Anniversary Family Photos; Part 2

Welcome back! If you’re just visiting for the first time, this is a blog post dedicated to the little family Matt and I have created over the past 5 years. For our wedding anniversary I enlisted the help of our amazing wedding photographers to take family photos for us. These photos are all of Matt and myself. They are so stunning, I can’t stop staring at them! Hope you guys love them as much as we did!

NINO4924 NINO4909 NINO4889 NINO4840 a0094 a0088 a0086 a0082 a0079 a0074 a0071

IMG_6363 IMG_6364 IMG_6365 IMG_6367 IMG_6380

IMG_6344 IMG_6341 IMG_6340 IMG_6339

Also worth mentioning, my mom and I hand made this teepee ourselves, ha! Someone had commented and asked if we purchased this teepee from a store so I am very proud to say we went all DIY cray on this thing! We purchased a few large wooden stakes from Home Depot, a few yards of white fabric from Joanne Fabrics, a little lace trim and threw it all together in one night in my parent’s back yard. I purchased the sun flowers while all of the other flowers came from my yard (and my neighbor’s… shhhh, don’t tell! haha). My mother-in-law was so cute when looking at these pictures, she was like… “what made you choose….. a teepee..…in the middle of the woods?” LOL! To be honest, we got married on the beach so I just wanted a complete change of scenery for this session, and our girls looked so damn adorable in those boho flower crowns frolicking in the wide open field. IMG_6390

NINO5105 NINO5098 NINO5075 NINO5062 NINO5036 NINO5026 NINO4998 NINO4989

My veil was actually packed with my wedding shoes, so it was totally unintentional that it ended up at the shoot. Honestly I thought I had lost it. Nino had the idea to drape it over me to get a few photos and they came out so beautiful! It was a great way to incorporate a few key items from our wedding 5 years later (Charlotte wearing my wedding shoes as well). I wanted to send a special thank you to Lulu’s for sending me this beautiful dress! It was everything I wanted and more!


April Showers Bring May Babies

This past weekend my friends and family gathered at my house to throw me an adorable little baby Sprinkle! For those who are unaware, a baby sprinkle is like a baby shower, just for your second baby. One of my best friends offered to organize one for me, as she is the mother of two kids herself and knows how important it is to make sure mommies-to-be and the second babies are very much appreciated! (If you have children of your own, you know how much less exciting it can be when the second child is announced vs all of the excitement surrounding the first, hah. NOT for the moms, but for everyone else). So we had a quaint little brunch at my house and got to enjoy the gorgeous weather and relax a little bit! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the afternoon!

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If you know anyone who is on their second baby, please throw them a baby sprinkle! It’s such a nice feeling to have everyone together and celebrate the little nugget that’s on the way! I can’t thank my friends enough for making me and baby #2 feel so special this weekend! 🙂

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Boogie Butt Turned One!

Hola amigos! I’ve been MIA the past week and with good reason! I had to have an emergency wisdom tooth extraction! All 4 teeth, at once. As my one year old would say, “aye aye aye!” It was awful and I still don’t feel 100% but I’ve missed you guys so I’m pulling it together to write you a little recap of Charlotte’s birthday! That’s right, our little bundle of joy turned one this month. I can’t believe it. It sounds SO cliche but time really does fly. I don’t like it. I feel like I was pregnant for like 6 years and she turned one in a hot minute. Next thing you know she’s going to be getting her license, graduating high school, and leaving us for college! Make it stop! :[

Anyway, I digress. We had an amazing day spent with our family and closest friends at my parent’s house. Which, over the years, has become our go-to party spot. Thanks for always being such gracious hosts, mom & dad! We got super lucky with the weather, which was good because we invited way too many people to cram them all inside. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate! She won’t remember it, of course, but we will never forget what a great day it was.


dress: Forever 21 available here. || Shoes: Steve Madden [old. similar available here.]

A Week in Review: Instagram

love when people do this, when they post a bunch of their Instgram pictures from the past week. I don’t really lead a super exciting life, especially post baby. I don’t go out to fabulous galas, or fancy parties… a 20 minute dinner every now and then and a late night house party are still how I spend my nights. But sometimes I can make myself look a little more interesting via Instagram. Love that app, don’t you? ;]

rach blog.1. my fabulous daughter, Charlotte. I took this picture because she just looked too freaking cute not to. My mission in life is to make her famous… but we’ll get to that later.
.2. My dresser after spending hours (and lots of money) at Home Goods. I LOVE that place. My dresser, and makeup, needed a total makeover and I’m quite happy with the results.
.3. I spent most of my childhood making fun of my mother for how big and thick her glasses were. THANK GOD for laser eye surgery. But now the very same glasses she wore when she was around my age are back in style. And I got a pair. And now I look exactly like her. Go me.
.4. Our Sunday Brunch mashup. My husband and I have breakfast/brunch every single Sunday and every now and then our friends will join us. I used my fabulous homemade chalkboards to make a little menu and our friend Billy made some DE-LISH Bloody Mary’s! I typically hate them but these were pretty yummy.
.5. This one speaks for itself. I love quotes and this is a good one!
.6. My latest mani! I loved the neutral color with the little black heart. It matches my black soul. Just kidding, hah hah. :]
.7. & .8. These are a couple pictures from my dear friend Danny’s surprise birthday party this weekend! The first picture is of my friend Jon and me and the second is, of course, the hubs & me. I apologize for Matt’s facial expression in this picture… he was obviously having a great night, hahaha.
.9. Boogie’s first time in the snow!!!!! How awesome is she? She loved it! She was so cute in her big puffy snow suit. My dad kept making little snow balls and handing them to her and she couldn’t lift her arms up to grab them. She just sat there with her eyes pretty much closed with this cute little smile on her face. I also have to thank our friends Mike & Kat for the snow suit! What life savers they are!

So that’s it kids. A look back at my week via my Insta. Follow all my pics here. :] Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. I’ll catch ya later for a little song of the week. Kisses!



Life after Hurricane Sandy.

Hi all! So I write this post with a heavy heart tonight. As all of you are probably aware, Hurricane Sandy hit the tri-state area earlier this week. My home town, and towns that I spent the majority of my life in, were seriously affected. Sea Bright, a mere 10 minute drive from my house, is pretty much wiped off the map. Monmouth Beach is where I spent every waking moment of my life throughout high school. Little Monmouth beach club is where I spent every single minute of my summer and it’s pretty much demolished. All that’s left of homes in Sea Bright are piles of sand and mud. A friend of mine is missing her 18 foot trampoline. MISSING. They literally can’t find it anywhere in town. My husband and I lost both of our cars and to be honest, consider ourselves LUCKY that that’s all we lost. It truly breaks my heart to walk around town and see all the damage that Hurricane Sandy left behind. Families in the area are just starting to get their power back tonight for the most part. It’s very surreal to me… I keep saying I feel like I’ll wake up and realize this was all just a horrible nightmare but it’s not. You never expect anything like this to happen where you live, right? Anyway – I put together some pictures that I took, my parents took, and my aunt took of all the destruction around Oceanport, Monmouth Beach, and Sea Bright. Take a peek if you’re curious. Although I’m sure you’ve all had about as much as you can take on the news… if you’re able to watch the news :\ – Hope to be back with the usual posts next week after we get our life back in order. We finally got power tonight so we’ll be in the house cleaning all weekend.

For anyone in the Monmouth County area that is looking to help out: FEMA and the Red Cross are setting up camp at Monmouth Park and they are looking for volunteers. Also, a ton of families lost pretty much everything the own so we are looking for clothes donations. There are drop off stations all over the place but you can contact the Red Cross to see where you can bring stuff. Any little bit helps. Char is only 4 & 1/2 months old but I brought over every single thing she has grown out of already. Like I said, any little bit helps.

Stay safe everyone. My love to all of you.

Jersey Strong. <3

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The Private(ish) Life of Rachel Ross

Good afternoon, loves! How are we all today? I’ll be honest, I am not so great. I am feeling kinda crappy today. I think it’s a combination of the weather and having a super busy weekend… but that’s what I wanted to write about today! On Saturday my best friends and wonderful family surprised me with the most perfect baby shower, ever! It was such a blast. AND I was genuinely surprised, which was nice. I feel like that never happens anymore, haha. I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from the day with you guys.

This was my reaction to being surprised. The whole thing was, I was supposed to be going to lunch with my best friend & my mother. My mom got me in my parent’s house (where the shower was being held) by telling me to come inside and look at the crib they set up in the baby’s room (my brother’s old room, hah). I walked right past everyone and right up the stairs and no one said a word, no surprise or anything… I guess they were all waiting for me to notice them? hah but the funny part was, before I noticed everyone all huddled together in the corner, I tripped on my dress going up the stairs and dropped the f bomb, quite loudly. Surprise!

Me in my “mommy to be sash” :]

I love this picture! This is my mom, my grandmother, and me!

Another one of my favorites. My whole family! We made sure to get a picture this day because we never took a whole family photo at my wedding. How weird right?

Me and my older brother, Shay. Or Shaymo as I call him.

It is already pre-determined that Baby R will be a Yankee, Giants, Devils, and Knicks fan.

These are my best friends in the entire world. From left to right, Justine, Ashley, myself, Laura, and Marlena. Ashley is the baby’s godmother and the rest of the girls are the baby’s amazing aunts. They seriously went above and beyond for this shower, I was impressed. And isn’t it funny that three of us showed up wearing coral? It was the color of the day, so many women had it on!

This is the amazing diaper cake Ashley made! We played a game, “guess how many diapers in the cake.” Think you can guess how many are in there? There’s over 300! Seriously absurd.









And the amazing cupcakes that Ashley also made!

True story… I saw very similar cupcakes on Pinterest, and I re-pinned them with the caption: “Ashley, if you don’t make these for my baby shower we are no longer friends.” She doesn’t even have Pinterest, haha. But I am seriously obsessed with elephants and she came through in the end! How adorable are they? How amazing is Ashley?



So those are some of my favorite pictures! We played a lot of fun games too, like baby bingo, guess the candy bar (which was actually disgusting but still fun hah) and guess how big my stomach is. The day was seriously perfect, I couldn’t have asked for anything more! I have the best friends and this baby has the best aunts for taking such good care of me. :] Between my baby shower and all of the mother’s day festivities on the following day, I am seriously pooped! I left everything I got at my parent’s house over the weekend and went back today and spent hours organizing everything. I separated all the clothes Baby R received by age, separated everything else into categories like “bottles and kitchen,” “bath time,” “shoes and accessories,” “stuffed animals,” “blankets,” and so on and so forth… you get the picture. I am very organized when it comes to this baby! hah Check out her closet though… it is shaping up to look a lot like her mommy’s!



AND!! This is her gorgeous crib with all of the bedding, finally!

Everything is coming together, which is good because we only have a month left! Or… according to my grandfather, 2 weeks. HAH. He is out of his mind but he believes the baby will be here the end of May. I’m excited for her to finally get here, but I think I can wait the extra 2 weeks… just to prepare, hah.

Once her room is all finished and set up I will post more pictures. I ordered the most gorgeous wall decals for her room too, I can’t wait to put them up! So many exciting things!

Well, I just wanted to share with you guys a little bit, let you know what was going on in my life as of late. I hope you had an amazing mother’s day, and a great weekend! I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Kisses!

The Return of The Rachel Ross

Now there is just no excuse for it this time. I have disappeared for over 2 months! So welcome back to my blog, and a very Happy New Year to you! Since I’ve last posted a hand full of things in the life of Rachel Ross have changed. First off, let me introduce to you to….

Baby Ross! The hubs and I are expecting our first baby. 🙂 Oh and get this… the baby is sucking his or her thumb in this picture! Isn’t that the most amazing freaking awesome thing you have ever seen? I am so in love. Due to work being extremely busy and my complete lack of ability to keep my eyes open during my first trimester, I have pretty much lost all motivation to work on this blog. BUT! I am at 17 weeks now, work is slowing down after the holidays and I am back in action. So this is Baby R. My perfect little turnip (this week) sized baby. In 12 days we find out whether or not this baby is going to be a little mommy clone or daddy clone. I’m hoping mommy clone so I can bring her home in a Juicy onsie and Louboutin booties. Matt, on the other hand, is hoping it’s a boy… pretty much for the same reasons.

So my posts about wardrobe staples may be changing focus soon when I can no longer fit into my jeans. Truth be told… I already can’t. I pretty much live in leggings at the moment and as soon as it’s warm out I will only be found in Maxi dresses. So I guess this blog is going to turn into a Mecca for young moms who still want to be stylish. I refuse to be one of those mommy-to-be’s that gives up on hair maintenance and overall hygiene all together. Nu-uh.

So here’s what we have to look forward to: Tunesday’s coming back full force. More Book Club good reads. January cold weather favorites. Nail polish of the month. A pregnant girl’s New Year’s Eve outfit. And I will obviously be giving weekly updates about Baby R. Each week I get an e-mail that tells me what size the baby is; this week it’s a turnip. So if you hear me referring to my baby as a food, don’t be alarmed, that’s why! ;]

Hopefully this will hold you guys over for the day. I will be back tomorrow. Adios my loves! I’ve missed ya!

Wednesdays with Mitch.

Why, hello there! Welcome back to the blog child I keep abandoning. Sorry for the disappearing acts lately, I have had mucho on my plate, but I promise within the next few weeks everyone will be all caught up.

I have posted a #Tunesday for the day, so head on over to that section of the blog and check it out. Incubus has been my saving grace these past two days. Too often I forget about how in love I am with certain bands until my iPod decides to dig them up. Therefor, I have rekindled my love affair with Incubus so get your ears ready.


Anywho. As you may notice, I added a section to the “quotes” entitled “Mitch Albom.” When I was a freshman in college I lost a very dear friend. It was the first loss I have ever experienced outside of my family. And to be honest, even up to that point I hadn’t lost any really, really close family aside from my Great Grandmother, so this was really hard for me. I wasn’t sure quite how to cope with it, I got kind of weird. One day my dad came home and handed me a gift wrapped package. It had happened right before my birthday so I assumed it was a birthday present. I unwrapped it and there were 3 books inside; Tuesdays with Morrie, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and For One More Day. All my dad said was, “You know….. to help you cope.” And that was that. I cried a lot, and was very confused as to why my father would give me such a depressing birthday present. I think I may have even gotten a little mad at him, but in the long run it did exactly what he said it would; it helped me cope. I constantly refer back to those books when I feel sad and the powerful messages within them help me feel better. I highly suggest that anyone who is struggling to cope with anything in their lives read these books. Even if you have already, read them again. It’s worth it. I added this section to my blog so you can check out his quotes when you need a little inspiration, much like I do. There’s even one on my facebook page as we speak. :] So check it out. And enjoy. xo

Click here if you want to shop his books.

The fabulous life in the BK

Yesterday Matt, his sister Brianna, and I made a trip to Brooklyn for the day and night. We had every intention of getting there early to hit up the fantastic Brooklyn Flea I have heard so many good things about! Unfortunately, we got there muy late no thanks to the worse than usual traffic on 24. So we kind of missed the flea market. Not to worry though, we got a fantastic tour of the whole dang city!

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: H&M, Ring: Forever21

The main reason for our trip was to meet up with Matt’s parents for dinner at the one and only Peter Luger Steakhouse! yum, yum! Before we met for dinner we stopped at this adorable little bar, Dresslers on Broadway, basically across the street from PL. (yeah, I’m cool, I abbreviate it). We had some time to kill so we thought we’d stop in for a cocktail or two. The place was amazing! Such a great atmosphere in there and the bartenders were the friendliest people! And they make delicious cocktails as well! How can you beat that? I had a Raspberry Beret, which was a delicious mix of Prosecco, St. Germain, and fresh raspberries. And it was a pretty shade of pink. It was overall the most wonderful drink I have tasted in quite some time. Matt got the usual dirty martini and Brianna selected a drink that was pretty much a plethora of herbs and spices and alcohol hah. It was some mix of tequila and jalapeno peppers and cilantro amongst other things. I could do without the produce section in my drinks, but she was pleased. Matt and Brianna snacked on some raw oysters before we headed over to dinner. I did not partake in that activity for fear that I may vomit. There were oysters on the plate that looked like the pig ears we used to buy my old dog to chew on. I simply could not stomach it. But based on the rest of the menu and the way these two reacted to them, I’m sure they were fantastic if you are an osyter fan.

Basically we had to tear ourselves away from the bar stools to make it to dinner because we liked this place so much. They do a wonderful Sunday brunch that I just may have to get up early for one weekend. If you’re a frequent BK visitor, or one of my many friends that currently lives in Brooklyn, have you guys been here before? What’d you think? If not, I recommend it! GO! Eventually we cross the street and make our way to Peter Luger’s, which is pretty much like walking into a time warp. It very much reminds me of something you would see on Boardwalk Empire walking in and seeing the front bar. We sit down and Brianna has our order memorized because apparently it is “frowned upon” to ask to see a menu. We got an appetizer of bacon and tomato and onion, which you’re supposed to eat together. It was beyond yummy. Our dinner consisted of one steak for 4. Observe:

I think that everyone could have split this steak. (Matt’s mom got her own mini steak to herself). At the end of the meal Matt and his dad were literally forcing down the final pieces because we are certain it is also “frowned upon” to leave anything behind. We ordered a side of creamed spinach (I tried it, but I don’t love it) and German potatoes (which were excellent). Truth be told… I literally hadn’t eaten all day before this. I had an iced coffee from Dunkin around 11 and a piece of a pumpkin cupcake around 1 and that was it for the entire day. By the time we were ready to go to Brooklyn Matt wouldn’t let me eat anything because it was too close to dinner and I would ruin my appetite, haha. So I had to beg the bartender at Dressler’s to find me some bread which he said had to be “expedited” because it was too early for the dinner crew. And ya know what? He found me bread! I don’t know where it came from but it was damn good. See… nice people! Anyway, back to my point. I hadn’t eaten a thing so I quickly became a little tipsy and it made my whole meal that much better. The wine at Peter Lugar’s was every bit as good as I thought it would be. We had many good laughs with each other and our outstanding waiter, Martin. He’s basically the man.

Overall it was a fantastic night and I highly recommend hitting up Brooklyn sometime soon if you are in the area! Everyone puts so much focus on Manhattan, which I also love, but it’s time to branch out people! If you get the chance to visit Brooklyn or if you have before, let me know some of your favorite spots so we have new places to venture next time we visit! Thanks love you bye.

Remembering September 11th.

Just a fair warning, this post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, beauty, music, or anything like that. This is a raw and emotional look back at 9/11. If you choose to keep reading knowing it has nothing to do with the rest of my page, please do, I would appreciate it. If not, I totally understand, and I’ll see you soon.

When I was a senior in high school my friend Kevin and I had to do this project for our History class where we had to interview someone who had a significant impact on history. I don’t remember the exact details of the project, but we ended up interviewing his neighbor who had survived World War 2.

His neighbor was a dear sweet old man who was still filled with so many emotions from so long ago it was beyond comprehension for me. As we sat there with a small tape recorder nibbling on ginger snaps and sipping on lemonade, of course, this man was brought to tears as he told us the story of how he watched all, yes all, of his best friends die right in front of him. Sitting there listening to the passion in his voice and seeing the hurt on his face it was almost impossible not to lose it myself but by some small miracle I managed to keep it together long enough to make it through the interview without balling. I understood how upset he was, but I couldn’t understand how he still got so emotional about the experience. Not that it wasn’t completely traumatizing and life-altering, but it had happened so long ago. It made me sad to see him sad like that.

As we sit here today, exactly ten years from the date our lives changed forever, I start to understand his emotion. Living on the east coast, New Jersey, being so close to the city, being physically able to see the smoke from the Twin Towers from your house, I can understand his emotion. Even ten years later it is impossible not to get emotional watching all of the coverage from that day or hearing the stories of the survivors on that day. I bet everyone who was old enough will, for the rest of their lives, be able to tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing on September 11th, 2001.

As we all know from my very first post on this website, my mother owns a local newspaper. When I was in 8th grade (2001) I decided to write an article for my mom’s paper on how I felt on that day. In my opinion, my school handled 9/11 horribly. At the time, the column was just to convey my feelings about the school and the situation, but it ended up almost being a diary entry for me. My mom re-ran the story a couple years later in her paper on another anniversary of 9/11. We thought maybe you guys would like to read it today, 10 years later. Keep in mind… I was 12 years old when this was written and published. So here we go…

           It was September 11th and I was in 2nd period (Language for me). Our secretary came in and handed my teacher a note and asked her if she knew what it meant. The look on my teacher’s face was really unexplainable. No one really knew what was going on.

            My teacher and the secretary walked outside in the hallway, and the kids that sat close to the door said it looked like my teacher was crying. When she walked back into the room her eyes were red and watery and she didn’t look happy. That’s when we all knew something was wrong, though the thoughts that we had in our heads were very far from the truth.

            When the bell rang I went to Social Studies. We had a substitute and some of the kids that were in my language class started to spread rumors. Some, like maybe our Social Studies teacher had died and that’s why our other teacher was crying (Of course that wasn’t true). So all through the class the kids were asking a lot of questions. But, for some odd reason, no one would answer them.

            Later that period I asked to be excused from the class to go to the bathroom. When I walked by the cafeteria all of the teachers that didn’t have classes that period were in there watching the news. The doors were closed and there were pieces of paper covering the windows so the kids couldn’t see. But I managed to get a look at what they were watching. It looked like smoke and flames.

            When I went back to class all the kids asked me what I saw so I told them. And the rumors started to spread even faster. This time someone said that our teacher had died in a wild fire. That wasn’t true either… obviously.

            So in my next class the questions flew wildly around that class too. But my teacher still wouldn’t answer them and she snapped at us, “If you ask any more questions you’re spending the rest of the day in the office with detention.” That made all of us shut up. This continued on until lunch when it got really bad. This girl from the 7th grade had walked over to our table to talk to one of my friends. She said that some of our planes had been high-jacked and crashed into the Twin Towers. But some of the less mature boys in our grade boasted that this wasn’t true, they all said that the George Washington Bridge had collapsed. And, now you know for yourself why they are less mature.

            My next class was Art. Our teacher is pretty cool so everyone thought that she would tell us what was REALLY going on. She had a serious expression on her face and she told us that it would be better if we found out with our families. That scared just about everyone I knew in that class. Throughout the day I noticed that a lot of kids were being picked up early from school, but I didn’t know why.

            So finally, after the long frustrating day of school, we got to go home. When I walked in everyone was sitting on the couch watching the TV. They didn’t look happy. That’s when they explained to me what was happening. And my brother told me that my Uncle Mark had been in the first one that had been hit. Before he could explain to me that my Uncle was okay, I ran upstairs and closed the door. I sat in front of my TV with my remote and my phone.

            I was so upset about everything that I didn’t want to be around my family, I know it’s odd but that’s how I am. Suddenly I felt tears streaming down my cheek. I was so overcome with emotions that I couldn’t help but cry. I walked downstairs because I wanted to be comforted by my family. They finally got the chance to explain to me that my Uncle Mark was okay. I was so happy and relieved that this time tears of joy streamed down my face. I also learned that my other uncle, Uncle Mike, and my grandfather were also in the area. But they were fine. Even though they couldn’t get home until the next day. My uncle Mark got a ferry home.

            This whole experience was very scary for me. I am so relieved that all of my family is okay, but at the same time I am sad for everyone else who is missing a loved one or a friend. All of my life I thought that our government was strong and would never let anything like this happen. In class when we read about something that happened many years ago like Pearl Harbor, kids ask if anything like that would happen today. And the teachers always tell us that it’s impossible because our government is too strong. But they were all wrong. And that’s the scary part, something like that did happen. I even heard that it was worse than Pearl Harbor.

            I wish our school would have told us what happened. My brother, who is only two years older than me, got to watch the news in school. I don’t understand what my school was thinking. I guess it was because there could have been some kids in school whose parents worked at the World Trade Center and they didn’t know yet.

            Not knowing was much, much worse.

This is the first time I’ve also read this story since then, in ten years. It brings back so much for me but there is also so much I left out. After my family sat me down when I got home and explained to me that the rest of my family was safe I wanted to be alone again, but not completely. I called my best friend Gabby. We had this routine that we followed every single day after school. We would take a walk from her house, through the community center, to Black Berry Bay (a park on the water in Oceanport). I met her at her house and we walked in silence the whole way and didn’t talk til we finally sat down on the wall separating the field from the bay. We sadly watched as more and more black smoke filled the sky over our own heads. We talked about everything and nothing because the way I remember it now, I don’t think anything we said made much sense. How could it? Ten years down the road it still doesn’t make much sense to me. When I think about everyone who was directly affected that day, whether they lost someone close to them, or were physically too close to the situation, my heart breaks for them. I had a friend whose mom made eye contact with the pilot as he flew the plane sideways past her building. Her life will never be the same, that is an image she will never be able to forget. It saddens me to think that someday this is going to be a world where all of the generations who were alive when 9/11 happened will be gone and the only thing to remember it by will be documentaries and text books. However, it also makes me happy to think that someday there will be a world that is not inhabited by people with so much heartache, confusion, and anger. There will be children who only grow up with passed down stories instead of their own memories.

I don’t know how much else there is left to say and I’m sorry for changing the entire vibe of my blog right now, but being that I was so close to the situation and it is the 10 year anniversary of something that changed my life forever, I hope you’ll make this exception for me. I hope that you will also share with me where you were when this tragedy took place and how you feel today.

This is a copy of the article when it was re-ran in 2003.