail polish, but I had to write about my run-ins this week! Oh, and, I just want everyone to know, that Bruce is just as wonderful in person as you want him to be as well. Which is another reason I choose to love him over Bon Jovi. You never hear of people seeing Bon Jovi out in random places like the Turning Point, which leads me to believe he doesn’t see himself as “just another regular guy” like Bruce so clearly does. Taking his mother out to a nice little lunch, even sitting on the same side of the booth as her! Like, does it get any more adorable than that? I think not! Oh, and in case you’re wondering, he is SUPER attractive in person. I have always said he was one of those older men that is very attractive to me, I don’t care if he’s in his 60’s. In person, he is yummy. For a 60 year old man he has got it goin’ on. LOL how creepy am I??

Alright, I hope you guys are having an amazing week as well! Have you had the pleasure of meeting any of your idols? If so, who and where? Tell me all about it! I don’t want to be the only one sharing my experiences here! Have a good afternoon loves, until tomorrow! Kisses. <3

Tunesday Spotlight: @FooFighters of course!

In honor of this past weekend and my latest blog post, I decided to post one of the videos from the show. The coolest thing about this video is that you can almost hear the crowd singing along better than you can hear the band. Enjoy the concert from my prospective :]

This is Hey, Johnny Park! Live at Bamboozle, 2012 in Asbury Park. Dig it!

Welcome to the best day of my life.

So I can now honestly say I have experienced the best day of my life thus far. And unfortunately, although I think my husband would agree, it is not our wedding day, haha. We had the perfect wedding, but a wedding’s a wedding… you expect that to be an amazing day. It is the life experience that takes you by surprise that ends up being the best day of your life…so far. (I say so far because I’m pretty sure sometime in the next 3 weeks when my daughter is born, it will top last Saturday, but Saturday May 19th, 2012 will forever be my #2).

This past weekend was Bamboozle, a big music festival that happens every year and this year it just so happened to be in Asbury Park… which is pretty much my back yard. When my husband and I found out months ago that the Foo Fighters were going to be headlining one of the nights, 10 minutes away from our house, we were like oh we HAVE to go! Nevermind the fact that I will be over 8 months pregnant, I was not taking no for an answer. How could I miss that? And somehow, in the last few months before the show my Uncle (who is Senior VP at BMI… look it up) started working with the band very, very closely. The whole week leading up to the show he was actually in LA rubbing elbows with one of their managers. My Uncle knows how much Matt and I are both obsessed with the Foo Fighters and he put in a good word for us. So Friday night rolls around and I get a phone call and my uncle tells me, “when you go to pick up your tickets, use this name, they’ll be at the will call window waiting for you.” So we think we’re just getting regular one day passes for the concert… fast forward to Saturday afternoon, and let’s begin our little adventure…

We get to Asbury around 4 and wait on this god forsaken line that seemed to take about a year to move. Finally get up to the will call window and when the guy asks for my name & picture ID, he tells me “the Foo Fighters list isn’t here yet.” …. Insert starring contest here. “What does that mean?” “It means their list isn’t here yet.” Why thank you, so much, for clarifying. When I asked if he knew how long it would take for the list to “get there” he just looked at me and goes “I don’t know.” He then proceeds to tell me I can go “take a walk or stand off to the side” for an “unknown” period of time. I’m like….. eff this. So my husband and I decide to take a walk, we go to this nice restaurant right on the boardwalk, Stella Marina, and he grabs a drink and I grab a sprite. As we’re sitting there going over how unbelievably rude and unhelpful that man was, we realized something… he said we were on the Foo Fighters’ list! We weren’t sure what that even meant, but it sounded amazing. Music to my ears, if you will. The Foo Fighters had a list, and we were on it. #BOOM. So we finish our drinks, let a little while go by, and walk back to the will call section. Now, in the half hour – 45 minutes that had passed while we were in the restaurant, it was like an alternate universe came and took over the will call area. As soon as we walked up someone noticed my baby bump and immediately offered me a chair to sit in while Matt waited on line (we didn’t have to wait on the long line again, thank god!). Some guy walked past me and stops and goes “do you want a bottle of water?” and I was like no, I’m good thanks. And he goes “No… I’m going to get you a bottle of water” and disappears into the carousel house. When he came back with a giant bottle I seized the moment and asked him if he knew if the Foo Fighters list was up yet. This was a different man then the one I had dealt with before and he already seemed 100x nicer. He quickly ran off to check something on a computer and came back 20 seconds later to ask for my ID. What happened in the next 15 minutes we’re not really sure of. We watched my ID get passed around to about 6 different people and watched each person pull something up on a different computer. Finally someone comes through the gate holding my ID, and about 4 different wrist bands, he looks just as confused as we must have. He apologized a few times for taking so long and then said “there is a whole bunch of stuff here for you. I’m not really sure why, but you have regular wrist bands and these…” he holds out green wrist bands that say crew. What do these do? I asked him… “They get you back stage… anywhere in the festival really.” Matt and I exchanged a very excited look but tried to remain calm and cool, play it off like knew that’s what they were, duh. The guy hands over our bands then takes a long look at my stomach. “Do you want a ride?” he asks so genuinely it made my heart melt. I tried to play dumb, like I didn’t know the walk from the carousel house to the main wasn’t about 2 miles (we had made that walk to get our tickets from the car, it was torture). “I think I’ll be ok,” I said. “Are you sure? It’s a really far walk and it’s really hot out. You can hop right on the golf cart, it’ll only take a minute I don’t mind.” Well how can I say no to that? This golf cart ride, had I not accepted, would have changed the entire course of the rest of our night, and not for the better. This was some divine intervention right here. So my husband and I hopped on the golf cart and we let this amazingly nice man drive us right up to the stage. We thanked him 100 times, jumped off, walked through a giant crowd of people fighting over a good spot in front of the stage, and finally found the entrance to back stage. This is what we see:

Matt and I are let back stage and once we’re through the gate and behind the stage we come to a complete stop. There were tents set up in the back and off to the side along the beach and not a whole lot of people around. As we’re standing around in the middle of mountains of band equipment trying to figure out where to go and what to do, we both set our eyes on the same thing at the same exact time and my stomach dropped. Standing only 10 feet away from us was Dave Grohl, front man for The Foo Fighters, if you don’t know. I turn to Matt to ask him what we should do, should we stop him, go up to him, call his name, do anything, leave him alone? I had never been in this position before, I was about to panic. Dave started to walk away and before Matt could even make a suggestion I just went for it, fuck it, I’ll never get this opportunity again, and that’s why we’re back here right? Before I even knew what I was doing my mouth opened and the words, “um, excuse me” came pouring out. Dave looked over me, smiled to acknowledge he heard me, and turned to head my way.

Now… let me just tell you guys, meeting your idol can be a great experience, or it can be the worst of your life. You never know which way it’s going to go the first time. I don’t think there is anything worse than finally getting the chance to meet someone you’ve spent your whole life watching, or listening to, or following, whatever, and having them turn out to be a complete asshole, or just act like they don’t have the time to shake a couple hands, take a couple pictures. I really can’t imagine there is anything worse than that. So when Dave turned to walk over to me, I started to get a little nervous. What if he’s an asshole? What if he’s not the person you want him to be, you know?

Well… as he was walking over towards me he tripped a little bit on the floor mats that covered the back stage area. He stumbled right towards me and I laughed at him. So in this situation, I’m the asshole. “You aright there buddy?” was what I said to him, and what happened next made me the happiest person in the world, it proved that Dave Grohl is just as cool and amazing and awesome as you want him to be. He grabbed me by the shoulders, shook me, got so close to my face I literally had to bend backwards, and he screamed in my face “MY ANKLE, MY ANKLE! WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO CANCEL THE SHOW BECAUSE OF YOU!” All I could think was… I can smell Dave Grohl’s breath.. I know what his breath smells like. I was on cloud 9. I laughed as he did, and then said “easy there, you’re going to scare me into labor” and gestured down at my gigantic baby bump. “OH MY GOD!” he screamed as he took his hands off my shoulders and grabbed my stomach with both hands… apparently he did not seem to notice how pregnant I was.

I have tried so, SO hard to commit what happened next to memory but this is the thing… Dave ended up being such a cool and nice guy, that talking to him just felt normal and it’s hard to commit a normal conversation to memory. I do know that after he grabbed my baby bump it was the perfect segue into asking him if he would sign a Foo Fighters onesie for our daughter that my mother made. He asked if we had a name picked out, then he asked if Matt was the baby daddy, then he asked the baby daddy if he had a job (what a guy!), haha. Him and Matt talked tattoos for a little bit, then we took a picture. The best picture that has ever been taken.

And this is a close up, because I’m obsessed with it… and yes I cut my husband out, whateva.

I mean… we look like a couple. It’s perfection. This was literally the best moment of my life (so far). As we were talking to Dave, Taylor Hawkins was walking around we said hi to him, and Chris Shiflett was about 3 feet away from us as well, oh and every other act that performed at Bamboozle that day was back stage. So after we said bye to Dave Matt realized quickly that he needed some sort of drink to calm his nerves and we set off to find him a beer. That’s how we discovered the beautiful VIP tent back stage (I’m not sure if that’s what it’s called or what it was, but we didn’t know what to call it so that’s what it is to us). It was stocked with all the drinks you could drink and all the food you could eat. They even had corn hole set up on the beach, like come on, that’s awesome.

Here are a few pictures from before the show started…


The onesie! Sorry folks, Dave Grohl can know her name, but for everyone else it is still a surprise. haha

The “VIP” tent

Matt taking in the scenery.

Matt and I… very excited to be there haha

So we hung out in the tent for a while and as 7:30 was approaching (the time the foo fighters were supposed to start their set) we realized we didn’t know where we were going to watch the show from. Neither of us wanted to go back in front of the stage because we’d be in that GIGANTIC crowd and I just knew something bad would happen. Under normal circumstances I’d be the first person fighting my way to the front of the crowd, but I’m 8 months pregnant… I figured that was not the safest place to be. So we walked back to the staging area and they were letting people on the stage… we thought, why not try it? And it was as easy as that. We got to enjoy an entire Foo Fighters concert from the stage… mingling with Foo Fighters family members including Dave’s mom, who is freaking adorable. And that was that, the best day and night of my life. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the show itself.

The guys walking on the stage, getting ready to start the show!

I am SO glad I decided to take my telephoto lens for this show. I debated because I didn’t want to carry everything around, but it ended up being the best decision ever because I got some amazing pictures.

The show itself was incredible. They played Hey, Johnny Park! Which I have never seen them play live, and a bunch of classics like Monkey Wrench and Breakout. They also played Arlandria off of their new album which is my favorite song from Wasting Light. They played a Tom Petty cover of Breakdown… they really just covered all the bases. And of course at the end of the night they were all whisked away on a helicopter to play the finale of Saturday Night Live. Badass.

I literally didn’t want to wake up Sunday morning because I knew nothing that happened from then on would in any way match the day and night I had on Saturday. But that was my night folks! I just wanted to fill you guys in because a lot of people were asking how we managed to pull that off. It was a combination of knowing the right people and having a baby bump, haha. So if you’re reading this Dave Grohl, you are an awesome person. Thank you for living up to my expectations and not being one of those super stars that doesn’t have enough time for his adoring little fans. You rock.

Tunesday Spotlight: Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson

So I saw this live performance when it aired on the CMA’s and I recently downloaded the song and I’m a little obsessed with it. I really forgot how much I liked this when I watched it live. Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson have the most intense sexual tension I have ever seen before. I don’t know what the deal is between the two of them, if they’re just putting on an extra good show because of the nature of the song, or what, but it is HOTT. Like, muy caliente! It’s like they are fighting themselves to keep their hands off each other. You can almost hear the panties dropping throughout the crowd. At any rate, this is an awesome song and I quite enjoy watching them sing it to each other. Without any further ado, (?) here is Jennifer Nettles and Matt Nathanson live at the CMA’s performing “Run.” Enjoy!

Tunesday Spotlight: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

If you know me you know I have a girl crush on Grace Potter. She is sex. I got my husband into her music too and he actually discovered this song before I did… go figure. In the past week he’s made me listen to it like, no joke, 50 times. So I figured it was only appropriate to share with you guys. This is a very different song from her usual tunes, kind of 80’s. I dig it though, and so will you. Check it out! Enjoy. :] xo

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Never Go Back