Weekend Hangs with my Little Ones

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This past weekend we had a break in the cold weather for a couple days and I wasn’t the only one beside herself with excitement; my girls wanted to spend as much time outside as possible as well! We hung out at the park, cleaned out my car, had pretend picnics on a blanket in the front yard.. all in all it was a pretty great weekend.




On Charlotte: H&M LEATHER JACKET || OLD NAVY LEGGINGS || ADIDAS SNEAKERS (Halloween costume cat ears)


Ok so full disclosure… while I do love spending time outside when the weather warms up, the thing I really get the urge to do is shop! As soon as it gets even a little bit warm I am overcome with the urge to go spend money… it’s terrible, honestly, but I can’t help it. I just feel like I have to buy a whole new wardrobe in like one day for myself and the girls! With that said… thank goodness for Groupon! I used to only use this site for deals on outings and getaways… I had no idea you could actually find free coupons on there. Yup, you read that right, FREE coupons for shopping! When you have three people to shop for instead of just yourself you could really use all the help you can get. I spend hours browsing this site and hoarding all of the coupons I can find… don’t judge me. You can find steals for stores and websites alike so even if you get the itch go shop on a cold day you don’t have to leave the comfort and warmth of your own home. Win win!

You can find steals for stores like Forever21, Kohls, Macys, Walgreens… all stores that I love to shop at not only for myself but for Char and Kennedy as well, and that’s just to name a few. If you haven’t perused Groupon for coupons yet, do yourself a favor and do so now! You can thank me later. ;]



Admittedly one of my guiltiest pleasures that comes from being a mother of two little girls is matching with them, hah. Charlotte calls us both “fashionistas.” One time she said to me, “Mommy, Kennedy doesn’t care as much about fashion and style as we do. She’s not a fashionista.” I don’t know where she comes up with these lines but she kills me. I can get my girls to wear almost anything if they know I’m wearing a version of it myself. If I asked them to throw on a pair of black sneakers in general they would both throw a fit, but if I’m wearing them they jump at the chance to match their mama… and I love that!

sig 2

The Mini Fashionista: Amy Coe #Giveaway

Hello my loves and happy December! The best month of the year, my birthday month and CHRISTMAS! And I am so excited to bring you guys an amazing giveaway just in time for your holiday shopping! This time around I am giving away a ONE HUNDRED dollar gift certificate to Amy Coe at Babies R Us! Her new holiday line is out in stores and it’s pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

amy coe holiday 2014


amy coe holiday 2014 amy coe holiday amy coe holiday 2014

I am swooning over the details of this outfit! The faux leather leggings, the black panels on the sleeves, the leather headband! It’s all so cute. Charlotte was absolutely obsessed with it too, she wouldn’t let me take it off to put her pajamas on at bed time! haha, so you can win this outfit and/or SO much more in this giveaway!

IMG_6517 IMG_6525

Ignore her diaper casually sticking out of her pants…. that’s not part of the outfit, obvi.  😐

IMG_6528 IMG_6537 IMG_6543 IMG_6548My favorite part of this outfit is that I have matching leggings… so I can twin it up with my 2 year old daughter whenever I want. HAH she will totally love and appreciate that when she’s older. Who doesn’t want to match their mama? ;] Ok! So now for the giveaway! Just enter by following the insanely easy steps. The giveaway will close on Monday, December 8th and the winner will be announced Tuesday the 9th. Remember, it’s $100 to Amy Coe at Babies R Us! Which, if you’re like me, can go a long way in that store. Good luck!!






When you’re all done, stop back here and leave me a comment, the more you like/follow the more entries you will have. Good luck! 

** I had to change the links to the giveaway as the Rafflecopter link was not working for everyone. Don’t worry, if you entered through the original link your entries still count! Thanks for your understanding! :]


The Mini Fashionista: All You Need is Love ft. Amy Coe

If you follow my Mini Fashionista series you can probably gather one thing: I’m very picky when it comes to what my kids wear. My mantra when people try to shop for my girls: Think of me. Would I wear it? Ok, maybe I’m a little bit more lenient when it comes to my daughters, but not very, ha! I cringe at the thought of Charlotte wearing anything with Minnie Mouse on it that’s not pajamas. So anyway, the point is, I like it when my girls look a little more…. chic? while still remaining the kids they are! I mean in all seriousness, they’re kids… they’re messy. Let’s be realistic. Which is why I am a huge fan of Amy Coe!

Amy Coe Love dress with tutu



I was recently approached by someone from Amy Coe’s company about collaborating for my Mini Fashionista series. I was seriously over the moon excited when I received the e-mail! I have bought a million things for both of my girls from Amy Coe. I LOVE the fact that she makes big girl style clothes for little ones. I have scored sparkly leggings, faux fur vests, adorable graphic tee’s, and so much more at the most amazing prices. They have a faux red leather moto jacket that I am just DYING to get my hands on! This designer helps me keep Charlotte and Kennedy on trend on a budget. What could be better? For this outfit in particular I’m in love with the built in tutu, for a few reasons. ONE, it is so on point with Charlotte’s latest ‘ballerina’ obsession. Everything that has a tutu skirt makes it a ballerina dress, apparently, and that is her current infatuation. TWO, the skirt is attached so it takes away all the fuss of trying to find one that matches her outfit, since she basically needs to wear a tutu every day now. THREE: and another reason I’m glad it’s attached, she can’t take it off in the middle of a store if she suddenly feels the need, or she can’t randomly take it off and put it on one of our dogs. It happens, guys. It happens.

IMG_4635 IMG_4637

I’m also a big fan of the color scheme for this outfit, it has just enough pink to be girly but keeping the bulk of the ensemble black is key since the tutu skirt kind of speaks for itself. Edgy and sweet at the same time. Also I feel this is worth mentioning, when this outfit showed up at my door step, it came with a hand written note from Amy Coe herself. I immediately felt a little love and respect that she took the time to write such a sweet note about my girls when it wasn’t her I had been in contact with. They also sent an outfit along for Kennedy, which came as a total surprise! Look how cute my little blueberry looks!

FullSizeRender-23 FullSizeRender-25

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to snap any pictures before she devoured her breakfast, so ignore the remnants of her oatmeal there, ha. This little onesie is even more adorable! They have me hooked on the built in tutus! Amy’s holiday line is coming down the pipeline soon and I couldn’t be more excited to find my girls some outfits for all the festivities, which is just around the corner! YIKES!

Side note: MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!! I’m still so excited over this whole thing that I have to share it with you guys too! haha! Every time I even think about it I get all emotional and teary eyed. This girl is one of the most genuine human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and with her cooking skills, she is going to make one amazing wife. You’re a lucky man Jake! Good for you for locking that shit down. ;] Love you both! Long gone are the days when we could party like rockstars in the creepy basement that is Dark Horse, or crowded rooms of Park Ave, but with all the upcoming celebrating, we can certainly try. Love you, Rooms. <3


The Mini Fashionista: Back to School

Ok, the title of this post is a tad misleading. I have a two year old. She’s obviously not going back to school. HOWEVER, she is obsessed with the idea of going to school. She is going as far as potty training herself because my husband once told her she can’t go to school if she’s not potty trained. So to get a rise out of her I take her ‘back to school’ shopping. She gets a kick out of it.

the mini fashionista


photo 1-9 photo 2-9 photo 3-9

Charlotte is quickly approaching the age where she loves to get dressed by herself and pick out her own clothes. If I want her to wear something that I think is cute, I have to act reeeaaaallllll excited about it, which I usually am, I love shopping for this little nugget. The letterman jacket and high tops were basically love at first sight.

photo 2-10 photo 4-7

photo 1-8

Taking these photos I got a little glimpse of what my future is going to be like. I had her sit on the steps as if we were waiting for the school bus. I got a little emotional, not gonna lie, ha! I also had Booms (Kennedy, her nickname is Booms, Char is Boog) outside with us and snapped a few quick pics ol’ Blue Eyes.

photo 4-8 photo 5-7

She’s 4 months old today! Happy 4 months K dog, mommy loves you! :]


The Mini Fashionista: Fall Fever

I’ve already admitted I’m not ready to give up my summer clothes yet, and to be honest, I’m still trying to squeeze Charlotte into hers as well! There have been a few days here and there when the weather was basically perfect for a good mix of summer and fall clothes, and I mean, what’s better than that?

the mini fashionista: fall fever


the mini fashionista: fall fever the mini fashionista: fall fever

Dresses with boots are one of my favorite summer-into-fall wardrobe transitions. When it gets even a little cooler throw on some tights and you can make those dresses last for months! I swoon for these boots. They had a juniors pair exactly like this I was determined to shove my feet into, but no dice, ha!

the mini fashionista: fall fever the mini fashionista: fall fever the mini fashionista: fall fever

Polish off a look like this with a classic denim jacket and you’re good to go! I have so much more fun shopping for my girls than I do for myself. Miniature clothes are just so much cuter! Anywho. Have an amazing labor day weekend! The hubs and I just celebrated our FOUR year anniversary yesterday! It’s so crazy how time flies! I realize I have never really posted a photo or anything of Kennedy, so here she is! This is the whole fam celebrating our anniversary last night. :]


Ain’t we cute? ;] Enjoy your holiday weekend, guys! Have fun and be safe!


The Mini Fashionista: Bikini Babe

One of my favorite things to buy Charlotte is bathing suits. There is something so adorable about a little mini bikini with a big, ugly diaper sticking out. Her god father bought her the CUTEST bathing suit for her first birthday and I’m so glad Kennedy will get to wear it next summer! Being able to pass down clothes they got to wear like once or twice is a wonderful thing. Anyway! Bathings suits just get cuter as they’re getting older. Behold.

photo 2-3

BATHING SUIT: JANIE & JACK || SHOES: JANIE & JACK (No longer available, other favorites here)

photo 5-2 photo 3-2 photo 1-3

I mean COME ON! When I saw this bathing suit in the store I immediately fell in love. I’m into anything vintage looking or nautical this summer, especially on Char! This particular suit is no longer available, but now is a great time to shop end of the season sales for great pieces for next year. By the way guys, I had an extremely fun collaboration and MAJOR giveaway coming to the blog next week! You do NOT want to miss out on that!


The Mini Fashionista: Hey There Sailor

I’m obsessed with anything nautical, even a smidgen nautical and I like it. Perhaps it has to do with where I grew up? In any event, when it comes to my daughter’s wardrobe I am equally obsessed with the theme, and apparently so is my husband as he picked this outfit out as well!

photo 3-12

DRESS: JANIE & JACK (on sale now) || SHOES: JANIE & JACK 

photo 1-10 photo 3-11

She has mastered the pose by now. Hands on her hips, eyes down, slight pucker. She’s a lean, mean, posing machine and I just love it!

photo 4-7photo 4-8photo 2-10 photo 2-11

They make some pretty fantastic shoes for toddlers. Sometimes I am actually jealous of Char’s shoe collection. These shown above, for example, I truly wish came in my size. She has a pair of blue espadrilles with little bows on them that I’m also obsessed with. And please don’t judge me for being a bad mom letting my child wear lipstick… it wasn’t by choice. She literally did this herself. She has a mind of her own, what can ya do! ;]


The Mini Fashionista: Laundry Day

I typically try to save Charlotte’s “nicer” outfits for a more special occasion. She has so many fun and cute play clothes in rotation that she hardly ever needs to wear anything so ‘fancy,’ However, with another baby at home my laundry load has practically tripled and I just can’t keep up! It’s literally overwhelming. Plus I hate my closet so I subconsciously refuse to put my clothes away and then they all just pile up and I hate sorting through everyone’s clothes… It’s a nightmare. BUT the point is, I had to put Char in this dress for just another casual afternoon, oops! She got tons of compliments though, so it’s all good.

image-76DRESS: RALPH LAUREN (similar here) || HEAD BAND: JANIE & JACK (on sale now) || SHOES: JANIE & JACK (another favorite here)

image-74 image-75 image-77

 Ain’t she just the cutest? We looked rullllll fancy rolling through the grocery store like this! haha. She loves it though, she walks around all day showing everyone her shoes & headband that “daddy picked out.” He does good, doesn’t he? Ralph Lauren really makes my favorite dresses for little girls. They’re so beautiful and flattering. Love it.


Red, White, & Cute

As promised we took Charlotte out on the boat for the 4th of July. Luckily it was cool enough at night for her to wear her new sweater that my husband bought her a few weeks back. He harassed me for about 2 solid weeks because I had yet to put her in the outfit, even though each day was reaching an average of 90 degrees. Some men just don’t really understand fashion… BUT, it was cool enough on the water to throw this sweater on SO, here it is, The “Lobstaaaah outfit.”




image-69 image-72 image-73image-71

I love that this outfit was red, white, and blue without being too obvious. Like, it’s obvious, but it’s not the normal “my 2nd 4th of July!” t-shirt people insist on making their children wear. Those can be so…. bleh, can’t they? If I don’t put this disclaimer in here my husband will kill me: he picked out this entire outfit. In addition to about 10 other outfits you’ll see on here. He went cray cray! Although he picked it out, I’m IN LOVE with the lobster on this sweater! I feel like we should cart her off to Nantucket for the weekend in this outfit, ha! Graphic Tee’s and sweaters sporting animals are super in right now! Shop all of my favorites in my latest Mavatar collection! 


Mini Fashionista: Floppy Hats

It goes without saying that by putting on a floppy hat you are instantly upping your level of class. I mean, who doesn’t feel like royalty when wearing one? My husband and I were strolling through the Grove over the weekend with our oldest daughter (who really knows how to milk my husband for all he’s worth) when she pointed out a hat she just HAD to try on. AND .5 seconds later it was hers. Matt really has no backbone when it comes to Charlotte, and I’m sure Kennedy will be able to work him just as hard when she learns to ask for things too, ha!

photo 1


photo 2

Just an FYI, you may see me wearing this hat on here sometime in the future. No one ever believes me, but I have an unusually small head. I NEVER fit in “one size fits all” hats for adults. I can literally wear hats made for toddlers. I don’t know if that’s something to brag about? Probably not, but it is what it is!  photo 3 IMG_5916

I say it all the time but I really love shopping for my girls, especially as they get older. Toddler clothes are just so adorable! So many fun prints and colors. If they made this dress in my size I would wear it in a heart beat. I can’t even go in stores like J Crew or Janie and Jack because I have zero restrain when it comes to shopping for Char and Kennedy… as you’ll see as this Mini Fashionista series continues! ;]