Prepping for NYE with the Hyatt Times Square

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of taking a trip into New York with my blogger friend Missy, of Missy on Madison, to spend the day and evening at the Hyatt right in the heart of Times Square. Missy moved to the West Coast a few months back so we got to catch up with a little girl time in their Marilyn Monroe inspired spa!




We started off by getting our hair and nails done, then spent a little while unwinding in their relaxation room with hot tea and coffee. Once we were well rested and ready to go we were escorted into our gorgeous guest room with one of the most amazing views of the city I have ever seen! We may or may not have popped a little bottle of champagne to sip on while we got ready to go up to the rooftop bar. (We did… we totally did).



After we got ready it was time to head up to the sky lounge to enjoy small bites and a few more cocktails at Bar 54. I can’t even remember the drink I tried, but it was pink and fruity and AMAZING! The food was even better. We snacked on a mushroom flatbread pizza, and do you believe it was the first time I’ve ever tried a mushroom in my life? Oh man it was good! Mushrooms with manchego cheese, so good! We also had porchetta sliders, and pigs in a blanket, and believe me, you can really not go wrong with pigs in a blanket. Everything was so delicious I can’t wait to get back there to try something else on the menu!


After dinner and drinks we stepped outside to check out the amazing views this hotel, and all of its guests, rave about. At first you don’t even realize what you’re looking at, you’re so high up. After a minute everything came into focus and you realize you are 54 floors up in the city overlooking almost everything in sight. The view was breathtaking, to say the least. If you’re going to be in the city to watch the ball drop, skip waiting in the crowded streets where you literally can’t even walk away to use a bathroom. Consider watching right here from this balcony (you can see the ball directly behind me in this picture!)


This was one of my favorite days in the city, I cannot thank Missy enough for inviting me and the Hyatt Times Square for having us! What are you guys doing to celebrate the New Years this week?


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11 Things Only People with December Birthdays Understand

I don’t care if you were born on December 1st or December 31st, if you were born in the month of December you share a birthday with Jesus and automatically you come second. That’s what people who have December birthdays experience every. friggen. year. My birthday is December 15th and ever since I was a child these are the things I’ve noticed only happen to me, and other people *lucky enough* to share a birthday with Christ…mas.



1. Holiday Parties
Do you have any idea what it’s like to have to plan your birthday party around your friends work holiday parties?! Literally. WORK PARTIES. I get it. Everyone in your office is the worst and they only let loose and pretend to have any semblance of a personality one night of the year during your work fiesta, but seriously, I have to plan my birthday weekend around those idiots? Really?
2. People at the office flat out forget your birthday
At work they would always have an ‘end of the month’ celebratory lunch to celebrate everyone who had a birthday that month. Forget about December birthdays. You were lucky if you got an honorable mention at your work holiday party, let alone your own cake.
3. Snow
If you have a December birthday then you know better to make any sort of grand plans without a backup plan or backup date. My 21st birthday was supposed to be the most wild night of my life spent in Hoboken, just like everyone else did for their 21st birthday. But of course, there was a blizzard and I spent my 21st birthday celebration snowed at a dive bar in my home town with 3 people. Worst. Birthday. Ever. Snow ruins everything. That wasn’t the first or last time a snow storm happened and canceled my birthday plans either. I now expect it to happen every year.

4. Money
GOD fucking FORBID you ask anyone to do anything for your birthday that involves spending more than $10. Seriously. Just don’t even bother because everyone you know is too busy scrounging their pennies to buy Christmas presents for people they really love and your birthday just doesn’t compete with that.
5. Double Presents
If your birthday was in July, I wouldn’t give you one present and say “this is for your birthday and Fourth of July.” I mean, I know people don’t typically give presents for the 4th of July, but if they did, it would be really shitty if someone did that to you, right? SO WHY DO YOU DO IT?! How is it ok to give someone ONE present and say, ‘this is for your birthday and Christmas.’ Especially if it’s a small gift. If you splurge on something really special that took a lot of thought, time, and money, Ok… I get it. But if you get someone a $25 gift card to Forever21 and tell them it’s for both holidays… no. You suck. You are lazy. You are cheap. Go away.
6. Christmas wrapping paper
Is it too much to ask to have my birthday present wrapped in birthday themed wrapping paper? I know it’s close to Christmas, I know that’s what you have around the house right now, but really? Santa Clause and “Ho Ho Ho” is what you wrap my birthday present in? Ugh.
7. How do you dress on your birthday?
There is nothing worse than outwear in the winter. It is one of my least favorite things. When you want to go out and look all hot for your birthday the worst thing is throwing on a big puffy North Face jacket and thick infinity scarf you have to carry around with you all night. This is really a bad thing about winter in general, but especially on your birthday when you REALLY REALLY want to get dressed up and look cute.
These next few things are what you experience when you’re in school, which suck on their whole own level.
8. Finals
When I was in college, I had to PULL TEETH to get people to celebrate my birthday with me because everyone was too busy studying for or taking their finals. I’m sorry, going out for a few hours one night is going to ruin your whole college career? My bad. Which brings me to my next point…
9. Your friends are already out of town
My birthday fell smack dab in the middle of finals week every single year. Not once did they push finals back a week, so every year if anyone even wanted to go out with me for my birthday it was a select few who hadn’t already finished finals and went home for Christmas break.
10. No one decorated your locker
Was this a thing at your school growing up? At my middle school and high school we decorated everyone’s locker on their birthday. Unfortunately, if you had a mid to late December birthday that just never happened for you. Womp Womp. Even if you happened to have school the week of your birthday everyone was so caught up in the excitement of the upcoming winter break that they literally just forgot about you. It’s pretty depressing when you stop and think about it.
11. No pool parties
This is one of my least favorite things about having a December birthday. As I got older and the reality set in that I would never in my life have a pool party with all of my friends to celebrate my birthday, I began to resent my parents for having me in December. I mean, they had a pool and everything! What a waste. I put serious thought into when I wanted to get pregnant with my kids because I never wanted them to have to experience the depression of having a winter birthday.
So! If you’re one of the cursed who happen to have a December birthday, just know, it’ll always suck, but at least you’re not alone!
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Save the Date!

Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! I have a special little announcement on the blog today. This Saturday, (8/22) I will be hosting a Fall preview event with Marmi Shoes in their Madison Ave location! So if you’re in the city this weekend, stop by, say hi, and let me help you style a new look for the upcoming fall season! Can’t wait to see you guys! xx


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Dining with the DJ; Episodes 4 & 5

Hello my loves! So we are gearing up for episodes 4 and 5 of my segment on Dining with the DJ. Incase you missed the first three, you can view them here.

I’ve watched these videos myself a few times and each time all I can focus on is that steak I’m eating, haha! This was my first visit to David Todd’s in Morristown, NJ… which is so weird because I lived a block away for 2 years. I was stoked when Artem told me we’d be meeting there to sit down together, I had been dying to try it since it opened and believe me, it was worth the wait! If you’re ever in the area you absolutely must stop by. The entire staff is so welcoming and accommodating, I will definitely be back next time I’m in the area!

Anyway, back to the episodes! In episode 4 Artem and I talk about the importance of wedding entertainment. When you’re planning your big day, take my advice as someone who has been there, make sure you have a lot of room in your budget for someone who knows how to entertain! It’s seriously so important! While Artem and his company 93 Entertainment do weddings, they are also big on Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and corporate events.. and more, and these events are also in need of someone to MC who knows what they’re doing. (cough cough, ARTEM, cough) ;]

In episode 5 I give you guys a peek into my private life and a trip down memory lane with my husband! He was my first crush guys… my first crush!!! I tell Artem all about the time I realized I had fallen for this guy.. I was 10, ha!

* * * DISCLAIMER for anyone who noticed! I apparently don’t know the name of my own middle school! hahaha, I keep referring to it as Wolf Hill, but that was my elementary school. My middle school, where this all went down, was Maple Place. This hashtag will have to be #mapleplacevarietyshowreunion oh man.. so embarrassing. Thanks for watching hope you guys enjoyed!

A very special thank you to:
Artem of 93 Entertainment
GHB Events
David Todd’s 

A very very special thank you to Dan Exter, the editor who made these episodes possible! Dan has an extremely special story of his own and he is currently working hard to raise money for a cause near and dear to him. For more information go here!




My Cinderella Moment

When Kleinfeld’s calls you and invites you to their showroom to play dress up and have your very own Cinderella moment to celebrate the new movie coming out… you say yes! I may already have said yes to the dress (almost 5 years ago, omg) but that doesn’t mean I don’t jump at the chance to put a wedding dress on again whenever I can!



IMG_6797 IMG_6796 IMG_6786 IMG_6785 IMG_6784 IMG_6783 IMG_6781 IMG_6780 IMG_6778

How insane is this dress?! It’s honestly so different from anything I’ve ever even seen before and I knew it had to be the one I wore! You can’t really tell from the pictures, but it’s actually like a big fancy shower curtain, haha! It was so heavy too. Definitely not one of those flowy wedding dresses you can twirl around the dance floor in but that’s totally fine because it’s really pretty and that’s all that matters. ;] The day started off with the Glam Squad doing our hair and makeup, which is the best way to start your day, if you ask me, then we went downstairs into the accessories department and picked out shoes. I snagged a pair of Jimmy Choo’s that were covered in big crystals, so they obviously reminded me of her glass slippers! The day continued with a fun photoshoot in the Kleinfeld’s showroom, ending with an impromptu shopping spree downstairs in the shoe section. shhh! ;] Click on the pictures below to see some behind the scenes snaps!

This day was no joke, I absolutely felt like Cinderella thanks to the Glam Squad and the amazing staff at Kleinfelds! Side note: have you guys ever heard of the Glam Squad? Like, THE Glam Squad? It’s a downloadable app that will send a hair and makeup crew to you within an hour! (available only for NYC, LA, and Miami residents at the moment). It’s pretty much the coolest thing ever and I will be taking full advantage of their services next time I’m in the city! Another fun fact definitely worth mentioning, Kleinfeld is not just for brides! Anyone can shop their shoes and accessories. I strolled out of there with the cutest pair of Kate Spade shoes that I cannot wait for you guys to see!

A special thank you to everyone who made the day possible & made me feel like a princess again!
Kleinfeld of course! @KleinfeldBridal
Baked by Melissa @BakedbyMelissa
The Glam Squad @GlamSquad



Dining with The DJ: Parts 1, 2, and 3

Yay it’s finally here! I am so excited to let you guys watch my first 3 episodes of Dining with the DJ. There are more parts than usual because my story telling skills are so amazing they couldn’t cut me off! haha Kidding…. kind of.. you’ll see what I mean. ;]

As I said in my previous post, Artem of NinetyThree Entertainment is a dear old friend of mine! Artem was one of my first friends I ever made in college. I remember constantly looking at him in awe, every time we talked I couldn’t help but think, wow, this kid really has his shit together… and that’s a pretty impressive feat for an 18 year old. Artem has always been driven and dedicated, and recently he started NinetyThree Entertainment; a company to take care of all your entertainment needs for weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, corporate events, and so much more! Artem serves as Principal Event Host – helping coordinate all of the entertainment elements, serving as Master of Ceremonies, and programming the music portions based on your and your guests’ tastes. When we sat down for dinner at David Todd’s in Morristown we caught up on old times, talked a bit about fashion and blogging, and really got to take a look into Artem’s mind and see what makes him such a successful entrepreneur. The passion he exudes when talking about his business is so admirable, but don’t take my word for it, just watch!

Dining with the DJ; Episode 1

Dining with the DJ; Episode 2

Dining with the DJ; Episode 3

A special thank you to GBH events, David Todd’s City Tavern, and of course, Artem! I had such a blast filming this segment! Stay tuned because next week you’ll see the final episodes!

For more information on the amazing people I worked with to put this together click the links below!

NinetyThree Entertainment
GBH Events
David Todd’s City Tavern, Morristown NJ

(To see the outfit post of what I wearing this night, go here!)


NJFABB Shop Our Closets for Charity Event Recap

So guys, over the weekend we threw our first ever NJFABB event! Myself and four other amazing fashion bloggers threw this event together in like, two weeks, seriously. I cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with the results! Everything came together perfectly. There was not one “OH CRAP I forgot to bring this!” or “OMG we never did that!” moments. Everything went off without a hitch! Everyone brought their A game to this event. Before I get into the details take a look as some of my favorite pictures from the day!

njfabb bloggers

Patty of Patty’s Kloset, Jess of Dressed by Jess, Dhruvi of Stilettos & Sequins, Rochelle of The Bloggerella, and myself!

Together we are NJFABB ;]



THANK YOU to our amazing sponsors!

Galain Handbags, Aaraa Accessories, Color My Bubble, Stone Hut, Boy Meets Girl, Faustini Wines, Kings of Cole, Now Zen PR, Broad St. Dough Co, and Touches by Ella!

njfabb 1 njfabb donut njfabb shopper

NJFABB27 njfabb selfie

I am pleased to announce that together with the help of our sponsors and our shoppers we raised over $1,000 (and counting!) for victims of domestic violence. We couldn’t have asked for a better day, even the sun decided to come out! And I mean… did you see the view in those pictures? To. Die. For! THANK YOU THANK YOU if you were a shopper, or just a supporter, we couldn’t have pulled this off without you, and because of the great success we look forward to throwing more events, sooo stay tuned 😉

Thank you to Rochelle’s awesome hubby (and Patty’s!) for being resident photographers for the day!