March Favorites!

It’s that time of the month again! Let’s take a look at some of my current favorite things this month.

Sand Tropez by Essie – This is one of my favorite nail polish colors. I am so drawn to it because, honestly, I have no idea what kind of color it is. Is it a nude/neutral, is it a brown, is it tan? Like… what are you? I just don’t know. But whatever shade this is, it looks amazing when you wear it. I’m convinced it is the kind of hue that would work with any skin tone, pale to tan, I really don’t think you can go wrong with this one. Another A+ by Essie!





Thick rimmed Aviators – I have a really sick obsession with sun glasses. I haven’t quite reached Nicole Richie’s level yet, but give me some time and I think I may just get close. I used to never wear sun glasses because I hated the way they looked on me. I have a tiny, tiny pea head and I always thought they just looked big and weird on me. As I grew up, and my eyes got worse than they were, I realized I kind of needed them for my health…literally. My favorite shape of sunglasses are definitely aviators, I feel like they are universally flattering for any face shape. Right now I’m obsessing over thicker rimmed glasses like these two above. The tortoise shell are from Aldo and the black ones are Chanel.



Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish – this is something I just dabbled in. I actually got this in a whole mess of samples from Fashion Night Out this past September and never used it. I had a LM tinted moisturizer that I really liked and when I found this buried beneath my makeup collection I figured I should give it a try. All I can say… is touché Laura Mercier. Flawless skin indeed. It’s a gentle exfoliant that after washing away makes my skin feel like a new born baby’s. It’s uh-mazing. Now… does it wash away black heads and clear up acne? Probably not. But whatever, it makes my face feel silky and I looooove it. BUT! Remember ladies, do not use an exfoliant every day because you are washing away essential oils and layers of good skin! (To read more about that, go here).


Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave – I know this is pretty random… a shaving cream and all, but I really enjoy it! hah. It’s one of those shaving creams that doesn’t lather, which can really take some time to get used to. To be honest, I didn’t really like that at first because I feel like without all the lather I can’t keep track of where I’ve already shaved and I go over the same spot on my legs like 100 times, so I will say it’s not for everyone. However, it’s super silky and as soon as I step out of the shower my legs already feel like I just applied a nice fresh coat of moisturizing lotion without applying anything at all. Bottom line, it makes your skin feel silky smooth and it smells FABULOUS! The scent is called “Cashmere Rain.” Now… does it smell like cashmere in the rain? I wouldn’t know because I would never be crazy enough to get cashmere wet, but we’ll take your word for it, Skintimate. Whatever the scent is (or isn’t) it still smells amazing.


Clinique Happy Perfume – Every girl has a scent for every season… and if you say you don’t, I’m just going to assume you’re a liar. It’s impossible to wear one scent all year round and I cannot wear heavy scents in the spring or summer. It is only natural to switch it up. I have two that I love, love, love for the warmer months. One is Ralph, that I haven’t had since High School but continuously ask for on birthday’s & Christmas (cough, husband & family, cough). And the other is my all time favorite, Clinique Happy. The name of this perfume really just says it all, doesn’t it? Just smelling it makes me happy! As soon as the weather hits like… 55 degrees I spray this ish all over the place. I wait all winter long for warm weather so I can wear my summer scents. This is the perfect smell for sun dresses and flip flops!


Sperry Top Siders – So, I’ve always had a love for these shoes but never quite knew exactly what I would wear them with, since they’re kind of boat shoes and I do not own a boat, so I never bothered buying a pair… I just admired them from afar, like a creep. On my most recent vacation I found a pair on sale in Florida and I was like screw it! I’m getting a pair… I’ll figure out what to wear them with later. Little did I know, you can pretty much wear them with everything. And let me tell you, they are the most comfortable shoes I own right now! (aside from Uggs, of course). These are perfect for March and April because it’s not quite flip flop weather yet but wearing these kind of let’s you get ready for summer without letting your toes freeze. They’re adorable and they come in a billion different color and pattern combinations. Do yourself a favor and invest in a pair if you haven’t already.

Those are a few of my favorite things this month that I am totally addicted to. A bunch of these things are playing a huge role in getting me ready for the warmer weather that is so close, yet so far! This time last week I was laying out in my back yard… today I’m actually wearing Uggs and a wool sweater. Hey mother nature, get your act together, please and thank you.

What do you guys count on to prepare you for spring and summer? What’s your current obsession this month?

Fashion Night Out

So this year I experienced my first ever Fashion Night Out! Oh my goodness, I had no idea just what I was missing out on! We didn’t make it into the city (I made Matt venture out into the world of Fashion with me) but we did make it to Short Hills Mall, Neiman’s specifically. There was music booming through the store, champagne and wine a-plenty, and lots and lots of fabulous goodies.

I made out like a bandit with some amazing YSL makeup I literally die for. I’ve been playing dress up every day since last week, ha. I’m terribly bummed because the eyeshadow palate I really wanted was sold out! It was uh-mazing. I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye out for that. See all my pretty colors? I love.

Along with all of this makeup I got a few more goodies and samples galore! One of my favorites was a sample of Prada’s new perfume, Candy. Don’t judge me, but it actually kind of reminds me of Brittney Spears’ perfume Curious. (which I did own at one time in my life… shhh) It smells so soft and vanilla-y. It makes me want to bake cookies and cupcakes, ha. I think that will definitely be on my Christmas list, it’s the perfect scent for cold weather! Matt loves it as well, which is a bonus, and also very rare that we ever agree on a scent… (bring back the acqua di gio, cough, I’m tired of True Religion, cough cough).

Oh! And my other favorite sample? A lip balm from Jack Black (not the Actor)! I was particularly surprised to see this, and even like it, because I thought Jack Black was all about men’s shaving creams and stuff such as that. But no, they make all kinds of fun things! This particular lip balm comes in a variety of ‘flavors’ but I got natural mint & shea butter. It makes my lips all tingly but I kind of love it. It also has a built in SPF-25 which we all know I just adore. It’s super important to protect your lips and skin with SPF ALL YEAR ROUND! So do it, if you’re not already, or I will find you and hit you. Not really…. but maybe. The only thing I don’t exactly love about it is it can be a little on the sticky side which usually drives me nuts about balms and glosses. It’s not too bad, so I make an exception but it could use a little less stick.

I did 100% of my shopping the makeup section because I am way too dangerous with a Neiman’s credit card and anything else. The last thing I need is another pair of $900 shoes (not really though, I could always use more!) haha. But I did need to give my makeup inventory a makeover so that’s precisely what I did. I also got an amazing YSL eyeliner and makeup remover. Which are prefect together because the eyeliner is freaking waterproof. So that about sums up my first FNO experience. Next year I will be making my way into the city for the night and I think I will have to bring a couple girlfriends with me as well. Not that Matt isn’t a great shopping partner, but he’s no girl.

Where did you guys spend your night on FNO and what kinds of treats did you walk away with?